Simmerville Hood  :X:  Community Advisor's notes 
Culinary Advisor
Job: Local food produce, restaurants and bars. Managing Restaurant Via Victor. simday 91-105: 0 Gobelin [Council]
simday 76-90: 0 Gobelin [Council]
simday 61-75: Phillion Montpellier [Council]
simday 46-60: Bart Gobelin
simday 31-45: Remington H. Beartop [Council]
simday 16-30: Angela M. Gobelin [Council]
Simmerville area has a total of 25 farm rights. Each Farm right allows for up to 10 plots of one specific product. The farm right holder must deliver 60 products to Mervil Market every 5th simday in order to keep the right. Anyone can grow up to 10 plots unrestricted, and having 4 farm rights open for unrestricted produce on top of the 4 rights.

0 Gobelin
Culinary Advisor - Simmerville Hood Council

Simday 94: Need to inspect local Food Expo plans

The annual Food expo is about to start. June (garden), July (kitchen) and August (table) will be just like previous years. No changes needed. But I realize we could have advertised the Food Expo better. I heard there are locals not even knowing what it is. I will call the owners of Johanna's Kitchen, Via Victor and the Bus Station, to discuss advertiing and their plans.

Should add that 3 farm rights were withdrawn due to lack of deliveries. Mrs. Marbes Mervil at 1 Mervil Farm has lost 1 lemon right, and Mr. Bross Mervil at 2 Mervil Farm has lost 1 apple right an 1 orange right. Personally I think we could have given those involved a second chance, but Mervil Market's manager, Mr. S. Gobelin, says no. The withdrawn rights can be bought for §1000 each, but this far nobody has requested them.

0 Gobelin
Culinary Advisor - Simmerville Hood Council

Simday 90: Farm Rights evaluated

I have followed the farm rights system rather closely for almost 15 simdays, and it seems to work well. There have been a few issues with rented lots, because the farm right is connected to the lot and not the lot owner, it's hard to claim the produce when a house for rent is left vacant.

Now that we had a weekday adjustment on simday 90 all farming households will deliver their produce on the same simday. This will be too much for the system to handle, besides there will be little to do on the other days of the week. We need to debate whether each farm right should have its own delivery day, or if each product should have its own day.

0 Gobelin
Culinary Advisor - Simmerville Hood Council

Simday 77: Farm Rights adjusted

I'm the new Culinary Advisor, I'm also on the Hood Council, and I started this job on simday 76 (Age of Seasons).

Sim Nation has dictated a new directive for local food produce. Each hood that implements this routine will have Farm Rights that locals can buy to grow food beyond the 10 tiles that every household can grow without holding a farm right. The total number of farm rights is 0.5 per residential lot (occupied or not). For Simmerville this equals to 25 farm rights which is 5 fewer than the current number. The good thing is that it now takes 4 and not 5 rights to have full farm rights.

0 farm rights: The lot can produce unrestricted produce up to 10 ground tiles.
1-4 farm rights: The lot can produce additional 10 tiles per right, and each right ties to one specific kind of produce. If the lot has a pole beans right, it need to produce up to 10 plots of pole beans.
Full farm rights: A lot with 4 specific farm rights can grow unlimited produce beyond. There is no restrictions to the additional produce, only to the produce that connects to each of those specific rights.

House A owns no farm rights and can grow 10 plots of whatever crops they want. In order to grow more than those 10, they need to buy farm rights. House A buys 1 Strawberry farm right and one Apples farm right. This allows house A to grow up to 10 strawberry plants and up to 10 apple trees. They can choose to keep growing 10 various produce based on the no-rights right, but they can also choose to grow only the 10 strawberry and 10 apple.
If house A buys additional 2 farm rights (ie tomatoe and eggplant) they will achieve full farm rights. This means they will need to grow up to 10 strawberries, 10 apple trees, 10 tomatoe and 10 eggplants according to the farm rights, but they can also start growing unlimited produce of whatever they want. It might take a large family or live-in employees to grow that much, though.

When a lot owns a farm right they need to use it. Using it means they need to sell minimum 2 crates of the specific produce per simday to the local market or to any other farmers' agent. A lot can owe up to 4 crates while growing the produce. Packing and selling crates instead of selling directly to the "non specific market" while harvesting, secures this food to reach local stores, and the farmer will also get paid 5% more. Anyone can sell crates of food, but the market/agents will not accept deliveries counting less than 10 crates. To sell this way, invite the agent ower and give the crates as a gift, then make notes of the value and make surew there is a money transfer.

This adjustment will only affect the current farm right owners. 

Phillion Montpellier
Simmerville Hood Council - Culinary Advisor

Simday 61: New

This might be my chance to contribute to the future. Food is not only what we eat but what we think and talk about.

Bart Gobelin
Simmerville Hood - Culinary Advisor

Simday 60: Food Expo

The annual Food Expo has started and will last for 3 local simdays. The main location is Mervil Market, which is my business, so I found it was a good time to transfer the lot to my son, making me less inhabile to any matters concerning Food expo and the Mervil Market.

We have arranged for a few booths showing kitchen applications, a lemonade stand for kids, and there is a small bbq area. Tomorrow there will be a new exhibition with food related photos by my wife, Sylvia L. Gobelin who is the only local artist with a camera. The market is small, and it's no park area, but a very old trades market. But I still think we managed to bring on the Food Expo feeling successfully.

Bart Gobelin
Simmerville Hood - Culinary Advisor

Simday 46: Too long opening hours?

Waiters complain the restaurants are constantly open. They hardly get a break, and no sleep. I will need to look at this, I thought our local establissments were serious and less stressed than downtown restaurants.

The hood has got only 2 restaurants, the one at Mervil Market and the new one at the Bus Station. In addition there are a few espresso bars and regular bars.

Remington H. Beartop
Hood Council - Member

Simday 43: New restaurant

At the new bus station there is a new restaurant. The lot is owned and operated by the hood, and we suggest the restaurant to be local and simple. They serve all kinds of food, but because it's combined with a store and Sims come and go, it is not a luxurious place and I heard the food quality is so-so. It will do, though.

The announced Café Cornell never opened a new restaurant, instead it expanded to include a night club with dancing. They still serve only drinks and espresso.

Finally, the grocery store at Mervil Market was upgraded and is now offering a lot more. There is also sold groceries at Old Hunter's Lodge as well as Mini Shopping.

Remington H. Beartop
Hood Council - Member

Simday 40: Restaurants of the hood

After the NL deal was recently signed, only one small restaurant was established, at the Mervil Market (operated by Bart Gobelin). It has only 2 tables and a couple counter seats, and is always full. In addition there is a new bar at Via Victor (operatd by Samba Luna Hanssen).

In the near future there is plans for Café Cornell to expand from espresso only to a trendy restaurant with dancing. The owner, Bimbi O. Ballong, has been told that the establishment might need to move to another lot, but that the hood will make all arrangements required. The reason is that the current address is needed for the Mervil Family's family graveyard, besides the lot is really big and we prefer smaller lots for community esatablishments.

Remington H. Beartop
Hood Council - Member

Simday 31: A culinary review

It's not included with the local deals yet to run community lot restaurants. even so, there are a few locations where it is possible to grill hot dogs and burgers, at the Gym location Via Victor, and the recreation park, Andrew's Stroll. In addition we have of course the popular home based restaurant "Johanna's Kitchen", now run by Esther H. Grumblin. We also have several cafees, they serve coffee at Lake Ellie's Cultural Retreat, Mervil Market and Café Cornell. We don't have any local bars, strange.

Is this enough? Except from the lack of bars, I think we should have a few restaurants established in the near future. The Age of Pleasure ought to include dining away from home!

This Summer there will also be the annual "Food Expo". It was initiated by a local (Mrs Grumblin) years ago, I think it might be my job to make sure we participate this year, too.

Angela M. Gobelin
Simmerville Hood Council - Member

Simday 28: We have two new community lots

Both Lake Ellie's Cultural Retreat and Café Cornell are popular places where romantic sims seem to love. I think they are both a success. In the upcoming Age of Pleasure we should also make room for a nightclub and a restaurant. Even if locals can drive to the downtown area, it would make sense oiffering a couple local locations too.

Angela M. Gobelin
Simmerville Hood Council - Member

Simday 22: New community lots required

New community lots are required when we allow for new food treats. There will be sandwiches, coffee and well, perhaps even more. I think this hood needs a location where families can eat out. We might even need a community location focusing on food! We will need at least 3 different locations to serve the varity of interests. I will have a look at this shortly.

We also need a new sports center or gym. I think Via Victor or Andrew's Stroll would be good locations.

Angela M. Gobelin
Simmerville Hood Council - Member

Simday 5: Network level of the hood

I checked the current sistuation for Simmerville, and found this:
Giant networth (§101000 or more): 4
High networth (§50001-§100000): 8
Average networth (§25001-§50000): 9
Poor networth (§25000 or less): 10

The 4 giants are Brion Mervil, Sven Hornsby, Stewart Gobelin, Clive Appleton (Association for Unfailrly Jailed Sims). I'm quite happy with the picture. It seems this gorgeous hood has a fair balance between rich and poor.

Angela M. Gobelin
Simmerville Hood Council - Member

Simday 4: Networth values paid

Today we paid all households what they should have to reach the same networth that they left back in the flat world. A few households had already got a higher networth than they should, but we are not able to reduce it without a lot of fuss. So we decided to let them keep it all, we are not talking big money anyway.
Ballong: §5000
Beartop: §19000
Briggon: §8000
Hanssen: §2000
Hedgewood: §5000
Hornsby: §65000
Jones: §9000
Loveless: §36000 (+ we owe them §10000)
Simpley: §12000
Valentino: §20000