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Go to Art for Art's Sake to download these 4 posters. Use them on your local Transformation TS2 stand or as general information posters on community lots.

Letter from Simmerville Hood Council

STEP 1.   Information to residents


CLOSE: August 5

Make sure that all your residents are well informed on what will happen to their existence. Look up various information on Simmerville's section devoted to FUTURE, as well as the Maxis scientists' information.  Expect all kinds of reactions; some residents will loudly distrust your plan, and some families might even move away to escape the changes.

Before you start your information campaign, you must of course decide how the local operation will be proceeded, and basically how the future hood will be. Residents will want to recognize elements, but they will also expect to find significant improvements after going through so much fuss.

There are many ways to spread your information. You can arrange a community meeting where you tell the attendees about the plans and the 12 steps. You can send them a letter, or you can even stick posters to the walls at various Old Town or Downtown locations to inform them about "Transformation TS2". A wall near the toilet or near the cab/bus stop is fine. Finally, you could build a small information stand or a larger information center at a community lot because your residents will look for news and information all through the operation.

Include facts about the future that might be of importance to each household. Like the DNA, ageing, aspirations and even what careers there will be.

The aspirations are:
Fortune, Knowledge, Family, Romance and Popularity.

The careers are:
Athlete, Business, Criminal, Culinary, Law Enforcement, Medical, Military, Politics, Science and Slacker.

NOTE: Also see step 2 as step 1 & 2 will be ongoing simultaneously.

You must provide your residents with information on the operation Transformation TS2. Many details are still in the works, but they must get to know enough to make a decision: Stay or leave!

Tell them that each household must accept to follow directions from the Hood Council during the full transformation periode, or move out. It will not be tolerated to follow just some directions but not all of them. As soon as the operation has started no Sim can move out from the hood.

>> STEP 2 : Notes and plans


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Most residents were basically well informed because of the local focus on the old Simmish Prophecy. But we wanted to make sure, so a letter was sent to all residents a while ago, informing them that the entire Mazaloom district will get transformed. Hood Council members were available for phone calls 24/7. We also gave a few descriptions of the new hood, like that we expect it to look familiar and that houses will mosly be equally located.
Some residents were negative to the changes, but nobody did claim to leave Simmerville. The FSAS organisation did protest to the female testsims' job, but there is nothing they can do because there are legal contracts, besides our future depends on those Testsims.