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STEP 6. Closing homes

START: August 25

CLOSE: September 15

The very last day in the old home might be quite tough emotionally on even the strongest of Sims. That is one of the reasons why it is important, mentally, to close the home properly. Working through a list of things to do will help everyone to prepare mentally and to accept the major changes to come!

When leaving the Old Days behind, Sims can still be in their homes, but the homes should be as tidy as possible, and in the following article we'll have a look at details that should be taken care of. See check list below.

Some households might need several days to complete the check list, especially if they have a huge garden or house that is not well kept, if they grow vegetables, if their pets are currently nursing off-spring, or simply in order to get fired from their current job.

As soon as the list is worked on, the home ought to get closed as soon as possible. If the household spends several days on this step 6, cleaning and watering will need to be redone.

Knowing they will never again wake up in the Old Days might be hard on even the bravest Sim. On top of this, none of us will actually be able to guarantee anything concerning the future; Will it be better? Will we ever arrive there safely? Time will tell! What we know for sure is that not only the children will have problems falling asleep on the very last night!

TODO: Each household should take 1-3 days to focus on nothing else than closing down their home, according to a check list provided by the Hood Council. The step is completed when all residents are asleep and all households have completed the list.

Here is a copy of the check list that was sent to all households.

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   This step was easy to proceed. Thanks to all the information we had sent  to the households in advance, they all seemed to catch up with reality and  the last nihght in the hood everything was completely quiet as they all  spent the evening and night with their family.