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SimLOOK2 Report by Jezero Kaprak

Updated Jan 09, 2005 [day 4+5]

Happenings day 5:
7:45 Rizza is holding Chlapec, Annabella is watching television, Benjamin is sleeping and Charles is in the middle of cleaning after the baby (stinky botles and diapers)
8:18 On of the toilets got clogged. Catastrophe!
11:25 Nothing much is happening. Anna and Ben are sleeping, Rizza is reading the newspaper and Charles is outside.
14:24 Annabella goes to work.
15:20 Rizza goes to work.
15:50 Ben went to Charles and slapped him. For no reason! Then Charles went to bed and Ben began to juggle with coffee mugs.
18:05 Chlapec will grow into a toddler tomorrow.
20:03 Haha - Benjamin threw Chlapec in the air (he played with him) and Chlapec spewed on him... Hahaha :o)
22:14 Rizza is back.
23:11 Anna is back.
3:33 Rizza went to Anna and hit her. Anna hit her back... then Anna began to cry.
4:55 Charlie apologize to Rizza and right after that they were pretty digusted by Chlapec's smell. Charlie then apologized to Anna and they became best friends.
7:12 Anna is sent to call a repairman and the 5th day ends.

Comments day 5:
Well, nothing much to say to this day. Maybe just... it's strange how everybody takes out the thrash. They're like obsessed :o) And NOBODY cares much about Chlapec. And I'm quite sad that Vince's ghost didn't show up yet. And I can't wait to see Chlapec as a toddler :o).

Happenings day 4:
The first day with a baby is here -
8:22 - Charles is on the way to the car, Benjamin is already in the car, Annabella is watching TV, Rizza sleeps and the baby lies on the kitchen floor.
9:23 - The babysitter is here and cleans the house.
10:15 - Rizza is off to work, Chlapec is crying but neither Annabella or the babysitter seems to notice.
11:32 - It's OK now... The babysitter finally noticed :o)
12:15 - Benjamin got 1 point of charisma at work. Maybe he'll be promoted today.
14:12 - Annabella goes to work. Now only Chlapec and the babysiter are home.
15:34 - Charles returned and began to pick the weed in the frontyard.
17:15 - Rizza is back and was promoted.
18:15 - Ben is back and was promoted as well but he's very tired and falls asleep in front of the house.
20:58 - Charlie picked up Chlapec and fed him (at last).
23:20 - Anna returned and fell asleep right next to Ben.
23:48 - Ben wakes up and because of his low comfort need he goes to sit on a chair in Rizza's room.
0:13 - Chlapec stinks. He stinks for quite a long time now but noone cares.
2:32 - Charles and Benjamin play the videogame. Chlapec still stinks.
4:34 - Anna woke up and went to the shower.
6:31 - Everybody is awake nowand Ben is holding Chlapec (who still stinks), fed him but didn't change his diaper.
7:28 - Oh finally Rizza changed Chlapec's diaper! :o)
End of day 4

Comments day 4:
I fear that Chlapec won't live long. The group seems not to care muc about him. Ok, maybe except Rizza, but still... And I doubt it's healthy for him to lay on the floor all day. Maybe I'll sound a bit morbid, but I wonder how does baby ghost look. And I expect the repo-man in a few days... The group is not interested in paying

Happenings day 3:
So, it's 8:18 and the third day begins
Benjamin is off to work and his mood is platinum. Everybody's else is quite green. Anna and Charles are cleaning the house and Rizza sleeps.
10:45 Annabella and Charlie are dancing but each on their own.
12:19 Charles admired Annabella and then they danced together.
15:00 Rizza woke up and went to a shower.
17:47 Charles went to Rizza a spoke to her belly. Anna was watching them but she was smiling.
18:29 Ben is back and brought a friend from work.
22:12 Action: Anna went to Ben to kiss him, or more precisly his arm. Rizza saw it, went crazy, hit ben and began to cry silently. Then she went to bed.
1:00 Everybody fell asleep. It's strange how Charles, Ben and Anna went to sleep at the same time.
1:11 And here's the moment we were waiting for! Rizza is giving birth to her child. Few painful moments and here is the child. He (yes, he) is black and his name is Chlapec (boy in czech). I bet Rizza is happy now. But who is the father? See the comments!
4:15 Rizza is feeding Chlapec. Anna and Ben seem more interested in video game than in the newborn.
6:57 Rizza went back to bed leaving Chlapec on the floor in the kitchen.
7:49 Oh, sweet Charles fed Chlapec... I told you that he's a good boy :o)
8:01 Charles is sent to call a babysitter even though the stereoset is broken.
8:22 End of day 3.

Comments day 3:
Vince is the father. That means: Chlapec is Annabella's brother. Hmmm, I wonder if she will act somehow differently when she has a little brother. And I fear that Chalpec won't live long. You know, he's the child, he needs attention and care and when he's in a house of uncontrolable adults... Can he survive? Now, when the babysitter is called he has a chance. But I don't know if she will come regulary or just this once :oS
Stay tuned for more :o)

Happenings day 2:
Ok, it's 7:85 and everybody is sleeping.
Rizza wants to see a ghost today, Annabella wants to do woohoo, Benjamin wants to throw a party and Charles' desire is to fall in love.
8:25 Charles left to work but Ben, who is supposed to go with him, is still
sleeping... He's having a nightmare.
10:27 Rizza was laughing at Anna and poor Anna is sad now.
11:12 Rizza is watching some reality show with Ben... They're talking about work and it seems they quite understand each other. Anyway, this looks like to be a very boring day.
15:19 Charles is back and he brought a friend from work - Alexandra Van Higgins.
17:34 Charles is ignoring Alexandra's attempts to dance with him but Ben is interested in Alexandra and he's talking to her. Rizza watches it all and she is (maybe) a bit jealous.
22:00 Finally - First, Charles laughed at Ben, then Ben insulted Charles and now Charles is slapping Ben. Ben shows tah he didn't like that and slaps Charles... But it is he, Ben, who's crying in the end. These two don't like each other.
0:15 Rizza's belly grew again. Oh, I can't wait to see the birth.
8:06 After everybody got up, Charles is apologizing to Ben. He's after all a good
8:18 Ben is off to work, the rest is home.
The end of 2nd day

Comments day 2:
This day wasn't really revealing the story but there are some things I'd like to share. It is obvious: Guys love Annabella and hate each other. But Rizza is the one who's pregnant, not Anna, so I think that neither Ben nor Charles is father.
Then, there is the grave. Only Ben and Rizza were mourning there (not today).
Ben wasn't sad at all but Rizza cried a lot. Maybe Vince is the father... I don't know.
Ok, that's all I wanted to say :o)

Happenings day 1:
The morning:
Benjamin hired a maid, everybody is cleaning the house. There is a real mess. When Charles was leaving to job, Ben hugged tight Rizza. Charles went mad, ran to Ben and gave him a slap. Then he hugged Rizza tight and Ben slapped him. Both men began to cry and Charles missed the carpool. Ben was crying quite a lot and he seemed a bit hysterical, only Rizza was alright.
10:05 - Rizza went on a toilet, she threw up and thought about pregnancy. Then she went to work. After she got into the car, Ben went to Charles and slapped him. Then Charles apologized to Ben but slapped him too.
11:15 - Ben went outside to mourns, but there was no gravestone. Then he went to bar and began to make himself a lot of drinks. Charles still cries.
12:23 - Few neighbors went on a visit but either Ben and Charles ignored them, so neighbors leaves. Ben is making drinks and Chalres is watching some talkshow.
14:21 - Benjamin went to a hidden graveston of Vince, a friend from past (probably). He stands in front of it and shakes his head but doesn't cry.
15:11 - Annabelle is back from work, she brings a friend and she was promoted. Charles went to her a admired her.
16:42 - Ben still mourns.
17:13 - Rizza is back from work, Ben still mourns, Charles is eating too old and probably poisonous Chilli con Carne and Annabelle is hugging her friend in her room. Rizza goes straight to Vince's grave and mourns a lot.
18:17 - Charles wants to dance with Brandon, Annabelle's friend but he can't catch the rhythm. So he dances solo.
19:02 - Rizza mourns, but she looks like she's mad at Vince. As if she was asking: "Why did you die?!" 
Annabelle is dancing with Charles and Benjamin is watching them.
21:14 - Ben wants to give back rub to Annabelle and she agreeds.
21:42 - Rizza stopped mourning and goes to bed. As she stepped into a kitchen, Ben kisses hard Annabelle and Rizza goes mad and slaps Ben.  Brandon leaves.
22:30 - Rizza is in the bed, she dreams about herself.
23:07 - Rizza got up and her belly gets bigger. She's pregnant! She went to sleep in Annabelle's bed. But then she wakes up and goes to Charles' bed. As soon as she's in Charles' room, Ben goes to Annabelle and kisses her. They're in love now. Rizza wakes up and cries, then she goes to her bed.
1:24 - Rizza can't sleep well, she gets up again and begins to stink. Ben is sleeping in comfy chair, Annabelle is making herself a coffee, Charles prepared the dinner.
4:14 - Now everybody is sleeping but noone in his/her bed.
7:58 - Everybody is still sleeping but carpool for Charles and Ben is here in about 5 minutes.
The end of 1st day

Comments day 1:
I think there was a party. Because of the mess. Everybody got drunk and started to make... relationships :o)
Then there is a HIDDEN grave... why is it hidden? Maybe Vince died because the group killed him or something. 
Whatever happened, one thing is quite strange - why was Rizza still changing beds? I don't think she's sleepwalker. I'll keep an eye on her ;o)