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SimLOOK2 Report by Pleasantview1

Updated Dec 05, 2004 [day 1]

Happenings day 1:
-After Rizza woke up, she immediately went to go eat the spoiled food left on the table and got food poisoning.
-After Charles and Annabella went to work, Rizza showed signs of morning sickness, definately pregnant.
-Benjamin went to go mourn by Vince's grave... whose tombstone was very, very well hidden in a bunch of bamboo and trees.
-Annabella was promoted to Patrol Officer and went to join Benjamin mourning.
-Anna flirted with Ben - Ben fell in love with her, Anna was already in love.
-Immediately after coming home, Rizza went to join the mourning party.
-Rizza's belly got bigger - 1st stage of pregnancy.
-Anna was rejected when trying to flirt with Charles, Rizza saw and slapped Anna.. Anna continued to flirt and get slapped.
-Food was left in stove, caught fire (4:30 am)... Fire was put out, everyone ok.
-I wasn't too impressed by how they were taking care of themselves. Rizza was in an aweful mood, as well as Ben. Anna and Charles managed to keep themselves in a good mood.

Comments day 1:
Like I said, Rizza and Ben weren't doing too well as far as taking care of their needs. Ben made his mistake when he decided that mourning hours and hours on end was ok. He literally mourned over Vince until most of his need bars were in the red. Rizza was doing worse; Her hunger, comfort, energy, bladder, and hygiene bars were all almost completely empty. She passed out on the floor at exactly 9am.
By looking at memories and relationships, I found out that Rizza was in love with both Ben and Charles.. and she had a baby boy with the repairman, but the baby does not live with her. Anna and Ben are also in love. I think that night someone caught someone cheating (I didn't pay attention to memories until it was too late) and Anna's father Vince died.