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Friends! My name is Mollie MacAstral, I will provide you with a series of New Age related articles here on the Simmerville web. I have worked with several New Age related themes for nearly 20 years, including offering palm readings and astrological consultation from a purple bus in Simmerville's Old Town.

I currently have no e-mail address, but you can reach me via web mistress Bimbo NL. Contact me here with general comments!

Another dream of the furure - sisters!
November 8, 2003 - by Mollie MacAstral

Friends! Do you believe in dreams? Again the future reached me while I gazed into my crystal ball. Two sisters, one shy and one outgoing, and a boy. Come watch my dream! What does it all mean?

I see these girls discussing travels and sports, then the most outgoing talks with a boy, and it seems like she is just behaving her natural way, which is too much for the boy who is a little shy. Friends! Is that why the boy leaves her and talks with her shy sister instead? The boy and the shy sister really find harmony and hold hands!

I've been thinking for days to understand this dream! Do any of those sisters represent me? I'm quite shy, so does this mean I will meet a man to share my life with? Or does this have greater dimensions, could one of the girls be an image of SimCity while the other one represents another city? Or is there a twist between Simmerville and a neigbouring hood? Dreams can be a blessing, but mainly when you can read them clearly!

Friends! Click here to see my 30 sec dream(13.9 MB)

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