Friends! My name is Mollie MacAstral, I will guide you into your future! I have worked with several New Age related themes for nearly 20 years, including offering palm readings, tarrot and astrological consultations.

I currently have no e-mail address, but you can reach me via web mistress Bimbo NL. Contact me here with general comments!

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Latest visualizing

(Added June 18, 2004. click for more)

(Added Apr 24, 2004. click for larger view)
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(Added Feb 28, 2004. click for larger view)
(Added Feb 28, 2004. click for full film strip)

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(Possible UFO observation, Simmervillian forest.
Added Jan 10, 2004)

(Added Dec 18, 2003. click to download 4 posters)

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(Added Dec 14, 2003.)

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Click here to see my 30 sec dream
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New age - our future!

This section is dedicated to New Age, but perhaps even more to my latest sights and dreams, and my recent discoveries connected to the ancient Simmish Prophecy. I will publish new articles as I learn to understand that strange piece of old paper.

NOTE: The Simmish Prophecy must be read in reversed order to make any sense! 

Sims are invited to share thoughts and experiences related to this article's subject.