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STEP 5. Census

START: August 10

CLOSE: September 5

When a household wants to go through with the transformation, it is utterly important that all details are gathered before changes take place. Our memory might get damaged and if so these notes will be extremely useful for looking up details when organizing the new hood. If you can't remember a thing upon arriving Modern Times then you will be happy to know that someone kept your notes!

Collecting household information can very well be done as a local census, and such a census will also add to the knowledge of the general trends in the hood (step 2). It might also serve as a historical referance.

Ask each Sim to fill out a form, including name, age, personality traits, interests, skills, job, finances, relations, and eventually a brief bio.

The oldest household member should add information on any babies/toddlers, and details that concern the entire household and not just one Sim.

Eventually, each Sim could be allowed to choose 3 photos from their family album, 3 current friendships to be reminded of after the transformation. You could also ask them about clothes, interior, furniture etc that they would like to find in Modern World if possible. Add more questions to the list as you like.

In addition adults and elders should choose their aspiration. When they arrive the CAS clinic after the transformation they might be to dizzy or stressed to sort out such a thing. To avoid misunderstandings, it's much better to collect the information now, to provide the CAS clinic with it before the Sim arrives.

If the household wants to move into a house that is similar to their current home, house plans and photos should be provided by the Sims.

To make it easier looking up information later on, you should archive all schemes in a "transformationTS2" folder, and each file name should start with the Sim's last name (i.e. "valentino_juliana.rtf"). Or you could draw a suitable diagram on a piece of paper, including one line per Sim.

The SimCity Grand Transformation Office promise to transfer any information to the CAS clinic, and information will be provided to the Sim you assigned it for. In case it won't work, keep a copy of your notes in a safe place.

Check out Simmerville's internal registration that is completed during Step 5. This is not meant to be publicized, but we do an exception for a limited period of time. You don't need to do it this detailed, but of course you can do even more out of it if you like.

TODO: Gather detailed information per Sim, just like a Census. Ask about everything you might need to know to have them recreated in CAS.

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   Thanks to the tireless work by the Mazaloom Historical Society we had access to all the historical information we could dream of. This includes  where each current resident grew up and who the parents were. We also had access to medical records from the backup system we created to protect ourselves from the Upside Down Head Plague a long time ago.
   In addition we used this census to register each individual's interests,  personality, career, aspiration and colour of hair and eyes.