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June 3, 2002 - by Johanna Grumblin
Download the "Visions"
Click this image to get four of the posters from the Visions exhibition! They are located in Art for Art's Sake's section at Simmerville STUFF.
The Simmish Prophecy
[It was recently discovered that the prophecy's verses must be read in reversed order - read more]

SimNation recovers, to daughter and son
Do remember this notion, do pass it on!

Great was the loss, but greater the gain
Time no longer frozen, traits in your vain.

Then recapture the third dimension!
Many the details shall get your attention!

Unleash the dragon, watch birds come alive
Smile and open your hand; count to five!

Then enter your future, take back your past
The flat spell is broken, victory at last

Don't cry! It's a friendly return of dimension
Stay back! Don't fight their backward intention!

6 AM, sky lights will return to fight
the fight will last for one day and one night

A secret spell, what you think is old is new
What was forgotten, will soon shine through

Then from female astral, the keys exist
Bring back existence, lead sims through the mist

Trapped in a flat world, each day a refrain
None can remember what caused this pain

Fading our shadow, stealing our age
Then thousand abductions, sims in a cage!

Notion careful, fear those from outer space
They come to add a new dimension to their grace

A Question for MacAstral?
This is your chance to ask Mollie MacAstral about anything related to the prophecy! Questions will be published in a later article. 1 question per sim! This possibility will close December 31.
Please post your Q here.

By Bimbo NL
December 18, 2003
Press conference: The Simmish Prophecy

Yesterday Mollie MacAstral gave a press conference about her studies of the Simmish Prophecy. It took place upstairs at downtown Wrensday's where also Chris JB's new exhibition, "Visions", was officially opened.

I must admit that I attended mainly to watch Mr Chris JB's work rather than listening to Ms MacAstral's nonsense, but now I must confess that what made an impact on me was actually her work with the prophecy. It also turned out that the exhibition actually is based on her visions, as she is the clairvoyant who claims to have seen something that she think is our future. It all seem connected, the prophecy and those pictures.

Another nice set of work from Art for Art's Sake
The artist Chris JB, the sim behind the "Art for Art's Sake" concept and the artist who call me by my first name *ahem*, had unfortunately already left the hood for his X-mas vacation. But Ms MacAstral explained some of her visions. 

Technically and artistically, I must say I like these posters. They are pretty cool and exciting. Perhaps they could have been a bit larger, but it's very good print quality, and I like the way they match by the bright green out-line.

MacAstral pointed out that the artwork is actually based on sketches by Maxis artists that were told about MacAstral's visions first, and then tried their best to capture them into visual sketches. Chris JB did modify the expressions artificially to match MacAstral's updated visions.

A strange prophecy - should we worry?
Then Ms MacAstral started her press conference by telling us how she found the old ancient prophecy on very old pieces of paper, a year ago. Ever since she has been studying it at the historical museum's library, a privilege she got by pure luck - as she put it. The old prophecy was written in a Simmish dialect that died long time ago, so translating the prophecy was actually a tough job. She said that she didn't even know this paper was the prophecy until she had translated parts of it!

The attendees was given a print of the 12 verses, and MacAstral added comments while reading it verse by verse. It was all pretty confusing, but she meant to have learnt that the prophecy tells us a history line, and that she thinks verses 5 to 7 is about the great war about 200 years ago - the event that our food specialist, Mrs Grumblin has referred to not the least by the Victory Bread that is available from Johanna's Kitchen. Also her "Feed me a story" article gives more information on that event.

MacAstral meant that the 8th verse is our time, as it says something about spells. We all know that Magic has become very popular in our community. So, as MacAstral stated, the simmish community is now about to face the events of the last 3 verses. It says we will get trapped in a flat world, she thinks there is talk of aliens coming to get as many of us as possible. She is also worried that there is nothing more after this series of events.

A round of questions
The crowd went wild with questions for poor MacAstral, a Simmerville sim who now seems to be getting world wide fame, and who always close her eyes while talking. There were journalists from SimCity Times, The Simmer and KSIM TV, they all wanted their questions answered. I can't repeat it all, but here are some of them:

Q: Ms MacAstral! When do you expect the aliens to attack?
A: It might be tomorrow, it might be next year, I can sense that we are currently in verse 9, the future might slowly surprise us. The attack might already be ongoing!

Q: Do you know anything about alien abductions that is not made publish yet?
A: I must admit I have some theories, the prophecy covers most of it. Abductions are taking place in SimNation every single day, I will definitely come back with more about this. It is interesting and scary! And peace to all! Next question?

Q: Ms MacAstral, are these 12 verses the complete text, or are you holding anything back? On behalf of SimCity Times' readers I would also like to know if the prophecy is covering the entire nation or is it a local phenomena?
A: These 12 verses is all there is! Of course some details or nuances might have been lost in my translation. And yes, I believe this prophecy is meant for the entire SimNation, but it might be happening at different times or in some parts or hoods not take place at all. We wouldn't know for sure until after verse 12! Jing and world peace!

Q: MacAstral! Mollie? Do the term "female astral" refer to your name?
A: What? Oh peace! I never saw that, oh my! If so, we definitely are experiencing the 9th verse right now! Oh my! Peace!

* * *

Suddenly the conference was over, and Ms MacAstral left the building in a hurry. I noticed that Claire Brybrey and Simbille Ballong, both Sims Science representatives, had already left the gallery. I observed them out in the street discussing something, they looked quite upset. Then they were picked up by a cab where Mrs Swims, another Sims Science member, was already seated.

In the gallery the attendees had another look at the visions. Suddenly they were all filled with fear instead of excitement! How bizarre! The entire exhibition had changed character, just because of a speech given by a woman with her eyes closed! I don't think I want those posters in my living room after all.

Will this be the end of our world? You can post questions for Ms MacAstral from the left column of this article.