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3 Edmund Lane (Twin Farm)

Twin Farm contains 2 small houses facing the Edmund Lane, and an average farm field behind the houses. Each house is suitable for a small renting farmer household. The field is not divided but it's up to the renters how to run the farm as long as they deliver enough produce. Each house contains 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bath, 1 living room - all very small. Suitable for couples with no children, like fresh adults or seniors.

This lot has the following farm rights:

Recent Households (A) §550 per simday
1. (-): Berton Montpellier, from 2 Edmund Lane
1. (78-): Henrietta Wooblershield. Pays rent on simday 82, 87, 92... to 1 Lucie Lane
Recent Households (B) §550 per simday
2. (-): Bambi Ballong, from 2 Cabbage Rd
1. (-): Hurla Loveless, to 5 Mervil Farm
Recent Owners
3. (83-): Maritha Mervil
2. (41-82): Alovar (Appleton) Mervil
1. (1-40): Organisation for Unfairly Jailed Sims

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot used to connect to the old Mervil Farm, and the old Mervil residence at 7 Old Simmer Lane is not far away at all. We don't think there was ever any builds on this lot though, and they grew cabbage or carrots, or kept pigs here. The lot has not been in use since the TS2 revolution, until the current owner, Alovar Mervil, built the new Twin Farm. Alovar Mervil already holds 5 farming rights that gradually will be transferred to Twin Farm. One simday after the builds were erected, there is yet no renters living here.