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2 Cabbage Road

This cute old 2 storied house has a long history, and it also includes one of the hood's oldest ghosts, Simerin Ballong who is still active. The house is rather small but well organized. On ground floor there is a large kitchen, 2 small livingrooms (1 former master bedroom), 1 bathroom. On 2nd floor there is 3 bedrooms, study, 1 bathroom and a small balcony. The location is where Cabbage Road meets Old Simmer Lane. The view is rather limited because of builds across Old Simmer Lane.
Recent Households
2. (27-): Simerin Ballong
1. (1-26): Simbille Ballong
Recent Owners
2. (27-): Simerin Ballong (son of 1)
1. (1-26): Simbille Ballong

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot origins from the main Grumblin lot at old 7 Simmerville, it was expropriated 65 years before TS2. The old address was 4 Simmerville.

31 years before TS2 Paran Grumblin died. He was heir to 4 Simmerville, a lot that had been used for the farm animals. He built the first house, married Arila Bloom (from Goodhill) and they had one son, Stewart Grumblin. Paran was scientist by profession, but they also produced tomato although the ground was not very fertile.

Stewart Gobelin was a scientist, too, and dropped the tomato produce completely. He never married and had no children, so when he died 32 years before TS2 this house was sold to the Ballong family.

Simerin Ballong was raised in Goodhill and 31 years before TS2 he arrived Simmerville together with his wife Lucille Zemilton (of Northdale, Rolley county). They worked with science and medicine, but never made it big. They had 2 children, Simbille and Sifarina (off to Summerset). Simerin died 9 years before TS2 and his grave is still located on this lot.

11 years before TS2 Simbille Ballong inherited the house, and his household still resides the house 43 simdays after TS2. He is a scientist too, but worked with education before TS2. His household counts wife Bimbi (O'Brian) and their son Simerin.