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STEP 4. Body Shop (Sims recreation)

START: August 1

CLOSE: August 30 (Testsims August 15)

Families that want to stay in the transformed hood will need to be recreated by a local Body Shop clinic. This is a painless operation, but still quite touchy because their personal appearance might be slightly difference. Even if you got a good photo it's often hard to create a similar face.

You might like to recreate children as well, but you might concider leaving that job to the CAS clinic in order to make sure that children get both parents' DNA. Adopted children are the exception.

When visiting the CAS clinic upon immigration some minor adjustments should be allowed. It is extremely time saving to the total process that as many residents as possible are happy with a basic new appearance BEFORE seeing the CAS doctors.

You can get the free Body Shop from Maxis, but we know that many hoods out there are not yet capable of recreating their Sims and might be looking for assistance. Body Shop clinics with some free capacity of assisting other hoods are welcome to register below. Your service including any restrictions you want (Note) will be offered from this article.
Order a free recreation of your Sim:
Body Shop Contact Note
Build A Better Bod clinic E-mail Geoff Oognata's "Build A Better Bod" clinic is now open in Simborough. We welcome sims who are ready for conversion and are happy to use extra equipment that is now found on the web to further enhance your looks in addition to the maxis based materials.
Mazaloom BS clinic E-mail Only adults and elders, max 3 Sims per order.
Body Shop clinics listed above offer free Sims recreation if you provide them with the Sim's photo (mini icon) and a brief description. Your order will normally be handled within 2 weeks. If they can not handle your order they will let you know.

TODO: Have all local Sims who are transforming onto the new world recreated.

>> STEP 5 : The census


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   In Simmerville we had each adult recreated first once by the regional Mazaloom BodyShop clinic. Then we had them all recreated once more by the same clinic. Five Sims were even recreated by distant clinics (Recreate 5 Simmervillians). Each Sim (adults and elders) has now got at least 2 recreations to choose from. Friends and relatives can vote online on what recreation they think each Sim should choose, and the poll opens August 15. Sims are still allowed to make their own decission, but  we believe that the voting will be to some help to many of them.This step is completed when each adult Sim has chosen their basic recreation.