Our site has grown beyond our intentions and is no longer just a site for the Simmerville hood, but you will still find our local news, community and family notes. Get to know the residents in the neverending "Right Now" TS2 photo documentary.
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It's currently local simday  .One simday equals to 15-30 human days. We are currently living the Age of Seasons. This period started on our local simday 76 and will close on simday 90. To look up anything regarding the administration or family notes of our past, please check out the Hood Notes.

Age of Changes (simday 91-)
Age of Seasons (simday 76-90)
Age of Pets (simday 61-75)
Age of Business (simday 46-60)
Age of Pleasure (simday 31-45)
Age of Knowledge (simday 16-30)
Age of Modern Times (simday 1-15)

Simmerville Hood Administration

The Hood Administration Center is located at 5 Old Simmer Lane and includes a reception desk, a section for wedding ceremonies, special event rooms including a buffet table, auditorium for speeches, and offices to be used by the Hood Council. Our Spokes Sim holds the deed and can always be found on location.

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Hood Council meeting minutes including Hood Calendar

Simmerville Laws

For each Age the top 5 Advisors form a new Hood Council. Advisors are ranked by community score and the top Advisor becomes our Spokes Sim and leader. The Advisor's careers will affect the Council's priorities.
BUSINESS + Spokes Sim (488 points)
Local trades and stores, home businesses, import
Advisor: Marylena H. Gobelin - public notes
MILITARY (350 points)
Local infrastructure, security, secret operations.
Advisor: Bross Mervil - public notes
EDUCATION (310 points)
Advisor: Hurla L. Stello - public notes
CULINARY (252 points)
Local farming & fishing, restaurants.
Advisor: 0 Gobelin - public notes
HOME BUSINESSES (203 points)
Advisor: Jorgel Stello - public notes

Note: Older articles can be found in the Simmerville Library (both TS1 and TS2).