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EXTRA: Aliens are attacking!
February 4, 2004 - by Bimbo NL

It's reported that the long time predicted alien attack has now begun! This very moment several UFOs are seen on the northern sky!

Reliable sources have informed me that the attacks started this morning at 6 AM and the attacks are currently ongoing! First, my secret source John Klubber says, 5 smaller space ship were appearing on the sky just north from the Simmervillian forests. Our brave sims who have been preparing for this since January 5th are currently in a very tough situation, as they don't really know what weapons the aliens will use or why they are attacking. 

According to the old simmish prophecy the aliens are coming to steal something dimentional and leaving us with a so called "flat world". Nobody are 100% sure what this means.

I'll be back with more news as soon as we know anything! And, by coincidence, tomorrow we'll even have a new interview with the sim who warned us about the attack; Ms Mollie MacAstral. Older articles about the Prophecy can be found in her FUTURE section.

Added, February 4, 18 PM: Oh my espresso! Right now, this very moment we can all see at least 10 - no wait, 50! - or wait, even 100! - no wait again, a trillion! (oh well, how much is a trillion, that sounds too many, so back to at least 10...) - MANY space ships hanging on the north sky! It seems like the attack might be over very quickly!!!! Oh, the question now is - will ANY of us survive this?