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5 Old Simmer Lane: Simmerville Hood Administration

Opening hours: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 9AM-5PM.
Entrance fee: none

At Simmerville Hood Administration you will always meet the current Spokes Sim. Discuss politics, laws, taxes, immigration or emigration or relax in the beautiful park where coffee is served during Summer.

1st floor offers a lobby where you can pick up the latest hood news. We provide a few books and magazines. There is also facilities for your wedding cermony - including arch and chairs. It costs only §500 to get married here.

2nd floor provides a buffet table room (costs §300 to serve) with comphy chairs and nice flower arrangements. There is also a small auditorium where chairs are lined up for a meeting. Speech podium for lectures is provided. Interest groups can use the room at no costs except the buffet if they like to eat.

3rd floor is reserved the Council members and staff. You can use the library, but please don't use our office for casual conversation. Last week someone tagged the Spokes Sim's office wall. Events like this might force us to lock off the entire 3rd floor including the library!

Check out the Hood Council's minutes.

Only one event per simday - make your reservation!
91, Tue: availlable
92, Wed: WEDDING: Siliza Fresco & Baldwin Swims
93, Thu: available
94, Fri: available
95, Sat: available
96, Sun: available
97, Mon: available

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1. (1-): Simmerville hood, managed by current Spokes Sim