Did you know that...

...the Simmerville name means something?
Did you ever really reflect on the Simmerville name? Okey, so it was a result of the Mervil clan being the first to establish in our hood - Sim + Mervil = Simmervil. But the word SIMMER describes something that boils very gently, being in the state of barely suppressed excitement. A perfect description on Simmerville - it's a hood where the everyday life boils gently...

...banner models became famous
Do you recall the banner that was on top of all pages of the old site version? Well, you must have seen it thousands of times, but did you ever recognize the Sims in the photo? The banner was created long before any of the Simmerville personalities really got a name out there. Among the well known Sims you will see Juliana Valentino to the left - playing the VR set wearing her PJ (how classy!), in the midle you will find baby expert Ursull Swims making friends with Bertil Hornsby. All to the right we see Mrs Swims' husband, Crawl Swims.

...there was a webmaster before Bimbo NL?
Did you know that in the beginning, when Simmerville web was launched February 14th 2002, it was Bimbo NL's house mate, Jim Loveless, who was given the webmaster job? He spent some time on it, and nobody really can recall at what point Bimbo NL took over. Still we find a few pages where Jim Loveless is said to be the autor, but nobody really remember him as the webmaster of Simmerville.

...SimLOOK testsims died during the project?
One of Simmerville web's greatest successes was called SimLOOK - an "ever lasting" project where 8 sims lived by their free will in a house for 50 simdays. Hardly anyone know about the tragedy that occured half way in the project. One day one of the testsims grilled burgers on the huge terrace the trash can caught fire, then the grill, then some other items. There was no smoke detector on the terrace and nobody called the fire departement. The 8 testsims flocked to the drama, and one by one they caught fire until half of them were dead! Sims Science was in shock watching the monitors, so were the surviving Testsims, needless to say! Naturally it caused quite a problem for the project. Well, fortunately, strange things beyond this world happened, the power supplys to the entire Simmerville area was cut off and all notes and the last project days' memories got lost, and everything was dark for many days. Some call it a "hard disk crash" whatever they mean by that. Everything needed to be restored, and technically there was a back-up of the SimLOOK matrix that was saved only a couple days before the fire. When the project was on again no fire occurred and the eight testsims couldn't even remember the episode.

...Bimbo NL desperately tried to visit Maxis?
November 2003 Maxis arranged the "TS2 University". Our websimtress, Bimbo NL, thought it was way cool that Simmerville Web was invited. She really looked forward to mingle with a guy named Luc. She packed some trendy clothes and her laptop, and went by cab to the bus station downtown. Then she realized that nobody there could tell her how to travel from Simmerville to Maxis' locations in the US. A Sim trying to break into the Human world is not a pretty sight, especially not if the mascara isn't water proof. Bimbo NL was frustrated as she had no choice but returning to her cool home to send a note to Maxis that she could not attend. She was too emberassed to tell Maxis the reason. She kept the episode a secret for a long time, but now she has finally learned to laugh about it all.

...we receive mail from Humans?
Every week Sims involved with the Simmerville web receive mail from Humans who visit the site by mistake. They ask technical and weird questions that a Sim can not understand. Of course they always get a reply that is 100% from a Sim's view, and that might not be to a lot of help to a Human who is already confused...

...late Beatricé G. Shalloe modelled for the pending portrait?
Whenever a portrait is needed but is not yet ready, we use the "Pending" portrait. This is a silhouette of Simmerville's former Spokes Sim, Beatricé G. Shalloe. She worked as a model before she dedicated her life to politics.

More fun facts to be added...  ;o)