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STEP 7. The CAS clinic

START: September 15

CLOSE: October 30

The Maxis scientists were right; the old Simmish Prophecy was to come through this Autumn, these days to be exact. Any hood accepting the future (TS2) will be starting a new with a new dimension included! Join us as Simmerville prepares for "Transformation TS2" - our biggest project ever!

This is part 2 of Simmerville's ongoing operation "Transformation TS2". If you did not come here from the Part 1 page, you might like to go there to read the introduction. To the left you see the barometer. Click any green or orange step number to proceed.

Entering Modern Times

We just completed 6 steps of leaving Old Days, also known as the "flat world", or Transformation Status 1 (TS1). When we proceeds with step 7, the 3rd dimension has been delivered, aging is back, and we do hope that The SimCity Grand Transformation Office did keep their promise and that we can still reach them to get access to all the information we saved before leaving the old hood.

In this part of the operation the Testsims (step 3) are more important than ever. It's now their job really starts as they will be first to deal with each of the following steps. Even when we forget to mention it, the Testsims will normally be sent ahead to test a feature or general conditions.

Before a Sim can move into a hood of the future, that Sim must see the doctors at the CAS clinic. The process is actually an addition to the work done by the Body Shop clinic (step 4), but it is also possible to go directly to the CAS clinic without seeing the Body Shop clinic first.

Visiting the CAS clinic is needed both if you do transform a hood's population like we do in this operation, but also total strangers will need to visit the CAS clinic. As far as we know it's the safest way to enter the hood. 

Thanks to the notes that we gathered before we left the flat world, upon our arrival the CAS clinic will know which recreation to import and what personality etc to go with it. You can safely leave it all to this extremely talented clinic. This clinic is a lot more advanced than the Body Shop clinic. In here each Sim will be choosing from a lot more styles and accessories.

The facts that are essential for any recreation and that can not be adjusted after you leave the CAS clinic are:
Face structure
Skin tone
Hair colour
Eye colour
Personality trait (incl. astrological sign)
Aspiration (Fortune, Knowledge, Family, Romance, Popularity)
Family relations

Details that can be easily adjusted after leaving the CAS clinic are:
Clothing (formal, everyday, swim, sleep, underwear, sports)
Hair style

Body size can be changed later on, but it will then change to reflect your lifestyle which might take some time.

If you are part of an operation like ours, please respect that your stay in the CAS clinic will be limited because there are so many Sims in line to visit. Keep in mind that finding a "good enough" hair style and outfit will do for now. When you move into a house, you will be able to change these things to perfection.

The age might need some planning because after leaving CAS you will most likely start the lifestage. Say you are 50 years old, if you leave CAS as an adult you will be concidered 30 years old, but if you leave CAS as an elder you will be concidered 60 years old. Whatever you choose the age differences between your family members will be most important. The only way to reach half way through a life stage is to live, and that will affect all household members with the same amount of time added to their age.

Your toughest decision might be the age of your children. They can be toddlers, kids or teens. If you have more than a couple children you might want to give them different life stages.

Life stages are:

3 Simdays     Baby
4 Simdays     Toddler
8 Simdays     Kid
15 Simdays   Teen
30 Simdays    Adult
60 Simdays    Elder

As part of the stay the families will be set up, family ties will be defined.

TODO: Have your locals recreated at the CAS clinic, household by household according to some kind of line up that suits your all over plan. Make sure to take each households photo before leaving CAS.
Step 7 is one of the most important parts of the Transformation TS2 and the Sims will have to live with their results for the rest of their lives! If it wasn't for the creations by your local Body Shop clinic this step will be even more time consuming.

Here is a guide on CAS (TS2 Body Shop that will replace your local Body shop)

Here is simmerville's local ranking

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   Some Sims had expressed wishes of adjusting eyebrows, noses etc at the CAS clinic, but when they were able to choose among so many more hairstyles and clothes, most of them were happy with the BodyShop recreation after all, and were eager to enter the new hood instead of spending more time in the clinic than needed.
   Even so, this step took a pretty long time to proceed, because Simmerville had about 80 Sims on the list. In addition we had the parents non present parents recreated too, in order to have a bigger family tree on each Sim's record. As soon as they left the clinic those old folks or siblings living elsewhere were deported out of the household, but do still figure in the family tree.