Simmerville Hood Council  :X:  No 247 

To all Simmerville residents,

"Transformation TS2"
Extemely important information - Your future

The five hoods of the Mazaloom district, Simmerville, Betterville, Summerset, Slemmon Heights, Windmill Heights, Testville and Goodhill, will all be affected by the extremely big changes this Autumn, probably medio September. Because all hoods of Mazaloom district agreed to accept the changes, Sims that don't want to enter the new dimension will have to move out of the district to escape. Be warned, Also our neighbouring districts, Cave, Appleton and Rolley will be converting, so your travel would need to be pretty far. Your decission will be irreversible and if you stay you will need to accept all future directions until Simmerville has completed the 12steps of operation Transformation TS2.

Our transformation into the new dimension is totally painless, but quite tedious. Sims must have their new appearance recreated, we need a team of Testsims, we need to collect a lot of information from your household, and you will need to close down your home.

Even more work awaits us when we enter Modern Times, but it is too early to discuss details.

We, the Simmerville Hood Council, wants to tell you that we are very excited about this fantastic oportunity for us all to improve our existence, our appearance and our everyday living. Yes, you will even be allowed to modify your looks and name if there is a good reason. The new Simmerville will be improved in many ways, also when it comes to community services. We will make sure that you will recognize many locations, and the river will still approach Old Town. Anyone who owns land will of course keep a lot of the same size, but in Modern Times you will be able to move your lot and land property will therefore no longer be limited to a specific address. We might even skip the address numbers completely.

Historical builds
Simmerville will do anything we can to have our old historical builds restored. Although, we can not promise to restore all current houses, at least not right away. If we can not reconstruct your house you will be offered a temporary home until there are available resources.

We like to give priority to builds that are at least 100 years old. This concludes many Old Town lots, but also some residental houses. Please contact us if you live in or own one of those.

We will also need to split the population into teams. The first team will be Testsims, and we are currently contacting them and advertising for more. The 2nd team will be related Sims who live in more than one address, as well as the Hood Council members and their families. The 3rd and final team will be all other residents. 

If you prefer a new home, just sell your current home before September 17th, and you will be offered a new house of your choice.

We are sorry that your pet can not transform with you. We do expect that pets will be available later on, but there is no guarantees. Mr. Pet Trainer has agreed to collect all pets in order to have them placed in far away hoods that will not convert yet.

Yes, it is true - after this operation you will again be aging! A full life cycle will be about 90 Simdays. Doctors and psycologists will be available for question and health care in the new hood.

This all requires good planning, and we are preparing this huge 12 step operation that is named Transformation TS2. Many other hoods all over Sim Nation will go through the very same things. The information is linked from Simmerville web's front page, and we ask you to stay updated as we work our way through the 12 steps. Here is a direct link.

Questions can be directed to the Hood Council at or by phone. The Hood Council members will be available on phone 24/7 for the next 5 days.

Juliana Valentino
Simmerville Hood Council