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SimLOOK2 Report by Twin Peaks

Updated Dec 12, 2004 [day 2]

Happenings day 2:
Charles calls service/maid. Rizza is on maternity leave. Annabelle gets a Promotion at work to Patrol Officer. Annabelle and Rizza spend most of the afternoon/evening chatting and arguing. Annabelle apologises for the arguements. Annabelle is worring alot. Charles admires Annabelle a couple of times and Annabelle likes it. Meanwhile Ben has come home from work and passed out on the pavement. Vinces ghost is roaming around the house and yard leaving puddles of water everywhere, but nobody in the house notices him.

Comments day 2:
It seems as though Annabelle wants to stay friends with Rizza but is very upset with her about something. Rizza doesn't seem to concerned about Annabelle. Charles still wants to charm Annabelle. Maybe Annabelle is angry with Rizza because she loves Charles. Is Vince angry because nobody has mourned him today?

Happenings day 1:
Annabelle and Ben both mourn Vince for hours. Rizza is pregnant-to whom i'm not sure. Annabelle flirts with both Ben and Charles-Ben is fine with it but Charles does not like her advances. Rizza makes out with Charles while Ben in same room and recieves a slap from Ben. Ben cries over Rizza. Amazingly they are not doing too bad with free will, although showering seems to be a problem for Ben.

Comments day 1:
Both Ben and Charles love Rizza. Annabelle seems to love Charles but Charles doesn't like her comming on to him.
Not to sure who Vince is but both Annabelle and Ben seem very distressed about his death.
I would say that there is a love triangle going on between Rizza, Charles and Ben.
At this point I have no idea who's baby Rizza is carrying.