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SimLOOK2 Report by Gesar Beach

Updated Dec 22, 2004 [day 3]

Happenings day 3:
Ben slept on the lawn again. Rizza and Charles seem to be very much in love. Rizza had a baby girl at 1:30 AM. Charles was so excite he wet his pants.

Comments day 3:
After reading the memories over and over a possible story emerged. Rizza has had many men in her life: Ben, Charles, Lee and Vince, in that order. Rizza and Ben were together in high school. Just as they started to get serious, Ben started cheating with Annabella.  He fell in love with Annabella and then he caught Rizza cheating with Charles. Who will be together in the end?

Happenings day 2:
Today was very uneventful. Rizza is getting even more pregnant and having cravings. She still isn't getting along with Annabella. Benjamin got home from work and was so tired and stressed that he didn't make it to the bed and slept on the lawn. In the wee hours of the morning, Charles and Rizza made out in the bathroom while Ben and Annabella flirted in the dining room.

Comments day 2:
The last person that Rizza woohooed with was Vince so the baby is probably his.

Happenings day 1:
It was a quiet day, but the evening was rife turmoil.

Ben spent hours, from 5 PM to3 AM mourning Vince. Annabelle joined him and they ended up making out over Vince's grave (image included). At supper time, Annabelle went inside to eat, but she spent the rest of the evening thinking about that kiss. It took her mind off of how Charles and Rizza were treating her. They seemed to take everything the wrong way.

Rizza figured out that she is pregnant and is starting to show. Over breakfast, Charles and Ben argued over the baby. Then Charles got up from the table and kissed Rizza. Ben accused Rizza of cheating... and then the clock struck 7 AM and it was Day 2.

Comments day 1:
I think that one of the housemates killed Vince and I am desperate to know who is the father of Rizza's baby.

I've never observed Sims do whatever they want anymore. They sleep a lot and have
very unique ideas of what is fun. For example, Ben woke up and found himself
home alone so he danced for more than an hour to the radio.