February 6, 2005:
Day 6+7+8+9+10 reports added

This is the last main update of the reports section, as the full report is available from two of the projects; Heaven and Dorky Park. A few more reports might be added later on, and in a couple weeks there will be the main reports with each project's all over comments..

January 9, 2005:
Day 4+5 reports added

This far just 4 of the projecs are reported, but more will be added later on. Check them out, some are not doing so fine, while others have already completed their project. We plan to post the final reports late January. Reports

The SimLOOK2 house (project pack) is available only at but it will be removed unless someone like the project enough to vote. Thank you for rating the house.

There was a broken link to the reports from Dorky Park. Their report is sure worth a visit, don't miss it!

December 22, 2004:
Day 3 reports added

It's quite interesting to see what different turns the story takes. Today Rizza's baby was born, and the big question in many of the reports is; will the baby survive? Today we also welcome a new project, Dorky Park. They signed up within deadline but didn't get started in time for the first reports, so they added 3 first days today. Other projects who has not sent in their reports yet, please do.

December 16, 2004:
The project pack is now available to all

But only those who signed up will officially be contributing to the project and have their reports published on this site. Go to the Download section for link.

December 12, 2004:
Day 2 reports available

Go to the reports section to read them all.
The project pack has been taken off the server. The house will soon be available on but if you get it there you will not be accepted for the offial SimLOOK2 project including reports.

December 10, 2004:
Day 1 reports that one of the testsims is pregnant!

More than 15 different hoods did sign up to run the SimLOOK2 project. Many reports were submitted, and they tell us that a TestSim is pregnant. Nobody know who the father is, or if they will manage to handle a baby when they live by free will.
Day 2 reports are coming in and will be published on December 12. If you are listed in the reports section, you can still send in your Day 1 report, and your Day 2 report will be added during the week even if you can't make it within deadline. Reports sent in within deadline will be read by more visitors and if you include a photo it will get even more attention.


Benjamin, Charles, Rizza and Annabella used to be well acquainted until something unfortunate happened on their first night in the SimLOOK2 house! Who are they? What happened? And how will they manage during 10 Simdays living by their free will? The truth will hopefully be found through your research and by observing the actions of the four Sims. When you start observing them they will do their best to hide their secret. See photos from the house and from the tragic night below, as well as the four Sims' bios.

The project's goal is to find how different a situation can develop when it is taking place on multiple locations. If you like to sign up to run the SimLOOK2 project in your hood you must agree to send in one brief report from each Simday. TS2 required. See the full deal below.

The start point seems to be absurd and it might get even worse! Seriously, this task is suitable for scientists and detectives who won't get too easily involved emotionally. There will most likely be a lot more suffering and pain in the SimLOOK2 house over the next 10 Simdays! As a scientist you can not give any directions no matter what! It's all in the name of science!
 Benjamin Pigfield
Charles Flemming
Rizza Joyes
Annabella Buster
Simdays until adult: 28
Aspiration: Popularity
Job: Campaign Worker
Bio: Sagittarius
Active, sloppy, dislikes animals and health.

As a teenager Benjamin was quite a rebellion. Now he has brought his revolutionary ideas to a political career. A modern community should be different! He loves being admired by other Sims. That's why he volunteered for the SimLOOK2 project. He can love a woman just in order to be loved back - without really caring about her at all. But this time it's different. What happened on the project's very first night can damage his future! He will do anything to prevent the truth to leak out!
Simdays until adult: 28
Aspiration: Family
Job: Mailroom Technician
Bio: Cancer
Likes crime, dislikes money and school.

Being raised by academic parents Charles wanted to dedicate his life to medicine and health, but somehow he found himself starting a business career. Was he under influence by his greedy mother, Cleopatra Flemming? Charles was looking forward to joining the SimLOOK2 project, but that first night in the house has changed everything! Will the SimLOOK2 house be anything more than a prison? There is no point in regretting last night...
Simdays until adult:20
Aspiration: Knowledge
Job: Test Subject
Bio: Scorpio
Likes money, dislikes school, sci-fi and health.

Rizza loves to read, study and to deep dive into scientific terms. That's why she wants to get promoted to a Lab Assistant. Her past choices didn't always benefit her life, but she is grateful to her parents who helped her out. In a way she used to be the quiet next door girl that never was noticed. But that is about to change. The pattern it becoming clearer, and Rizza can't change her destiny! But it's too late for her to leave the SimLOOK2 house!
Simdays until adult: 21
Aspiration: Romance
Job: Cadet
Bio: Virgo
Likes crime, dislikes food, school and sci-fi.

If beauty was a bank account Annabella would have been a wealthy woman. But something is keeping her from reaching the ultimate happiness. She loves him, but she keeps getting a feeling that she shouldn't. She already knows that something happened in the SimLOOK2 house while she was at work last night, something they didn't want her to know. Then after she returned from work... those sounds... that soft crying... the bottle of champagne... She is about to get the picture...

Here are some photos from their first day. Click for a slightly larger view:


Click her to submit your SimLOOK2 report.

Report section is basically closed, but a few more reports might be added.

SimLOOK2 at Heaven
[Updated Feb 6, day7+8+9+10]
SimLOOK2 at Dorky Park
[Updated Feb 6, day6+7+8+9+10]
SimLOOK2 at Simborough
[Updated Jan 20, day4]
SimLOOK2 at Jezero Kaprak
[Updated Jan 9, day4+5]
SimLOOK2 at Kimmy's Town
[Updated Jan 9, day4+5]
SimLOOK2 at Gesar Beach
[Updated Dec 22, day3]
SimLOOK2 at Twin Peaks
[Updated Dec 12, day2]
SimLOOK2 at DimSimTown
[Updated Dec 12, day2]
SimLOOK2 at Pleasantview1
[Updated Dec 5, day1]   Project stopped due to technical problems
SimLOOK2 at Pleasantview2
SimLOOK2 at Sedona
SimLOOK2 at Pyra's Hood
SimLOOK2 at Golden Hills
SimLOOK2 at Simmerton
SimLOOK2 at Sarah's hood
SimLOOK2 at Simmotonia

Report from the project's day 1 must be submitted no later than December 5 2004.
Report from the project's day 2 must be submitted no later than December 12 2004, and so on following a schedule of 7 days per day/report. You can report several days at once, but they will be published according to this chedule.


"Yesterday they were friends. Today they hide a secret."

The SimLOOK2 project starts: December 1, 2004 (Simday 1 reports to be published on December 5, 2005)
The SimLOOK2 project closes: January 31, 2005 (Simday 10 reports to be published on February 6, 2005)

New reports will be published on weekends between December 5 2004 and February 6 2005.

If there will be a SimLOOK2 sequel covering 10 more days it will be announced late January 2005.

Contact: Claire Brybrey, Sims Science

If you like to advertise SimLOOK2, please use either of these graphics:


NOTE: Signing up closed on December 10th. You can still get the full project pack including house and 4 Sims, but you will not be listed on the reports section as part of the official project, or to run the following up part in February. The project pack is available at Simmerville hood's MySimPage.

Sign up to get access to the full project pack! The pack includes everything you will need, everything is set up for this mysterious scene. Only Maxis created content. TS2 only!

By signing up you agree to the following:

* To run the project for 10 Simdays with no interruptions
You agree to avoid giving the TestSims any directions - no matter what. They might suffer and die, but you will not interrupt the events in any way. You are not allowed to buy or sell anything at all. There are a few exceptions:

Every morning between 7 AM and 9 AM you should freeze the project in order to write the report from the previous day, and to proceed the following actions. These things *must* be done during these two hours. Anything you forget must wait until the next day.

1. Replace the refrigerator. We don't want an empty fridge to ruin the story. This must be done no matter how full the fridge is.

2. The Sim with the greenest mood and no queued can be directed to pick up the phone to call one of the services. If anything happens that will cancel the direction you must wait until the next day to retry.

3. Replace any items that were repossessed by the repoman. Take notes when he is in the house to remember exact location of those objects. 

4. Occasionally there will be a question popping up (chance cards etc.). You are not allowed to pick one or another option, but must simply get rid of the question by hitting "Enter". The same goes for questions by the service Sims, hitting "Enter" will normally mean "yes".

* To send in daily report covering main events from the SimLOOK2 house
You agree to write each daily report before you go on observing the next Simday. Each daily report should include only the main event lines, avoid details like "served a meal" or "used the toilet". Focus on actions that you find essential to the story. Also include a few reflections on what the four Sims' secret might be. You can include one photo per daily report if you like.
A web form for easier report submission will be available December 1.

You are free to run the project as fast as you like and you can even send us all 10 reports on the same day, but we will publish only one Simday at the time, according to the project's schedule. We plan to publish one Simday per weekend.

* Not to discuss any main events before December 5
Main events taking place in the house can not be discussed on any Internet board (BBS) until December 5. It would spoil some of the mystery and settings for those starting the project late. You are allowed to discuss general facts that would be available to anyone who installed the house but not yet started to run it.

* Not to upload the house or any of its content
No uploads can be done to any web source. This includes as well as any other web sites. Simmerville will upload the house to late December.

* To freeze the SimLOOK2 house after 10 Simdays
There might be a sequel to the project that only those who signed up to run the first 10 Simdays can participate to. If there are any alive Sims in your project after Simday 10, freeze the project until further notice if you are interested to go on with 10 more Simdays starting about February 2005. A sequel will eventually be announced late January 2005.

To sign up, click the link below to send in your email address and your hood's name. We will then send you the link for downloading the package (11 MB). The file might be taken off after 48 hours, so please get it as soon as you receive the address.