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7 Old Simmer Lane - Mapple Inn - Mervil Lounge

This is Simmerville's very first residential lot, cleared by Knight Edmund Mervil 299 years before TS2! Read its story below. It used to be the main family property of the Mervil family for many generations. The house is still one of the largest, and it is definitely the most historical. 

The location is of course superb, at Old Simmer Lane close to old town and Mervil Bridge. The view down to the Simmer River is only partly ruined by newer builds accross the lane. The house itself has recently been known as Maple Inn. The owners first ran a home for ex-criminals, then a Retirement home, and lately just a lodging home.

Home Business: 
Mervil Lounge

Opening hours: Fri-Sat: 6PM to 2AM.
Entrance fee: Expensive

Welcome to our exclusive private lounge in our lovely historical house - Simmerville's oldest residence. Mervil Lounge offers pool game, drinks and hottub. Or you can just sit down by the fireplace, talking the night away with another guest. We also have a small internet section available. No loud music or fighting guests - just quality and comfort.


Recent Households
3. (83-): Maritha Mervil
2. (41-82): Alovar (Appleton) Mervil

1. (1-40): Clive Appleton
Recent Owners
3. (83-): Maritha Mervil, daughter of 2.
2. (41-82): Alovar (Appleton) Mervil

1. (1-40): Organisation for Unfairly Jailed Sims

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot is the base of the powerful Mervil family ever since the hood was cleared by Edmund Mervil 299 years before TS2! The history books tell that Knight Edmund Mervil was awarded with the Simmerville area after winning a battle for Duke Mazaloom. Edmund made a living of hunting small forest dragons, guinea pigs and wild chicken for export. Try to imagine how the hood must have looked liked when here was a large forest full of wild chicken, forest dragons and guinea pigs. No farm land, and no roads. Only Edmund's small cottage here at 7 Old Simmer Lane. When Edmund died at age of only 46, his son Brigoon got the tiny shed and hunting rights (provided by Duke Mazaloom's son, Duke Mixalone).

The Mervil family saga is to detailed and long for this page, but here is the list of descendants:
Edmund Mervil, 323-254 years before TS2
Brigoon Mervil, 273-198
Edgar Mervil, 241-175 (at this time the hood area was split in 3 parts)
Britin Mervil, 207-141 (Britin got 1/3 of Edgar's land)
Edven Mervil, 167-102 (Edvin got 1/2 of Britin's land)
Brigort Mervil, 128-58
Edgar Wilfred Mervil, 99-9

This family always owned a lot of land, and most of their income came from renters. But they also grew considerable amounts of cabbage and raised pigs for bacon production. The house was always at this lot, but the farm also included the property at Edmund Lane. Britin Mervil's farm was even bigger, including parts of today's old town near Mervil Bridge. Hunting became harder about 150 years before TS2 as the hood got more residents and the number of wild animals were reduced.

Edven Mervil introduced garden gnomes production to Simmerville. He probably established a market at the Gotic Quarter (across the lane), but the garden gnome project was never a success. The crafters still preferred producing gargoyles, and the garden gnomes symbolized a modern time to come.

Brigort Mervil had the hood's wealthiest household by far, net worth has been estimated to §808925, and the house was as big as it is today. It must have appeared like a castle up here over the Mervil River. This was about 100 years before TS2 and the industrial revolution was really coming to Simmerville. Farming lost market shares, and many local farmers lost income, but the Mervils' main income was based on letting land to others, and that market exploded together with the general population growth. The fact that Simmerville had become one of the most important hoods of the Mazaloom county made the land here even more valuable. So while many Sims suffered, the Mervils kept building their net worth.

In addition the Mervils co-ordinated the trades for the entire Simmerville hood. This was a community privilege that was passed on within the family only as long as the heir was intelligent and bright. 88 years before TS2 the Mervils lost their trading privilege, some says it was because Brigort's lack of skills, others say he was not too bright. Even without the privilege the Mervils managed way better than other families.

Edgar Wilfred Mervil, born 99 years before TS2 and now recognized as the legendary Ol'Ed was the last Mervil to be born here at 7 Old Simmer Lane. He ran the farm well, but when his aunt Listher Mervil died without children, Ol'Ed was heir to the new Mervil Farm and 51 years before TS2 his household moved to 1 Mervil Farm. He became the hood's wealthiest man ever, and he is the Sim who contributed the most to the local community. See 1 Mervil Farm.

Ol'Ed let this house to Steiver Lobster who continued to grow cabbage and breed pigs, but when the next renter, Marton McArthur got here 14 years before TS2, it meant the end to farming. They had founded the "Association for Unfairly Jailed Sims", looking to help ex-criminals back to a normal life. They opened Maple Inn, still as renters, but they couldn't pay. Ol' Ed was planning to sue them, but 9 years ago he surprised everyone by giving 1/4 of his fortune to this organization, including 4 more lots in Simmerville - land that had been the Mervils' main property since generations. The organization was heir to 1/10 of the heirloom after El Mervil. Many historical experts have tried to explain this, but nobody managed to explain Ol'Ed's will.

A few years before TS2 the couple who ran Maple Inn disappeared, and Mr and Mrs Appleton moved in to reopen Maple Inn in the name of "Organisation for Unfairly Jailed Sims". Ol'Ed's will says that after 50 years/simdays the organization has to sell 7 Old Simmerville to any of Ol'Ed's descendants who can pay what it takes! It means there will be a change of owners again on local simday 41.