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Updated on local simday 87 / July 7, 2008

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Club hostess in love
Lovely Bimbina O'Brian (30) has been observed with local Frank Motoflame (36). They both moved in at the soon to be renovated Bon Voyage Apartments (formerly Retirement Home). Ms. O'Brian's granny was legendary Bimbo NL, making her 3rd generation owner of local Club Cornell.

Leading Lady
Just as she plans to retire to spend more time with her dog(s), Broadway Star Judy Ballong (74) earns the title Leading Lady. Her fans have been waiting for this moment, and they now hope that the elderly actress will still work with film and theatre for years to come.

Dead artist
Painting artist, Cassull Swims (68) is dead. She hardly managed to deliver the 4 Spokes Sims portraits to the Hood Administration Center, before she died the very same night. Therefore she was not able to attend today's portrait ceremony, where former Spokes Sim Eline Shalloe unveiled the paintings.
Did she lose her baby?
Edina G. Moulino (38), is married to the original Moulino household. This family is known for their weiur princip of never useing public services such as a repairman, maid, nanny or firefighter. This means they can't have a smoke alarm, and today Edina G. Moulino was nearly killed in a very dramatic kitchen fire. She is pregnant, and the question is; did she lose her unborn child in the accident?
Love & Money
Rich boy meets poor girl
Actress Judy Ballong's only son, Simbo Ballong (28) will be in line for half the actress' fortune. Now he has laid his eyes on the household's live-in maid, which is said to make his mother furious. The maid is 12 simdays older then the young man and has been working in many of Simmerville's houses.
Business Life
Forced to build another farm?
Mr. Bross Mervil (50) runs the farm at 4 Mervil Farm, but he also owns the vacant lot at #5. The vacant lot holds several farm rights, and the business Farm Fields, Inc. which saeems to oversee farm rights these days, has warned Mr. Mervil that not used farm rights will be withdrawn without a warning. To keep his farm rights, the owner will need to grow vegetables on the lot, which would include building a farmer's house for renters. But can he afford building one more house?
Request & Share
Stephan Gobelin

Someone requests me to spy on Simmerville's Spokes sim, Stephan Gobelin (54). I did that 9 simdays ago! Don't you think I should give that man some rest? Well, I don't think he deserves any rest at all, so I gladly jump on this job! I won't go to his Mervil Market, though. After he sold the hood's traditional market to his own company, Farm Lands, Inc., many locals protested. In fact I think the market is less busy, but how would I know - I never go there. So, I decided to make a twist on this! Simmerville just opened a new post office. All mail sent to are received there and sorted to whoever it concerns. I want to read his e-mail!

10:36 AM I have dressed up like Mr. S. Gobelin, in fact my own lovely wife thought it was the hood's Spokes Sim who was seating cereals at our dining table this morning! My disguise is superb!
10:41 I walk to the Post Office, it is operated from the office at the Hood Administration Center.
11:09 I just arrived, it was quite a walk!
11:10 A woman I never saw before greets me as if I was Mr. Gobelin! I'm so pleased!
11:11 I walk upstairs, looking for the post office. That woman follows me, she wants to discuss immigration. I say she is welcome to move to Simmerville any minute she wants.
11:12 The woman gets eager, but she reminds me that I just told her the hood is full, and then she asks me if she can still pay me §5000 to get a special treatment!  Aha!!! So, our Spokes Sim is doing some businesses on immigrants as well?
11:13 I try to push the woman away as I tell her she must wait 30 minutes. But she holds on to my arm, then telling me that the muscles I had 30 minutes ago are gone! Argh! She looks like she has discovered something! Oh no... She asks me what the job title I just offered her was again! She has caught me, but she isn't aware of it yet! I tell her she can clean the toilets. Then she screwams that I'm wrong, because I offered her a secretary job!
11:15 I manage to push her down a few steps, then I run up to the buffet table room, lock the door and finds that this is not the post office room.
11:18 I realize this is a crisis. I need to get out of here. I go out to the tiny corner balcony, close the door behind me, climb up on the rail, jump down onto some red rose shrubs.
11:20 Ah, bad luck, bad luck! The REAL Mr. S. Gobelin is standing there tending the roses that I'm in! He gazes for a second, because after all I look exactly like him, but then I manage to escape within a 1/10 simsecond. After he blinked his eyes I was gone, and he must have thought I was just a thought he had!
11:24 As I escape the lot, I notice the woman from the stairs has rushed outside, she found Mr S. Gobelin, and is now banging her hands on his head and pushing him into the shribs. I'm out of here!

National UFO Association has claimed to get a downtown community lot for star gazing. They will do a protest march on Clutter Bvd. tomorrow!

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