Simmerville Hood  :X:  Community Advisor's notes
Military Advisor
Job: Local infrastructure, security, secret operations. simday 91-105: Bross Mervil [Council]
simday 76-90: Bross Mervil [Council]
simday 61-75: Sophelia Mervil [Council]
simday 46-60: Sophelia Mervil 
simday 31-45: none
simday 16-30: Brion Mervil 
Simmerville offers free Taxi, School Bus and Airport Shuttle.

Star gazing is not recommended, there have been 3 abductions, at 5 Simmer Heights, 1 Lucie Lane and 4 Test Lane.

Bross Mervil
Simmerville Hood Council - Military Advisor

Simday 95: The green-blue alien drama allerts!

There seem to be an increase in alien activities these days, lately I learned about an abduction taking place in Apple Valley, that is pretty far away from here if you walk by feet, but if you are an alien space craft heading for Sim Nation I'd say Apple Valley and Simmerville is very close. Some downtown scientists assume that our local hero 99 Gobelin is causing some extra activity simply from being here. The hood must discuss sending him away ASAP!

Bross Mervil
Simmerville Hood Council - Military Advisor

Simday 91: New abduction at Windmill Heights!

How could I miss it? Rumours say there was an abduction up at Windmill Heights and a few simdays ago a green alien girl was born? I need to find out more. Windmill Heights is not far from Simmerville, but the place is kind of isolated, maybe they are not aware of the blue-green mix danger?

Bross Mervil
Simmerville Hood Council - Military Advisor

Simday 89: Blue&Green Alien Boy

The Blue & Green Alien report was published few simdays ago by expert Mr. Lucas Stew-Fraisser, SimCity. It looks like we might be facing problems here in Simmerville, because the biggest danger is named 99 Gothier and resides at 5 Simmer Heights. Neighbours do worry, and personaly I think we should get help from SimCity. In the future, when looking back, everyone might ask why didn't they send him away? Is that what we ne4ed to do, send 99 Gothier away?

Bross Mervil
Simmerville Hood Council - Military Advisor

Simday 77: Soldiers helping the hood

I'm new at the Hood Council, but with some good input from my mother, Sophelia Mervil, I hope to be able to continue the greay work she did for Simmerville.

Military doesn't go well together with public information, because most we do relays to secret operations and crises we don't want the public to know about until it's too late. Even so, I tried to find ways the Military Sims can be more seen in our daily lives.

We currently have 2 main focus:
- The old MacAstral house at 5 Hunter Road. The house is currently resided by a blue alien and her zombie husband, and they run the local Alien Research Center. We expect them to have a secret agenda, and we must prepare for future problems conserning blue aliens.
- The Medical Center runs interesting projects where Military Sims can assist when needed.

Sophelia Mervil
Simmerville Hood Council - Military Advisor

Simday 69: Aliens must be fought!

The hood already knows my concerns with the Alien Research Center. I suggest we learn from what we find during the Urdly MacAstral investigation. The two babies might carry alien DNA, we should watch carefully where they go. It doesn't seem like the possible mother will be able to raise them herself. I also will suggest that the Hood buys the 5 Hunter Road from Mubu Gothier. We can run the Alien Research Center the way we like. We can also open a horror museum in the main house, I think.

Sophelia Mervil
Simmerville Hood - Military Advisor

Simday 60: Revising the alien situation

Most sims are not aware of the secret projects that are ongoing every day, calculating local catastrophe risk and alien invation, including use of military forces if needed. We are not talking war, but a complete erase of the Simmish culture! But it's mostly theoretic.

I must say though that Simmerville's situation as grown worse after several aliens were welcomed as residents. We know there was 2 abductions, and that one of them (5 Simmer Height) resulted in a green boy, 0 Gobelin. This is not only a disgrace to the Gobelin family (although it was a side line), but also the the hood! We already had some blue aliens invading 5 Hunter Road, much thanks to the old Mrs MacAstral who lead her own private experiments and research, and we all know how it turned out! If we don't watch our steps, old Simmerville will soon be crowded by alien offspring! Yes, they got a right to stay, but we must revise our laws. Alien absuction is not a good thing! We just don't know their plans!

Now - if we only had a Alien Reasearch Center, we would at least be able to control that kind of activity!

Sophelia Mervil
Simmerville Hood - Military Advisor

Simday 48: Wrong decission

My division has no further comments than it was a mistake not approving the "Alien Research Center". It would be of a great value to future understanding of our defending forces, secret troups and mist operations. These are not something most Sims know about, so it seems easy to ignore these needs. I am very sorry for this decission!

Brion Mervil
Simmerville Hood - Community Right

Simday 18: The hood is safe with me

Too much of my field is too secret for this blog. I hold evidence that... well, aliens in the area. And I stay in top shape physically to be prepared to any minute now gather a troup to fight some enemy! We are safe!