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STEP 2.   Notes & plans


CLOSE: August 15

The transformation would be a great oportunity to make some desired adjustments. This is the time to plan such adjustments - being minor or major.

Even if you like your old hood to look the same after the changes, you should take some notes on the community at large. What kind of Sims lives there? What kind of interests? Which community lots are the more popular, and which are not so good? 

All these kind of things are important for the rebuild. Remember that you will never again be able to take notes on details from Old Days. So, make notes on the hood and population and what the situation in the hood is like today (household details will be gathered in step 5). How about making an album showing the hood before transformation?

This kind of notes will also be valuable to any Sim who sometime in the future will write your hood's history book.

Also community services might need adjustments. Is any community service depending on specific items that might not be available in the future? (i.e. collecting local taxes, giving out welfare money, etc.). Some local routines might need adjustments, and the sooner you are aware of them the better.

TODO: In Simmerville the Hood Council had several meetings already, and we are working on alternatives to the money transfer systems, what kind of community lots we want, and what parts of the hood is historical and should be preserved for the future. 

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   We made notes on which lots (residential and commercial) that were  historical. It was important to us to assure that the new hood include  some elements of history and tradition. We named some community lots after local historical Sims and the 4 locals who died in the Alien attack earlier this year.
   We decided to let go of the idea to recreate the hood with a similar street and lot structure according to the old hood. Instead we made the ranking that is based on grade of the lots' historical value and the households' networth, and after the community lots and a few historical houses has been placed in the hood, the households will pick a lot according to their wishes and what kind of neighbours they want. 
   The new hood will have both high class and low class areas, mainly  determinded by the size of the lots.