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SimLOOK2 Report by Simborough

Updated Jan 20, 2005 [day 4]

Happenings day 4:
Annabella ignored Vince all day long and left him lying on the floor.
She didn't even bother to feed him. However she had to stay home from work due to the law but didn't pay any attention as she went of and laid in the tub all
night Ben fell asleep on the pavement for most of the day.
Rizza did go to work leaving her baby in completely uncapabale hands.
Charles was very uneventful!

Comments day 4:

Happenings day 3:
A VERY quiet dau indeed. Rizza used the housemates one phone call to get
a repairman but he couldn't get behind the stereo and therefore couldn't fix the
Annabella was promoted to Patrol Officer.
The Big news of the day was that Rizza had her baby who she named Vince after his father. Charles took to feeding him with a little interest from Ben. Anna
was not amused.

Comments day 3:
I'm still to see the ghost of Victor so can not make any conclusions on how he died.
No other conclusions.

Happenings day 2:
Very quiet in the house today. Everyone went to work apart from Rizza who's on maternity leave. She slept all day apart from inviting the repairman over to fix the stereo. However he couldn't fix it!
Annabella was promoted to Patrol officer and as soon as the housemates got home they all went to bed.
At midnight Annabella got up and then cried and worried through to the morning.

Comments day 2:
Annabella was obviously very close to her dad and it shows in her continous worry.
Nothing else to comment today.

Happenings day 1:
Rizza set fire to the house after leaving the oven on and going to work.
Benjimen mourned for Vince for 10hrs
Annabelle mourned for Vince for 5hrs
Rizza's pregnant then fought with Annabelle when she flirted with both Benjimen
and Charles.
Charles avoided everyone.
Annabelle fell out of love with Benjimen

Comments day 1:
What a sad situation everyone's in. I'll take them step by step
Annabelle: Its seems Vince was her father. She is not at all happy with Rizza
and perhaps this is because Rizza woohoo'd with Vince! She doesn't seem to know who she wants either. After Rizza flirted with Benjimen she fell out of love
with him but then proceeded to flirt with both Charles & Benjimen.
Rizza: She's perhaps in the worst state. I presume that the father of her child
is Annabelle's father Vince as she only seems to have woohooed with him. She is in love with both Benjimen & Charles and loathes Annabelle, perhaps because her constant flirting.
Benjimen: He seems very upset by the death of Vince...perhaps they were good
friends. Although he loves Annabelle he dislikes her flirting with Charles. Some
very strange behaviour occurred when he went to bed as he tried 3 beds before
finally going to his own where he slept for the longest.
Charles: Charles is in love with Rizza and seems confused over the baby. Several times he talked to the baby and then spat at Rizza, perhaps he remembers that the baby's not his. He hates Benjimen...perhaps because he caught him with Rizza. He also seems the most unsocial (or perhaps the most sensible sim in this situation) as he keeps himself to himself most of the time.