Simmerville Hood Council  :X:  No 247 
"Transformation TS2"

To our Simmerville residents,

Closing down your home - check list

As part of the operation "Transformation TS2" directions that every Sim in Simmerville has accepted, it is required that your household get satisfyingly closed before September 15th. The process might take several days depending on your home. 

Please read this list thoroughly and inform all your household members of the various tasks. It is recommended to spend no more than 2 days on the list, and especially getting fired will require that any working Sim stays home from work on the first day, and to quit their job completely on the last day.

We are all excited about the future, and we are all a little bit worried. Scientists have convinced us that there is nothing to be afraid of, we will get any possible chance to make everything better!

Questions can be directed to the Hood Council at 

Juliana Valentino
Simmerville Hood Council

1. All adults/elders must have chosen a recreation (step 4)
2. All information schemes have been sent to the Hood Council (step 5)
3. Talk to each child about what is going to happen
4. All adults must be unemployed/fired
5. Superstars should visit Studiotown to bid their fans farewell
6. Magicians should empty the spell- and charmmakers
7. All bills must be paid
8. All financial investments must be sold/closed
9. Any extra papers/magz must be unsubscribed
10. Repairman must be hired to fix any defects
11. Garden must be tip top
12. All animals like pigs and chicken must be sold
13. All vegetables must be harvested and no new seeded
14. All personal inventories must be emptied if possible
15. All indoor plants must be watered
16. Fish must be fed and aquarium(s) cleaned
17. All surfaces cleaned
18. Trash cans must be emptied
19. Maid must be fired
20. Gardener must be fired
21. All lamps switched off
22. Stereo switched off
23. All phones must be sold
24. Anything else that should be done on this last night?
25. All householdmembers (including pets) must go to sleep