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SimLOOK2 Report by Heaven

Updated Feb 06, 2005 [day 7+8+9+10]

Happenings day 10:
Still upset over Charles Death Anna leaves a crying Vince Jr in the kitchen ans ahe goes outside for a drink at the bar. She mourns Charles' grave forgetting that Vince Jr is hungry. Vince Jr crawls back and forth over that back landing unable to climb down the stairs tog et to his sister.  Anna continues to drink throughout the morning until she gets tired and finally goes to bed. When seh wakes up she goes outside to drink some more. She gets extremely tired and goes from one bedroom to the other trying to get some sleep from each bed. But because she is so hungry she cannot sleep. Sadly a few hours later Anna is confronted by a social worker. Vince jr is taken away on his birthday.

Comments day 10:
Well, since all but one of the test subjects ar dead I think I'll stop the project.

Happenings day 9:
Charles and Anna start to spend more time with each other, mostly talking. Theya re so enthused with each other that they do not pay any attention to Vince Jr. They get a warning from the social worker shortly after. Charles begans to write in his diary later while Anna has so cappuchino. Charles gets so into his writing that he skips out on work. Charles and Anna both began to neglect Vince jr. They refuse to fulfill his requests as their needs began to drop. Before long Vince Jr. is cranky and stinky. Anna just looks at him in disqust, not doing anythng to console the toddler. This drives Charles to drinking. Later Anna finally decides to chance Vince Jr. She bends down to do so then ashe stopped adruptedly and uns nto the kitchen. There lay Charles curled up on the floor, death was looking down at him.

Comments day 9:
I wonder what Anna is going to do now that she is the only adult left in the house. I wonder what it was that made Charles die.

Happenings day 8:
Since Rizza is out of the picture Anna begins to take care of her little brother Vince Jr. She does a bit of cleaning lare which resulted in a bubbles following her everywhere she went for a few hours. She is scared once again by the ghost of her father thenshe goes crazy. After her session with the shrink Anna spends more time with Vince Jr. She skips out on work to stay with him. Charles is outside trying to mop up all the puddles that Vince's ghost left. Both adults continue to clean through the night.

Comments day 8:
I wonder what will happen between Anna and Chrles now that they are the only two adults in the house.

Happenings day 7:
Charels and Ben continue to fight. Vince jr. is not very happy with his living situations. He passed out on the floor and Charles looks down at the sleeping toddler, worried. Ben has become an alcoholic. He spendt most of his time at the bar. Then he began to makes trips to the bar and to the house. He did this about 4 times. This all resulted in him being very tired and hungry. He didn't eat a bite all day because all of the occupants of the house aren't doing
to well of a job cleaning up after themselves. He kithen is litteres with dirty dishes and trash. No one can cook with all the counters full of old rotten food. Ben would not sleep becasue she was too hungry and he couldn't eat because of
the mess. So he continued to drink. Chalres and Anna have some friendly conversations and play some games. Rizza doesn't like this and she loks on with an angry expression. Rizza's needs weren't doing too well and she died. While the grim reaper does his job Ben cries over Rizza's body while Charles cheers happily. that night Vince's ghost showed up to pay vince jr a little visit. He scares Ben causing him to die of fright. Later that night Charles sighs at ben's grave but cheers at rizzas.

Comments day 7:
Vince is a blue ghost and he leaves puddles so that means that he died by drowning. 
Also by Charles reactions to Rizza dying I can tell that he was no lnger in love with her. His reactions towards Ben's death shows that he was starting to tolerate him and that he was kinda bummed out that Ben died.

Happenings day 5:
Rizza causes a fire. Charles quickly grav=bs baby Vince and rushes outside with him to protect him from the fire. Ben forces a romantic hug on Rizza which upset her so much that they are no longer best friends. Charles sees this and is unhappy this makes it's the third time that Rizza has been caught cheating by Charles. He slaps her twice. Ben gos on a cleaning frenzy, forgetting the food he had cooking on the stove. No fire yet. Rizza goes and has a few drinks at the bar. Ben joins her. They chat and get negative outcomes so Rizza goes back into the house. Ben then drinks heavily for 4 hours straight.

Comments day 5:
I feel that Ben and Charles may get into a fight soon. It is clear that Charles despises Ben. Now Charles has another reason to hate him because he saw him hugging Rizza..

Happenings day 4:
The day starts off as normal but Charles has the day off. he spends time
chatting with Rizza and lounging on the couch. Anna comes home and for some odd
reaon is not getting along with Rizzza anymore. She rejects all her attempt to
play games but with accept any offered by Charles. Rizza goes into labor and you
can clearly see that Anna doesn't care becasue there is a thought bubble with
Rizza's face and a red X through it. Rizza has a little boy whom I named Vince
Jr. He has some skin abnormalities.

Comments day 4:
I feel that there may be a fight going on between the girls later.
Both are in love with Charles. I don't know how poor Ben will handle this.

Happenings day 3:
Ben hasn't been sleeping too well because he spends most of his time
mourning Vince. He came home from work and passed out on the front walk. Anna
came home from work and worried over him for a few minutes before stepping over
him and entering the house. I am noticing that Rizza and Ben chat a lot. Also
Charles and Anna have been getting closer. I saw them flirting openly to each
other in Rizza's room while she was in the bed next to them sleeping. I also
found it very funny that Chales writes in his diary frequently. Wehn others are
around he quickly hides it to his chest.

Comments day 3:
I still think that Vince was murdered some how. Chalres is falling in
love with Anna while Anna and Ben are starting to get a relatinship going.

Happenings day 2:
Ben and Anna hang around each other the most and so does Rizza and Charles. Ben and Anna have been flirting with each other a lot. I've noticed tha Rizza is pregnant. Seeing that the last person she WooHooed with was Vince I take it that
the child is his. 

Anna and Ben must have been really closeto Vince because they mourned his death for 3 hours straight. Anna got promoted in her job. Not sure if that has anything special to do with the story. After a bit of chatting Ben fell in love with Anna.

Ben is partial to rubbing Rizza's belly and talking to it, it almost seems as though he believes it is his baby. There has been times when he has said or done something to upset her, I have seen a few of - above there heads during some

Comments day 2:
I think something happened to Vince. It makes me wonder why everyone but Rizza has a memory of his death.

Happenings day 1:

Comments day 1:
OK, here is what I've gathered so far by looking at the relationships and the

Charles has a negative realtionship with his lover Rizza, But he has positive
realationships with his other two housemates.

Ben has positive realtionships with all of his housemates and is in love with

Anna is in love with Ben and has positive realtionships with the other

Rizza has positive realtionships with all her housemates and she is in love with
both Ben and Charles.

Rizza is sleeping with Charles and Ben. Ben kissed Anna which made her fall in
love with him. And Ben caught izza cheating on him with Vince. I've noticed that
Vince isn't in the household but after doing some looking aroiund. i found that
his gravestone is hidden in the woods behind the house.