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SimLOOK2 Report by DimSimTown

Updated Dec 05, 2004 [day 1]

Happenings day 2:
Today everyone went to work, only Rizza didn't go because she is pregnant. The only thing she did was eat. When Annabella came home (with promotion) she fell asleep on the street because she and charles staid up all night talking and drinking esspresso. But Charles was able to go to bed. Than Benjamin came home from work and he was worried about Annabella because she was still sleeping on the street. After 5 hours and 50 minutes sleeping on the street Annabella finnaly wakes up. Charles made a group dinner (he is the first person who cooks for everyone). Annabella went to sleep but all the others ate.
And finnaly they all went to sleep!

Comments day 2:
I can't wait! I have to know who's the father of Rizza's baby! (today that is the only thing on my mind!)

Happenings day 1:
What a hectic day was today. 
Annabella, Charles and Rizza went to work. Benjamin had a day off. He spent the whole day mourning by Vince's grave. 
Charles did something really bad at work and he lost §200!! But Rizza on the other hand was promoted to lab-assistent. 
Everybody back home! At 8pm Benjamin desides he mourned enough for one day and goes to have a shower. Annabella falls asleep on the couch, while Benjamin gives Rizza a massage. Rizza wants to go to bed but Benjamin starts flirting with Annabella, and Rizza gets jealous, she hits Benjamin in the face! Then we discover Rizza is pregnant! Benjamin is so happy with Rizza being pregnant he kisses her. But Annabella and Charles cought them and they are furious! Annabella hits Benjamin and Charles hits Rizza. Annabella keeps crying because Benjamin cheated on her! 
Rizza goes to sleep. Charles wants to appologize to Benjamin but Benjamin ignores him and goes to sleep too. Charles falls asleep on the couch while Annabella makes herslef an esspresso.

Comments day 1:
Will Rizza survive her pregnancy? 
What will become of the baby? 
Who's the father of Rizza's baby? 
That and more in the next repport!