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2 Edmund Lane

The house was built on simday 41 by Hedrian Appleton who moved in right after graduation. This is an old cabbage farm field just behind Maple Inn. The view is limited, but it's a quiet place very close to the forest. The garage has a 3 rooms flat on top, for rent or for seniors stepping back. The main building holds 4 small bedrooms, a nursery, 2 bathrooms and combined living/kitchen section. There is also a basement with 3 larger rooms not yet in use.
Recent Households
2. (86-): Cliff Appleton
1. (41-85): Hedrian Appleton
Recent Owners
3. (86-): Cliff Appleton (son of 2)
2. (41-85): Hedrian Appleton (son of 1)

1. (1-40): Clive Appleton