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STEP 9. Skills and relations (Training Center)

START: September 15

CLOSE: October 30

There are reasons to believe that everyone leaving Old Days and entering Modern Times will have forgotten their skills, jobs and relations. This makes sense because the knowledge from a "flat world" wouldn't be of much value in a three dimensional world. Thanks to the notes (step 5) we will know which kind of skills/relations/jobs they used to have.

The stay should be limited, so the material standard can be low.

The training is also meant to include tasks like getting used to new elements like modern kitchen equipment, tv and not the least - communication. A small shop will be near by.

You will need to find a way to rank your households because all of them can not procceed to the Training Center at once. In Simmerville the land owners and the wealthier families are first in line, but it would have made even more sense to start with the smallest households because their experience will make it easier for the larger households.

Skills and interests
We won't be able to give each Sim the knowledge level they are used to, but reading up on their favourite subjects will give them a good start when moving into the main hood.

If possible each household member should learn at least 1 point in each skill category that the Sim used to have skills. Then, if the Training Center stay allows it, the Sim should go on studying the skill categories that used to be very high. Note that Sims will now get cooking skills also from preparing the food and watching TV.

No Sim should be allowed to improve skills compared to the old skills.

After the Transformation even toddlers and kids can learn some skills. It will give them a better start in life.

Interests might be even more important than skills at this stage. Interests will affect relation building, and should therefore have the Sims' full attention. Magazines can be bought at the Community Lot, and it's recommended to at least read up on previous top interests. The other interests can be maintaned over a lifetime.

At the Training Center the goal will also be to build in-household relations as much as possible during the short stay. The point of this will be to re-establish the Sim-to-Sims levels. A son who adored his mother but disliked his father should basically rebuild a similar relation. A married couple very much in love would need to rebuild a strong relation. A married couple on the edge of a divorce should build (down) a similar relation.

It will not be possible to reach the exact same relations, but to work with the tendency. Most likely will the household members' personality help with the process.

There is no use in building relations with best friends living in different households. When leaving the Training Center they will only remember in-household relations.

Adults will most likely restart the same career that they used to have. Note that they will need to start on the ground, even if they used to be on top of the career. After the Transformation some careers will no longer be available. It might be a good oportunity to anyone to switch career. Just pay notice to the Sim's aspiration and family situation.

Also note that due to ageing, a older Sim will not be able to reach high on the career ladder. There will simply not be enough time. If it is very important for you that some locals have their top jobs as moving into the main hood, you can temporarly stop the ageing in that house. This can technically be done in any house at any time - even in the main hood, but we recommend it only for specific purposes.

New is that there will be special job offers for teens and elders.

- - -

While staying in Testville the household must make arrangements for their new home in the main hood. If the house is of historical value, it might already be built by the local operation team. If there is no such traditional or communal aspect involved, the household must have their main home constructed or look up any available houses in the online catalogues.

When arriving the Training Center each household will get §20000. If you made notes about their previous networth, it will be a good time to pay them what they lack. The technical banking commands are "kaching" for §1000 and "motherlode" for §50000.

TODO: Move in Sims to the Training Center. Fewer households at the time means less time wasted on greeting neighbours that they will forget when leaving the Training Center hood anyway. Look up the notes on each household and suggest what skills, interests, jobs and relations they should work on. Decide how long the stay should be, 3-5 simdays should be enough.

>> STEP 10 : Historical Houses (Main Hood)


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We did not pay much attention to this step. Instead we concentrated on  moving the households into the final hood as soon as possible and having  everyone reading up on skills and interests there, while getting their  homes on track and building relations that would not be reset.