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Home business: Being a Testsim

STEP 3. Testsims

START: August 1

CLOSE: August 15

Someone ought to be the first to test out the new three dimensional existence. You might need to hire a team of Testsims for this job. In Modern Times we will have different life stages, todlers, children, teens, adults and elders, and it might be wise to hire Testsims representing as many different ages as possible. It is not legal to hire todlers/children so they would need to be part of a Testsim family. Forget about todlers, they may very well age into children before the Testsim team will even get ready to start testing.

Testsims will go through the entire process ahead of all the others, and they should be the first Sims to move in shortly after the transformation. Some of their important jobs will be to test and prepare the Training Center (step 8), the CAS clinic, as well as the community lots and houses as they are built. It might be quite a risky job, but these Testsims will also become our future heroes! If they survive, that is.

TODO: Hire enough Testsims to get through with the operation. 2 families will be appropriate.

>> STEP 4 : Recreation of Sims


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   3 of our households used to work as Testsims until we stopped importing objects. They were all contacted. We figured that we will need 3 test teams, and that each lifestage except todlers ought to be represented by at least 1 Testsim. We also posted an ad in SimCity Times, which seems to give a good response so far.
   We finally came up with 3 TestSims households. They will move in first, and after the Transformation they will be paid some money for the job.