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EXTRA: Aliens are attacking!
February 4, 2004 - by Bimbo NL

Operation Space ongoing right now!
January 5, 2004 - by Bimbo NL

Press conference: Simmish Prophecy
December 18, 2003 - by Bimbo NL
The Simmish Prophecy *

SimNation recovers, to daughter and son
Do remember this notion, do pass it on!

Great was the loss, but greater the gain
Time no longer frozen, traits in your vain.

Then recapture the third dimension!
Many the details shall get your attention!

Unleash the dragon, watch birds come alive
Smile and open your hand; count to five!

Then enter your future, take back your past
The flat spell is broken, victory at last

Don't cry! It's a friendly return of dimension
Stay back! Don't fight their backward intention!

6 AM, sky lights will return to fight
the fight will last for one day and one night

A secret spell, what you think is old is new
What was forgotten, will soon shine through

Then from female astral, the keys exist
Bring back existence, lead sims through the mist

Trapped in a flat world, each day a refrain
None can remember what caused this pain

Fading our shadow, stealing our age
Then thousand abductions, sims in a cage!

Notion careful, fear those from outer space
They come to add a new dimension to their grace

* the verses must be read in reversed order!

Ms MacAstral answers Prophecy questions!
February 5, 2004 - by Bimbo NL

The attack came yesterday morning at 6 AM, and at least 2 simmervillians are reported to be killed. 2004 is definitely the year of the ancient Simmish Prophecy, presented by Ms Mollie MacAstral last December. I visited her to have a talk about this horrible situation.

Back when Ms MacAstral held her press conference, she invited sims to send her questions about the prophecy. This was also supported by SimCity Times, The Simmer and KSIM TV, and tonight I packed down all the mail we received and went to her tiny (I wouldn't say shabby, no - I wouldn't) house in 55 Simmerville to discuss the prophecy and latest happenings.

Her home is a bit... well, different. Dispite her sudden popularity, she still makes a living as a psychic phone friend, and she lives alone with her two black cats, Lucia and Spot. As I enter, I find her sitting quietly in a dark corner. The fireplace is lit, and the living room is packed with weird instruments and old books. I place the boxes filled with questions on the floor.

My visit was planned to be a cosy talk about how SimNation residents have responded to the prophecy news. But yesterday's happenings made a sudden changh to that, we have heard that a couple of our neighbours were killed while the military group was fighting the aliens yesterday. We do not yet know who are missing, but the simmervillians involved in the Operation Space were Mr Brion Mervil and Mr Brad Rose (team leaders), Crawl Swims, Andrew Beartop, Victor Livingston, Bendic Crawston, Carl Lobos, Gloria Rose and Pale Light. There might be even more if they managed to keep any secrets from me, which I doubt. Thanx to my protected source, John Klubber, I can inform you all that the UFOs didsappeared after one full day's battle. Sky is once again clear!

- Ms MacAstral, it's happening right now in the Simmervillian Forest, the fulfillment of your prophecy.

- Yes, friend! There is nothing we can do but wait and see how this our flat world will be. The prophecy does not belong to my soul, we do not know who wrote it. Jing might be better than Yang this time around!

- Hundreds of sims all over SimNation have sent in their questions concerning the prophecy. I think we will need to concentrate on a few of those... let's see... I'll do this on random..., hmm... where is that question I saw earlier today... hmm... ok, ready! 

A Mr Simtonin in SimCity writes: "Hello! Are you selling a book or something? Is this about publicity or is this a non-commercial thing?".

- Oh, peace! I am not selling a book. I am not making any simoleons from this. Not at all. Friends are the secret of time!

- Good. Next, let's see... where is the other one... yes, ready!

Tish, from Lake Park asks: "Tell me about Scorpios what are they supposed to be like and what is in their future?"

- Friend Tish! If you are a Scorpio do not fear! You will enjoy every minute of the excitement that is about to wrap us all up into something we don't know. Secrets and shaddows can light your fire, Tish! To most Scorpio sims a situation like this is a good enough reason to live! I do believe that Tish will find some excitement in the future! Peace and Yang!

- Next random question is... let's see... there it is... from
Miribelle: "Miss MacAstral, I'm very afraid! Will my children be abducted? WILL I? Is there anything we can do to stop this invasion? Do you know what "keys" that you supposedly hold?"

- Peace and Peach! Miribelle, your name sounds very simmish. So is your past! The future I can not express in words that you will understand, but I think your children will not be abducted. Or they might. Or you might. But I can clearly see that the chances you will all be abducted are very small - or big. It depends on the future, actually! And I can feel that "keys" lays in our very presence, this very moment.

- Fine... We can do one final, random question... let's see... not cheating... oh.. here is something... ready, go! 

- Oh friend! Wait! I get a strange feeling, some very bright light is hitting this room! I feel warm and dizzy, a change, a creature turned upside down... the plague was sent to us to enlighten us and warn us... something... please wait...

- Oh, cool... ahem... that light... is it... is it an UFO coming to your house? If so, I think I could need some espresso... 

- No no no, it's a peaceful light... oh, it stopped... well, please go on!

- Ok... phew... here goes... a man named 
Jason asks: "Do you think that the verses are not in the right order? I don't think they are."

- Oh... the light!!! Friend Jason, you are the light! Oh, I see what you mean, we are believing in a wrong prophecy! Oh, by Similius! What a enlightning change! I feel completely dizzy, I know the verses by heart, starting with the last verse seems perfect! What we thought was the start is actually the end! And what we thought was the end is the beginning! And the upside-down plague was sent here to tell us to read the prophecy backwards!

- Oh, I think I lost you there, Ms Mollie...?

- Here! Look, I have got the book... I mean the piece of paper right here... so fantastic, Mr Jason is a genius! How could he see that? He must be a scientist! Look... "fear those from outer space" is the beginning of our simmish existence, not the end!!! And "Trapped in a flat world" oh, it's in our past, too, probably since ages. Aliens did probably steal a dimension from us generations ago and then left us in a flat world... oh, look!!! "A secret spell, what you think is old is new" - it's perfect! The prophecy fooled us all (except Jason) and it even told us so! I'm amazed, what clever soul translated this text, peace on her!!!

- Ms Mollie, I was planning to leave now, but I realize it would be a real bad idea...

[oh, she still hasn't opened her eyes, and she is not listening to me anyway...]

- Yang! "6 AM, sky lights will return to fight"... the aliens are returning, yes they are, we all know, they did yesterday... are they stealing even more? Oh, no!!! I see it clearly now! We did the biggest mistake ever! The next verse is "Don't cry! It's a friendly return of dimension - Stay back! Don't fight their backward intention!". It means they are returning to us what they once stole! Ms Trendy Woman, do you realize what this means! Oh Peaches! Loveless!

- What exactly...? I'm not as good at this as you...

- We thought they were attacking to steal our dimension, our military group fought them and some even died. When we turn the prophecy the other way around, it says those aliens only try to deliver back a dimension they stole from us long time ago! Oh, we must stop that military operation! Those aliens are not evil, they are regretful simmers! I mean; regretful sinners!

- I see... the entire operation was a mistake? Because of your prophecy, Ms Mollie?

- Oh, it's not mine! And look, they will be back! The prophecy tells us that the fight will last for one day and one night. They will return one night! But we must stop the military operation before any more of our sims get killed! Similius! Peach, piece, *ahrg* - PEACE!!!

Well, I have to leave Ms MacAstral now. She seems to have collapsed from excitement. A perfect timing for me to get a cab and go downtown to the trendy Café Cornell. On my way I will call Juliana Valentino and ask her to help stopping Operation Space. Finally she will realize that my hard work as a journalist makes a difference to our existence!

I know that Sims Scientists also translated the prophecy exactly like Ms MacAstral did, so we can't really blame her, this poor little woman who talks with her eyes closed. Instead we should be grateful to Jason! He might deserve a statue after this! At least I think the SimCity Mayor should award him §100 for being a hero!

Like our clairvoyant said, we do not know when the night will come. Our operation has probably delayed the aliens' mission. Perhaps they will return soon, or perhaps they will return in the 2nd half of this year, 2004! Who knows, this world seems to be full of delays, anyways!