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Your Hood's To-Do list

Leaving "Old Days"
1. Information ASAP Aug05 DONE
2. Notes & plans ASAP Aug15 DONE
3. Testsims Aug01 Aug15 DONE
4. Body Shop Aug01 Aug30 DONE
5. The census Aug10 Sep05 DONE
6. Closing homes Aug25 Sep15 DONE

Entering "Modern Times"
7. CAS clinic Sep15 Oct30 DONE
8. Builds
(Training Center)
Sep15 Oct30 DONE
9. Skills & Relations
(Training Center)
Sep15 Oct30 DONE
10. Old houses
(Main Hood)
Sep25 Oct15 DONE
11. New houses
(Main Hood)
Oct10 Nov10 ONGOING
12. Security Oct15 Nov20 ONGOING

Transformation TS2
August 5, 2004 - by Juliana Valentino, Simmerville Spokes Sim

There has been new UFO observations in Mazaloom district, where Simmerville is located. All this year we have gazed to the sky, wondering when will it all start? When will we get our new dimension?

Scientists agree that the future will arrive medio September. Starting August 5th you can follow Simmerville's most exciting project ever: Operation Transformation TS2! We will say good bye to Old Days and welcoming Modern Times.

The goal for this tedious operation is naturally to enter our FUTURE successfully. 12 steps will bring out the best results, and the waiting might even fall easier. But before you go on, your hood must have decided to add the 3rd dimension to your current existence.

Not quite sure about that yet? Well, you must let go off Old Days and allow them to be replaced with the new. Perhaps a local democratic process to deside whether the hood should accept the new dimension or not would help you? While the dimension is returned to Sim Nation in general, there are ways to ignore it or at least to delay it. But your hood can not mix the Old Days and the Modern Times, you must make a choice. A democratic decission will make it easier to avoid negativity during the operation.

Look up various information on Simmerville's section devoted to FUTURE, as well as the Maxis scientists' information.  Expect all kinds of reactions from the local Sims; some residents will loudly distrust your plan, and some families might move away to escape the changes.

If your hood doesn't already have a Hood Council, you should at least select a committee of Sims staying in charge of the local progress (and it's always good to know who to blame if something goes wrong...) Go for the more respected residents, but also include a Sim to represent the average resident.

The operation includes 12 steps with one page each. Some of the content will be available from within these 12 project pages only, and not linked from Simmerville web's front page. You will find tips and schemes for you hood council, articles and interviews with excited Sims, at least one major project including your local Testsims. On each step you will get to know how well Simmerville and other hoods managed. Please note that documents, files and other stuff might be added to each step page after it has been released.

If your hood is facing the future, be welcome to join us in Operation Transformation TS2!

Juliana Valentino
Spokes Sim of Simmerville

>> STEP 1 : Information to residents