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Updated on local simday 85 / May 10, 2008

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Mr Sexy is engaged!
Sorry all ladies out there, but your all time favourite barchelor and novelist, Juston Snakespeare, has engaged! The lucky woman is Lauren Chun (37), who has moved in with the celebrity hunk.

Was she tricked?
Local piano musician, Siliza Fresco (35) recently signed with Doorbell Records. It now turns out she is forced to give concerts at a hotel up in the mountains every weekend. Do you never read the small print, Ms. Fresco? 

Tess Appleton is dead
The old woman who cared about most of us died today. Tess Appleton (66) was a front person for the local Housewives Society, an organisation that spread to other hoods as well. She was a guest in the Soap Box TV show. Her hubby Hedrian Appleton (72) died today, too.
Was the child born unhealthy?
Staisa (35) & Stacian Bluzz (42) had a son today, but this far nobody have been able to see the little heir. Was he born with less than 10 fingers, or does he have a skin disease forcing them to keep him out of daylight? Only the parents know, but I intend to find out!
Love & Money
Ms. Mervil to get married
Maritha Mervil (39), who recently inherited the large and old 7 Old Simmer Lane, has found her future husband. Max Wilsonoff (40), born and raised in SimCity, moved in with Ms. Mervil and her old mother today.
Business Life
Opened for the season
Traditional Johanna's Kitchen has opened the outdoors again today, as the last snow vanished. The owner, Mrs. Annalica Grumblin (69) promise lots of lovely homemade food to be served 5 days a week.
Request & Share
Bianca Beartop

I was asked to spy on Bianca Beartop (57). Normally I don't spy on elders, but I'll make an exception. I have been told that she and her hubby have been facing financial troubles for some time, which raised my interest quite a deal! She is also the sister of actress Judy Ballong, the niece of late Sherard Glitz, and the granddaughter of some very eminent Sims of our past.

10:17 Sneaking up to the Old Hunter's Lodge where Bianca's hubby runs a toy store, Trad Toys. I know she has assisted him in the store after the 3 sons became teens.
10:21 This could have been an easy task, I could simply walk into the store to browse some toys. But instead I pull on my home made "pet brick costume". She will not even notice me!
10:28 I'm in the store, it's a very small shop actually. It's packed with toys and customers. Now - if they are in money trouble, most likely nobody buy much? I climb onto a shelf with pet bricks.
10:34 I notice the owner, Cole Beartop, is crafting toys in another room. The married couple doesn't talk at all. She helps operating the cash register, mainly.
10:42 Oh no.. some fat woman from the city has seen me! She screams she will never again set her foot in this store where they have malfunctional oversized pet bricks!
10:43 I hear Bianca Beartop is receiving the complaints as the woman rush outside, instructing the store to check the pet bricks once more! Oh no, I need to get nown from this shelf!
10:44 I'm grateful I'm such a quick and smart man, in matters of seconds I've jumped down, undressed from my costume, and there I am - oh - in my underwear!
10:45 Bianca Beartop rushes into the room, and she notices me right away. She asks me to go home to get properly dressed.
11:19 That was a quick operation - I'm back home. I did my task well though, nobody should think anything else.- I discovered they di sell a lot of toys and if they had money problems, there might be easier times ahead. But I also found that the owner and his wife didn't speak together, I think the trouble might be their relation, and not their money. But how would I know?

AThe city planning upgrade has been reported successfully. Only a few blocks remains, and all available flats are taken.

Lots of trash to be found downtown these days. Do you ppl never even try to hit the trashcan while walking the streets? I mean,- use the trash cans!

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