Simmerville Hood  :X:  Community Advisor's notes
Education Advisor
Job: Schools, University, Private schools and trainee posts. simday 91-105: none
simday 76-90: none
The following schools are involved with Simmerville's educational program:
Public School
Private School (§1000)
Sim State University (See Simmerville House, §5000)
SimCity Business & Crafting School, private school that focuses on OFB business skills.
In addition some business owners allow a teen (22+) to move in to be their trainee for 4 simdays.

Hurla L. Stello
Simmerville Hood - Councillor - Education Advisor

Simday 95: Locals claim more focus on farm education

Regular school systems work fine, but they are not really my responsibility, I'm just a local advisor here in Simmerville, not even attending meetings downtown. All schools are located there. But locally we now have the annual Food Expo, and there were complaints regarding lack of activity back in June, when the focus was supposed to be Food in the garden. July was better with Food in the kitchen, because Johanna's Kitchen always host a few lectures about their ancient Johanna Grumblin's old food receipes. And now in August the focus is Food on the table and restaurants and cafees do initiate a number of special Food Expo happenings and offers. It's still worth a discussion, should we arrange for farming education? I assume such inititatives would never find place in SimCity.

Hurla L. Stello
Simmerville Hood - Councillor - Education Advisor

Simday 91: Educational system working fine

I'm new, and I'm not quite sure what is expected from me. The kids of Simmerville goes to a school outside the hood, and I can't really change that school very much. It seems to work okay. The school bus shows up on time, most kids do their home work, and there are no complaints.