Simmerville Hood  :X:  Community Right
Business Advisor
Job: Oversee local jobs and trades, home businesses, import. simday 91-105: Marylena H. Gobelin [Spokes Sim]
simday 76-90: Stephan Gobelin [Spokes Sim]

simday 61-75: Boteph Loveless [Council]
simday 46-60: Steven Briggon [Council]
simday 31-45: Steven Briggon [Spokes Sim]
simday 16-30: Veniza B. Muston [Council]
There is no business tax in Simmerville.

All trades must be done over Mervil Market. You can not sell crafted products to a business owner directly, but will need to use the market. This is to secure that crafters don't get underpriced, and our contracts will secure that both parts fulfill their share of the deal.

Residents can rent one of the 4 small shops at Listher Business Complex for 10 simdays.

Marylena H. Gobelin
Simmerville Hood Council - Spokes Sim - Business Advisor

Simday 91: My goal = our goal

Today I took over the title Business Advisor, after my husband Mr. S. Gobelin. I will also replace him as a Spokes Sim for the hood, Simmerville. Businesses are doing very well after the Age of Seasons. I hope it will be as easy now, in the Age of Changes. I have been disagreeing some with my husband, while he wanted all trades to just one market, I think it will be time to revise it. I'm not saying that vegetables can be sold directly to the "big market", oh no! But there is so much crafting these days that I don't think belong at the Mervil Market. Such as curtains and quilts, flower decoratives and a restored cars. There must be an alternative to Mervil Market, so I intend to open up a little.

When that is said, Simmerville happens to be just a small hood in the Mazaloom region. We should be obeying directives from SimCity, not the other way around. I will focus more on building ties to SimCity. I grew up in the city, so I already know my ways there.

Stephan Gobelin
Simmerville Hood Council - Spokes Sim - Business Advisor

Simday 89: Local businesses overview

Business life in Simmerville is strong as ever after my 15 simdays long period as Business Advisor. Of course it helped to be the Spokes Sim too, but my basic preference was always business. We have all sorts of sales in the hood, naturally many trades go at the traditional Mervil Market, but there is also a successful house equipment store, toys store, florist, clothing store, arts gallery, and a few shops at the Bus Station. The Listher Business Complex is not a success, we had only one renter this period. But the small businesses are run anyway as community lots, making a difference to those Sims hanging out there.

Stephan Gobelin
Simmerville Hood Council - Spokes Sim - Business Advisor

Simday 77: Essential businesses

Rent from renters at Test Lane must be raised. Why do we allow half the rent per householdmembers that are babies, toddlers, kids, teens or elders? We should do like they do in SimCity, rent per Sim no matter age! We really could need some more income, too!

I also suggest that we copy Simborough's job capping system. With a few adjustments we would secure that more careers are represented in our hood, I think that iwould be a good thing! Today 11 careers do not qualify for their own Advisor, and several careers don't have one single job taker living in Simmerville! I also suggest that we raise the requirement of sims per Advisor from 2 to 3, but this will not have effect until simday 90 (next election period).

Many community businesses should be organized in a better way, and while they belong to the hood, I think the current Advisors should need to organize those businesses, ie employ locals for various jobs. The businesses don't need to be run except from maybe a little now and then (1 session per 5 simdays?) in order to build the rank over time. The same goes for the Spokes Sim and the Hood Administration Center. We need to discuss: Hood Admin Center, Bus Station, Via Victor, the two cemeteries.

Stephan Gobelin
Simmerville Hood Council - Spokes Sim - Business Advisor

Simday 76: A new beginning

Spokes Sim job continued from Mrs Eline Shalloe (Politics Advisor)

Boteph Loveless
Simmerville Hood Council - Business Advisor

Simday 66: Career restrictions?

Some careers seems less attractive. Simmerville would benefit from having a more balanced occupation, at least 2 locals should work on each career. I know that the hood of Simborough implemented a career cutting system where only a limited number of Sims are allowed in each career. We could do something similar, although easy to follow up. Maybe we should have a limit of 5 sims per career no matter what career?

Then, what would we do when we find that 6 sims are on the same track? Should we need a new routine for job applications? sims applying to the hood administration, then if they are approved they can go on with getting the job?

Or when we find that nobody wants a certain track? Should that sim be offered another job? Should we charge a fee?

These things need to be discussed.

Boteph Loveless
Simmerville Hood Council - Business Advisor

Simday 60: Stocks Market

We are signing a contract with Mazaloom Stock Office, located somewhere downtown.

Businesses can now become corporations, sims can buy shares. I must write an article to be posted on Simmerville's shopping and fortune sections.

Steven B. Brybrey
Simmerville Hood Council - Business Advisor

Simday 59: Current business situation

After the new business deal was implemented, we saw a general boost in local trades. Law is unchanged, but #5 is new as we join the SimCity Stock Marked:

5. A business can be organized as a shareholder company, but the owner/organiser must own minimum 50% of the shares. 

An article about this will be published on Simmerville web shortly.

Current 10 community lot businesses:
- "Briggon Carpets", store offering carpets and rugs. Owner: Steven Brybrey, 1 local employee.
- "Club Cornell", club. Owner: Claira O'Brian, 0 employees.
- "Gobelin Fashion", store. Owner: Baltus Gobelin, 0 employees.
- "Simpley Robot Tech", store. Owner: Brawn Simpley (Downtown), 1 local employee.
- "Andrew's Stroll", park. Owner: Sophelia Mervil, 1 local employee.
- "Old Hunter's Lodge", toy store & park. Owner: Cole Beartop, 0 employees.
- "Lake Ellie's Cultural Retreat", club. Owner: Emilda Glitz, 0 employees.
- "Medical Center". Owner: Cassenda Swims, 0 employees.
- "Via Victor", vacant. (We suggest this lot to be reserved a future local Pet Shop).

Current home based businesses:
- "Johanna's Kitchen", restaurant & delicatessy. Owner: Annalica Grumblin, 0 employees. *)
- "Mervil Lounge", club society. Owner: Cruella Mervil, 0 employees.
- "Garden Lab", florist. Owner: Rick Moulino, 0 employees.
- "Builds & Bills", real estate & shop. Owner: Phillion Montpellier, 0 employees.
- "Bonnie's Beauty Shop", salon. Owner: Gullina Montpellier, 0 employees.
- "Detective Office & Bookstore". Owner: Germine Briggon, 0 employees.
- "Bluzz Emporium", mixed store. Owner: Lucy H. Bluzz, 0 employees.

A few residents own downtown businesses.

*) Johanna's Kitchen has no employees, but offers a 4 days trainee stay.

Steven B. Brybrey
Simmerville Hood Council - Business Advisor

Simday 48: Local business policy (posted on simday 46, now updated)

The new business deal will be implemented on our local simday 50. I like to suggest the following guidelines:
1. A limit of 10 community lot businesses in Simmerville. Additional businesses can be opened downtown.
2. Unlimited number of homebased businesses
3. Only one non-local employee per business, but unlimeted locals.
4. Bank loans will be given on regular conditions. No special offers.
5. Anyone who wants to buy a communitylot for business purposes or to run a home based business had to apply to the Hood Council during our simday 48. We got 22 applications, including current business owners. 5 applications were declined, 17 were approved:

Community lot, converting existing business: 
(all approved)
- Bart Gobelin, "Mervil Market", wants to offer groceries, bakery and gallery.
- Sophelia Mervil, "Andrew's Stroll", wants to add entrance fee for the park and activities.
- Amandeus Beartop, "Old Hunter's Lodge", wants to open small toy store
- Alovar Mervil, "Youth's Hangout", wants to replace clothing with games & electronics
- Emilda Glitz, "Lake Ellie's Cultural Retreat", like today with only minor changes
- Mathilda Swims, "Medical Center", like today but wants to add medical training
- Steven Brybrey, "Mini Shopping", offering low cost clothing and grocery (no changes)
- Samba Luna Hanssen, "Via Victor", bowling and bar, no changes
- Claira O'Brian, "Club Cornell", no changes except a couple more facilities
- Baltus Gobelin, "Gobelin Fashion", wants to run the clothing store with few changes.

Community lot, new businesses:
(all declined because 10 businesses already exist)
- Bettie Stello, "Historical Society", wants a society house including a museum or gallery
- Dean Simpley, "Simpley Robot Tech", wants to produce and sell robots
- Bubo Buh, "Alien research Center", wants to offer telescopes, science, speeches
- Cassull Swims, Art Gallery, paintings for sale
- Lisa Snakespeare, "Look Around Gossip Lounge", wants to offer telescopes for daytime use

Home based, converting existing businesses:
(all approved)
- Annalica Grumblin, "Johanna's Kitchen - homebased, restaurant no changes

Home based, new businesses:
(all approved)
- Cruella Mervil, "Club Society", pool tables, bar, and restricted society.
- Priestus Moulino (and teen son Rick), "Garden Lab", florist
- Eline Shalloe, wants to offer community speeches on specific subjects *)
- Phillion Montpellier, "Builds & Bills", real estate
- Gullina Montpellier, "Bonnie's Beautyshop", salon
- Germine Briggon, Detective Office, wants to assist Sims who needs to know

*) Eline Shalloe can run this home business temporarily, while we discuss whether the Spokes Sim should operate the Hood Administration as a community lot business.

Steven B. Brybrey
Simmerville Hood Council leader and Spokes Sim

Simday 45: Finances improved!

(next financial overview can be found at the Political Advisor's office)

The situation improved greatly. I think it's bad saying, but the funerals saved us! Demography also means less costs for students, because there are fewer children. Maybe the university boom has come to an end? The Simmerville House cash balance managed to cover up for the students graduating on simday 45, but we might need to support the house. Be prepared to cover their costs for the coming 3 graduating days!

The Hood Tax will be slightly adjusted for the next period. A regular house will still pay §500 per 5 simdays, but only adults (and cars) will count as full household members, elders, teens and down will count as half household members. A house with more than 4 members will need to pay double tax. Some houses will reach the limit sooner, but on the positive side elders will most likely never be charged double tax.

I have not suggested the new tax for businesses, but I recommend the next Business Advisor to do so.

+ §4.760, previous grand balance

+ §20.000, local taxes based on 37 households where 3 pays double tax due to houysehold size.
+ §30.000, charged for 6 students to Sim State University (§5000 per student)
+ §2.000, fees
+ §0, Bon Voyage retirement home
+ §6.000, 6 students switching school
+ §0, building rights
+ §9.350, regular rent from 5 Test Lane households
+ §22.250, Funerals
+ §7.172, donation by dead Arvid Brybrey

= + §96.772

- §8.000, 7 Community Advisors & 1 webmaster pay simday 41-45
- §56.000, graduation rewards 8 students, §7000 each
- §4.095, net cost, Play That Piano contest at Lake Ellie's Cultural Retreat

= - §68.095

= + §33.437 (grand balance, available for social welfare etc)

Steven B. Brybrey
Simmerville Hood Council leader and Spokes Sim

Simday 41: Suggesting financial adjustments

We can't go through another 5 days period with this terrible economy. Expences must be covered by income! I think the graduation funds is our major problem. Although we might have seen a student boom, here is a revised budget for the next 5 simdays. The student charge is raised from §2000 to §5000 and the hood's net cost per student will now be eleminated completely. The Science Advisor has discussed this in detail. I was also planning a business tax for anyone running their own business, but I think we can delay that to the Age of Business starting in only 5 simdays.

Steven B. Brybrey
Simmerville Hood Council leader and Spokes Sim

Simday 40: Financial situation: Horrible, horrible!

Not again! After adjusting some costs and fees we expected a better result, but because we sold no community lots this period, we got a negative result of §35.240! Simmerville can not keep up with this situation. We must either drop the graduation support, or we must double general taxes.

+  §700, previous grand balance
+ §20.500, local taxes: 31 households x §500, 5 households x §1000
+ §12.000, charged for students attending University, 6 students §2000 each
              (Appleton, Loveless, Loveless, Rose, Light, Frocks)
+ §2.000, Mollie MacAstral, Stella Simpley, fee for not tending garden
+ §0, Immigration fee, no immigration
+ §10.000, Bon Voyage Retirement Home, income
+ §10.000, Building rights, 4 Simmer Heights & 2 Edmund Lane
+ §10.000, Andrew's Stroll sold to Sophelia Mervil (incl BC Pleasure)
+ §10.000, Medical Center sold to Mathilda Swims (incl BC Pleasure)
+ §30.000, Rent from Simmerville House, Sim State University, 5 days §6000 each
+ §7.310, Rent from Test Lane households
+ §10.250, Funerals
+ §10.000, donation by Mrs Sophelia Mervil

= + §137.760

- §8.000, 7 Community Advisors pay simday 36-40, 1 webmaster
- §125.000, graduation rewards, Burley Swims, Henrie Mervil (Mervil-Rose), Cruella Mervil, Pintus Moulino, Eline Shalloe, Goovuda Tammer, Hedrian Appleton.
= - §133.000

= +§4.760 (grand balance, available for social welfare etc)

Steven B. Brybrey
Simmerville Hood Council leader and Spokes Sim

Simday 35: Financial situation: Terrible!

For the past 5 simdays we spent too much! Even when we sold 6 Business Certificates including community lots for a total of §60.000 we go almost break even. We still pay out too much to reward graduates. Starting simday 36 we will charge §2000 per student going, and we will atill reward them but collect taxes from the student campus. We will also limit the number of students going, but I expect the costs to be similar anyway. Also local hood tax has been modified and will bring in slightly more for the next 5 days period.

+  §500, previous grand balance
+ §17.000, local taxes: 34 households x §500
+ §9.000, charged for students attending University, 9 students §1000 each
              (Cruella, Henrie, Pintus, Damoe, Marley, Burley, Bettie, Eline, Goovuda)
+ §2.000, Mollie MacAstral, Stella Simpley, fee for not tending garden
+ §2.000, Immigration fee, Frances J. Worthington II, Larry Wooblershield, §1000 each
+ §15.000, Bon Voyage Retirement Home, income
+ §5.000, Egoon Mervil, building right 2 Mervil Farm
+ §10.000, Lake Ellie's Cultural Retreat sold to Emilda Glitz (incl BC Pleasure)
+ §10.000, Via Victor sold to Samba Luna Hanssen (incl BC Pleasure)
+ §10.000, Old Hunter's Lodge sold to Amandeus Beartop (incl BC Pleasure)
+ §10.000, Bon Voyage Retirement Home sold to Phillion Montpellier (incl BC Services)
+ §10.000, Mini Shopping sold to Steven B. Brybrey (incl BC Trades)
+ §10.000, Café Cornell sold to Bimbi O. Ballong (incl BC Foods)

= + §110.500

- §7.000, 7 Community Advisors pay simday 31-35
- §102.800, graduation rewards, total 25,7 x §4000, Sophelia Mervil, Baltus Gobelin, Bettie Stello, 
                  Boppe Montpellier, Phillion Montpellier, Marley Swims, Sherard Valentino.
= - §109.800

= + §700 (grand balance, available for social welfare etc)

Steven B. Brybrey
Simmerville Hood Council leader and Spokes Sim

Simday 31: More focus on local businesses!

I think this hood payed enough attention to foraign alliances during the Age of Knowledge. Now it's time to focus on the businesses here, like BB-design, Gobelin Fashion, and well - Briggon Carpets. Perhaps we should encourage someone to open more businesses too? It would make everyone happy if there were offered more products even if they are offered on a limited schedule.

Veniza B. Muston
Simmerville Hood Council member

Simday 30: Financial status: not too good!

For the past 5 simdays we spent more than we charged. It is our generously rewarding graduated locals that causes the high costs. We reward them with §10000 for graduating and additional §5000 if they graduate with honours. To meet the costs we can either reduce the rewards or we can limit the number of students by claiming higher grades/skills in order to attend University.

+ §29500, previous grand balance

+ §17000, local taxes: 34 households x §500
+ §9000, charged for students attending University, 9 students §1000 each
+ §4000, Gladdis Kotney, Mollie MacAstral, Stella Simpley, Egoon Mervil, fee for not tending garden
+ §1000, Muggey household move in fee, moving in at 6 Hunter Road
= + §31000

- §10000, 10 Community Right holders pay simday 26-30
- §20000, graduation reward, Steven Briggon, Germine Briggon, §10000 each
- §30000, graduation reward, Blake Jones, Emilda Glitz, Colby Beartop, §10000 each
= - §60000

= + §500 (grand balance, available for social welfare etc)

Veniza B. Muston
Simmerville Hood Council member

Simday 25: Local taxes are back!

We had quite a few complaints already for reintroducing the local taxes. This time we charge §500 every 5 Simday, regardless of how big or wealthy the household is. Today there was also a few fees charged, and the 10 Community Right holders finally got their payment for the past 10 Simdays (§2000 each).

+ §0, previous grand balance

+ §17500, local taxes: 35 households x §500
+ §30000, Joe Black, legally charged §10000 for each of the 3 toddlers he tried to sell
+ §1000, Mollie MacAstral, fee for not tending her garden at all
+ §1000, Puzzler household move in fee, moving in at 6 Hunter Road
= + §49500

- §10000, 10 Community Right holders pay simday 16-20 (delayed pay)
- §10000, 10 Community Right holders pay simday 21-25
= - §20000

= + §29500 (grand balance, available for social welfare etc)

Veniza B. Muston
Simmerville Hood Council member

Simday 21: A shop count

Some residents claim they live too far away from the nearest shop. I did a check:

Food: There are 2 food stores, pretty well spread, but we might need a 3rd.
Clothes: There are 2 cloth stores, both on Old Simmer Lane. Gobelin Fashion is the largest and attract middle class and up. Youth's Hang Out is the other one aiming for teens. We might need a low style clothing store, placed somewhere along New Simmer Lane. Perhaps one of the 4 Living in a Box houses can be replaced with a low style shopping center?

A new networth count reveils that there is only 2 giants left, they are Brion Mervil and Clive Appleton (Maple Inn). It seems the High NW group is increasing.
Giant networth (§101000 or more): 2
High networth (§50001-§100000): 15
Average networth (§25001-§50000): 12
Poor networth (§25000 or less): 4