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STEP 10. Old houses (main hood)

START: September 25

CLOSE: October 15

This step can actually start when you start step 7, but the main focus will be after the Testsims are done in the Training Center and move in to the mainhood.

This is when the all over planning is important, any adjustments to the old hood will take effect now. Selecting the terrain and decide the location of the community lots might be the most importent in the early process. 

As soon as the community lots have been zoned, step 10 should focus on three kinds of builds:

  • Historical builds, both communical and residental

  • It would make sense to start building those historical housess that you planned to copy from the Old Days hood. Look up those house plans and photos, and get started. Allow a few improvements, nobody claimed the old houses to be perfect. This should be done as soon as you get familiar with the building tools.
  • Community lots

  • You can build temporary community lot facilities, or just leave most of them as "under construction" lots. At this stage it might be important that Sims moving in can buy magazines and clothes, and eventually some place to hang out, but games is not important right now, and food can be ordered from home. Sims moving in directly from the Training Center will not expect luxurious stores on their first day.
    Note that community lots should also include the builds and offices needed by the Hood asministration. A Town Hall with offices and a large hall for community events might become useful!
  • Temporary small homes for Testsims and others

  • This is least important because according to most contracts the Testsim will not be in charge of demanding any specific standard, so they don't need much of a house. Besides, you can always import the small houses you built at the Training Center. If your team are fast builders, you might just as well build the better homes right away instead of using temporary small houses.
Also note that in the Modern Times the ownership to a lot will no longer be strictly connected to a particular address, but more to the right to use that lot size wherever it is located. This means that most any build can be relocated within the hood. Even so, try to follow a plan when assigning addresses because it might be hard to make all those pieces match if relocation is required. Also keep in mind that moving a lot will affect the landscape if that lot is not flat.

TODO: Start the building process by building the oldest builds first. Keep in mind that a hood will be built around a center and later on expand in the direction of the better land.

The main goal of step 10 would be to complete the main structure of all historical houses before the regular residents starts moving in.

>> STEP 11 : New Houses (Main Hood)


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We ended up rebuilding more TS1 houses than we intended. Because it was  less time consuming than to plan and build brand new house plans. When  rebuilding houses we focused on the main construction and left the  adjustments of details, gardening and furnitures to later. The builds that  wrre originally branded as historical were ofcourse given more attention.  The Mervils home, the Maple Inn and a few other homes are nearly exact  copies from TS1. We soon figured that community lots were less important  at this stage as socializing more often took place in private homes and  Sims would basically rush to community lots for buying magazines (for  adjusting their interests) and clothes (to get a decent wardrobe to start  with. As soon as these things were taken care of they visited community  lots more rarely. Some historical community lots were reserved but will be  completed when we have established a new community structure where  residents will actually own and operate community lots.