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SimLOOK2 Report by Dorky Park

Updated Feb 06, 2005 [day 6+7+8+9+10]

Happenings day 10:
1:20pm - Vinnie's energy, bladder, hygiene and fun are all red.  Ben has the day off today, so he will likely die from starvation.
6:55pm - Vinnie asks Ben for food.  Ben says no.
8:45pm - First appearance of Charles' ghost (pink).
12:03am - CHARLES' GHOST SCARES BENJAMIN TO DEATH!  The game is now essentially over, since Vinnie is now alone in the house.
2:20am - Charles's ghost scares Vinnie.  He passes out from this.  His hunger is completely red, so if he were an adult, he'd be dead.
4:00am - The social worker comes to take Vinnie away.  Game over.

Comments day 10:
This experiment showed me just how miserable Sims can get.  I just wonder how differently things would have turned out if someone had cleaned up the burnt omelettes from the stove, or if I had been allowed to direct them to do that.  Once the stove was unusable, the Sims were unable to keep themselves fed, and they all died.  I don't understand why they all went to the bar to satisfy their hunger (which it barely did), when there was a grill right next to it, or they could have made Chef Salad from the fridge.
Well, if there is a sequel to this, it would have to be with all new Sims from my end because my scenario ended in tragedy for all 5 Sims involved.

Happenings day 9:
7:00am - I had Benjamin call for a nanny, so he could go to work, since that's the only place he can eat.
8:40am - Unfortunately, the nanny arrived after Ben's car pool, so he missed it. This will likely be his demise.  He spends the next several hours mourning Charles.
12:45pm - Vinnie cries over Annabella's death and he continuously cries about bad hygiene and red aspiration.
4:50pm - Ben tries to make a drink, but the bar is blocked by Annabella's tombstone.  He finds a way around it and spends the next 12 hours making drinks and mourning Annabella.  His hunger remains at the orange level.
4:50am - Ben finally goes inside to use the bathroom.  He then tries to make an omelette, but the stove is still unusable.  There are now 9 pots of uncooked chili and 8 pans of uncooked omelettes lying around the kitchen.

Comments day 9:
Today was uneventful.  Fortunately, the nanny fed Vinnie a few times. Otherwise, he would have been taken by the social worker, because Ben wouldn't feed him.
I don't think Ben is going to live another day.  His hunger is almost red and he's now doing the "going from bed to bed" thing, where he can't sleep because he is too hungry but keeps trying to sleep instead of eating.

Happenings day 8:
10:20am - Charles' work called.  He has missed work 3 days in a row, but has not been fired.
11:15am - Annabella gained a cooking skill point, which was +1000 aspiration.  She is the only one in green aspiration.
3:15pm - Ben gets home from work and passes out on the sidewalk.
9:20pm - Vince's ghost finally makes an appearance.
10:40pm - Charles' death was -5000 aspiration points for Annabella, so she goes nuts, prompting a visit from the Therapist.  Meanwhile, Benjamin came over and laughed at Charles' urn.

Comments day 8:
Wow!  Two deaths in one day!
Benjamin is the only adult still alive.  Vinnie (the toddler) is in bad shape. He is in total red aspiration after Annabella's death.  I will be surprised if he makes it to child before he is taken by the social worker.
Vince's death was apparently by drowning, since his ghost is leaving puddles everywhere.

Happenings day 7:
7:20am - Vinnie asks Annabella for a diaper change.  She finally says yes.  Whew!  His diaper was dirty for about 2 days.
9:30 - Vinnie keeps following the adults, but they ignore him, and he keeps crying because no aspirations are being met.  Charles is completely red hunger, fun, social and hygiene.  He is still going from bed to bed trying to sleep.
9:45 - Charles snuggles Vinnie.  Awwww!
11:45 - Vinnie falls asleep sitting up.
1:30pm - Anna wants to flirt with Charles, but he ignores her.
5:15 - At death's door, Charles stuffs face 3 times, prolonging his life.  He is now able to sleep.
10:40 - Ben tosses Vinnie in the air, and Vinnie pukes on him.
11:10 - Charles apologizes to Ben, and then slaps him!  Ben slaps him back and then cries.
2:00am - Charles kisses Annabella tenderly.  They are now best friends and in love.  He then kisses her again.
2:20 - Charles tries to make another cooked meal (omelette), but he can't.  When is he going to get those burnt omelettes off of the stove?!

Comments day 7:
Charles kissing Annabella was a complete surprise, since he was so low on most of his needs.  They are now in love, which is an interesting twist.
This has become an exercise in human suffering.  Vinnie (the toddler) is miserable.  Charles is about to die, and the main living area is horribly dirty. There are too many uncooked pots of chili and omelettes to count, and no one
will clean them up, not even the maid.  They complain about them incessantly though.
I've learned a lot about the Sims in the past 7 days:
- Sims will satisfy the Energy need above all others, even Hunger.
- No Sim will ever clean up an unprepared meal on their own (i.e. using free will).
- Sims are horrible at satisfying the Hunger need when the stove is unusable.  I have no idea why they choose to go to the bar to satisfy hunger (which it doesn't), when there is a grill right next to it!  Also, they could easily make a chef salad or cereal or even have an instant meal, but they don't.
- As long as you feed a baby/toddler, you can ignore all of its other needs, and the social worker will not come.  It has been so hard to watch this kid suffer. That has been the worst part of this "experiment".

Happenings day 6:
9:00am - Charles missed work.  He fed the baby 3 times, but did not change its diaper.
10:00 - Charles tried to make an omelette, but the stove is still blocked, so he stuffs face.
10:55 - Repo Man!  He took the grill and some flowers.   I replaced them.
1:20pm - Charles stuffs face again twice.  This is keeping him alive (barely).
6:30 - Ben and Charles have spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen mourning. Rizza, complaining that the baby smells, complaining that Charles smells, and complaining about the filthy environment.  Charles also complains about being hungry and does the flour sack thing.
9:00 - Charles goes to bed but can't sleep, too hungry.  Hunger, energy and social are all orange.  Hygiene is red.  He goes to make drinks.
10:10 - Ben holds Vinnie and throws him up in the air, and he turns into a toddler!  Yea!  Vinnie has one memory - Rizza died.
11:15 - Annabella comes home from work and mourns Rizza.
11:30 - Vinnie asks Ben for a diaper change.   Ben refuses!
11:50 - Vinnie passes out on the floor.
12:00am -  Ben turns on the stereo, waking Vinnie.
12:20 - Vinnie asks Annabella for a diaper change.  She refuses also.
1:00 - Vinnie is crawling all over, freaking out.  Energy, bladder and hygiene are all red.  He can't sleep because of the stereo.
1:45 - Vinnie follows Charles into a bedroom and passes out.  At least he can sleep now.
3:25 - Charles is going from bed to bed trying to sleep, but he is too hungry. He is probably going to die.

Comments day 6:
It was great to see Vinnie transition from a baby to a toddler.  I wasn't sure if he was going to make it.
Charles looks like he is a goner.  His energy and hunger are very low, so he keeps trying to sleep instead of eat.
Annabella and Benjamin have been eating at work, so they're actually doing pretty well on needs, not on aspirations though.
I wonder if we're ever going to find out what happened to Vince.

Happenings day 5:
7:10am - Rizza goes back to the bar and then stuffs face again.  Doesn't help much.
8:50 - Rizza feeds the baby, even though she is close to death.  Nice to see her putting the baby's needs first.
9:30 - Both Ben and Charles try to make omelettes, but the stove is still blocked, so they can't.
11:00 - Rizza goes back to the bar again.  She has red hunger, energy and hygiene.  Charles has red hunger.  Ben tries to make chili again. DUH!  Not going to work, Ben!
1:20pm - The maid says everything is clean, but there are still 3 pots of rancid uncooked chili, the burned omelettes, and 3 pans of rancid uncooked omelettes lying around.  Charles goes to the bar to have a drink.  He has many.
2:20 - Ben feeds the baby for the 3rd time in an hour.  Hello, Ben, the baby needs a diaper change not a bottle!
3:30 - The baby keeps trying to sleep, but he can't because the stereo is on.
4:20 - Ben, Charles and Rizza are now all at the bar.  The baby has been crying for 3 hours straight.
5:30 - Charles makes a Chef Salad!  YEA!  This probably saves his life.
5:40 - Rizza falls asleep standing up.  Her hunger, bladder, energy and hygiene are all red now (but not completely empty).  She's a goner.
6:30 - Ben makes a Chef Salad!  Go Ben!
7:15 - Charles goes to bed, leaving the baby crying on the kitchen floor.
8:10 - Ben wets himself.
9:00 - Rizza's hunger, bladder, energy and hygiene are all completely red now.
10:00 - Ben goes to bed, leaving the baby crying on the kitchen floor.
10:50 - Rizza wakes up and wets herself.
11:30 - Rizza dies of starvation!
1:20am - Annabella mourns for Rizza.  She will alternate between that, complaining about the environment, and worrying about romance for the next 6 hours.
1:50 - Ben turns the stereo off!  Yea!  The baby can sleep!
2:10 - Ben mourns for Rizza, then goes to bed.
3:00 - Charles mourns for Rizza.  He will alternate between that, complaining about the environment, complaining about his hunger, and talking to the flour sack for the next 4 hours.

Comments day 5:
This day was even worse than Day 4.  I'll be amazed if anyone survives to Day 10.  Rizza is dead.  Charles is close to death.  The baby has to be close to being taken away.  I would LOVE to see him turn into a toddler though.  It would be a blast to see how these dimwits handled that!
No one is interacting with each other anymore.  It's all about satisfying needs now.  Ever since that fire on the stove, everyone has been starving.  It's really sad.

Happenings day 4:
7:15am - Charles is out of red aspiration because he gained a cooking skill point.
7:50 - Charles starts a fire by burning an omelette and immediatly carries the baby to safety.  However, this is -2000 aspiration points for him, causing another visit by the Sim Shrink.
11:10 - The baby is crying on the floor with a dirty diaper.  Rizza tries to make an omelette, but the stove is blocked by Charles' burned omelette.
1:00pm - Rizza is starving, so she goes to the bar and makes 9 drinks in a row. This helps her hunger very little.
2:30 - Rizza tries to make chili.  No dice, the stove is still blocked.
3:15 - Rizza stuffs face while the baby sleeps on the floor and Charles gardens. This helps her hunger a little.
4:00 - Rizza makes 17 drinks in a row at the bar.
6:15 - Benjamin got promoted to Intern and passed out on the sidewalk, where he would sleep for 6 hours.
7:20 - Rizza goes to bed for one hour, then wakes up to stuff face again.
10:00 - Rizza tries to make spaghetti, but the stove is still blocked, so she goes back to the bar.  I didn't bother counting the drinks this time.
11:10 - Annabella gets home from work and passes out on the sidewalk next to Ben.  She slept there for 5 1/2 hours.
11:55 - Charles pulls out the flour sack baby again.  Uh oh.
12:10am - Rizza tries to sleep again but can't, too hungry, so she stuffs face again.
2:40 - Charles changes the baby's diaper (yes!) and hands the baby to Rizza. She has red bladder, orange hunger and energy.
3:10 - Rizza tries a different bed, can't sleep, gets up and wets herself. -1000 aspiration points.  Then she tries yet another bed, but still can't sleep.
6:30 - Rizza tried to make yet another omelette.

Comments day 4:
OK, Rizza is definitely going to die.  No doubt about it.  She is starving, but she keeps trying to make meals that have to be cooked, but the stove is blocked.  If she was smart enough to make a chef salad or cereal, it would save her life.  Hey, Rizza!  Clean up the burned omelettes and you might live!
Also, the maid came but did not clean up the burned omelettes or any of the uncooked chili and omelettes, which leads me to believe that the Sims will never clean up unprepared food using free will.
I will be amazed if the baby is not taken by social services.  He is well fed (overly fed actually), but he is constantly filthy.
I still have no clue how Vince died, but with this crew, he probably starved to death.

Happenings day 3:
10:25am - Charles pulls out the flour sack baby again.  He is doing this constantly now.
1:40pm - Charles flirted with Annabella.  Rizza slapped Charles!  Charles fell out of love with Rizza, then talked to her belly immediately after, then they played Red Hands (go figure).
3:00 - Rizza cried several times over Charles cheating on her.
4:45 - Rizza went to bed, so Annabella seized the opportunity and flirted with Charles.  She now has a crush on him.
11:15 - Charles and Annabella have been watching TV together for 2 hours.  Their relationship is now at 85/31 and 100/42.
11:25 - Annabella and Benjamin make out.  No one sees them.
1:23am - Rizza has the baby!  It's a boy.  I named him Vinnie, since he is obviously Vince's baby.
2:30am - Rizza hands the baby to Benjamin, so she can talk to Prof. Von Ball.
3:20am - Benjamin hands the baby back to Rizza, so he can go to bed.
4:15 - Rizza puts the baby on the floor, which woke Ben up.  Then she picked him up again and fed him a bottle.
5:40 - Rizza puts the baby on the floor, so she can use the bathroom.
6:45 - Charles holds hands with Annabella.  Rizza and Benjamin are furious!  Rizza slaps Charles.  Ben slaps Annabella.  The baby is still lying on the kitchen floor.

Comments day 3:
It was nice to see those fireworks at the end of the day!  At least now we know it's Vince's baby, but we seem no closer to finding out how Vince died.
Rizza and Charles are still in awful shape, especially Rizza, who came close to dying of starvation.

Happenings day 2:
7:04am - Ben is the first one up.  I replaced the fridge (as instructed).
8:15 - Ben and Charles both go to work smelling horribly.
9:50 - Rizza talks to Prof. Von Ball (knowledge aspiration failure).
11:30 - Rizza is very low hunger and hygiene, but chats with Annabella anyway.
12:40pm - Rizza manages to make chili just in time to avoid dying from starvation.
2:10 - Annabella goes to work.
2:30 - Rizza cooks up rancid omelettes that someone left out in the morning. She will probably get food poisoning.
3:30 - Charles is in completely red hygiene, but he decides to read the paper instead of showering.
6:45 - Rizza talks to Prof. Von Ball again. She will do this 3 more times tonight.
7:10 - Charles talks to Rizza's belly.  I think he thinks the baby is his.
7:20 - Charles pulls out flour sack baby (family aspiration failure).  He will do this 4 more times tonight.
12:10am - Rizza's belly popped again.  The baby will be born tomorrow!

Comments day 2:
Both Rizza and Charles are mental cases right now.  I don't know how they are going to snap out of it because none of their aspirations are being met.  Ben and Annabella seem OK.  I'm still trying to figure out what happened to Vince.

Happenings day 1:
At the start, Rizza is in love with both Charles and Benjamin. 
Annabella is in love with Ben, but Ben only has a crush on her.
Ben is in love with Rizza.
Charles is in love with Rizza, but he has a negative relationship with her, so he must have caught her cheating.
The first thing that everyone did when I started up was clean up the dirty dishes.
8:15 - Ben and Rizza make out after Charles and Annabella went to work.
12:15 - Ben mourns at Vince's grave.
3:15 - Annabella got promoted to Patrol Officer.
3:40 - Annabella mourns Vince.
4:40 - Annabella sweet talks Ben.  He is now in love with her.  Then they both go back to mourning.
5:15 - Rizza got promoted to Lab Assistant.
5:25 - Rizza mourns Vince.
7:30 - Charles goes to mourn.  All 4 are now by the grave.
8:00 - Charles pokes Rizza by the grave.
8:20 - Ben finally leaves the grave to use the bathroom, then he cooks up a rancid omelette that Rizza had left that morning.
9:30 - Rizza leaves the grave to go to bed.
11:07 - Rizza's tummy pops.  She is pregnant.
12:10 - Annabella finally leaves the grave to go to the bathroom.
12:55 - Charles finally leaves the grave to go to bed.
1:05 - Rizza starts a fire while cooking pork chops.  This is -2000 aspiration points for both her and Charles.  They both go crazy, so 2 Therapists drop down to help them.
2:20 - Rizza is the last to go to bed.

Comments day 1:
It looks like Vince was very important to all 4 of these people.  I would love to know how he died.  Rizza's baby is either Vince's or Charles', since her memories say she woohoo'ed with both of them.  We'll find out soon enough.