Simmerville Hood administration :x: Hood Laws
Simmerville Law

#1 : The Hood Council, Administration
[Revised on simday 31]
The Hood Council counts 5 members = the top 5 Advisors (see #5). If less than 5 Community Advisors qualify, the remaining members must be found through regular election.

#2 : Local Taxes and welfare
(Revised on simday 76)
Each household must pay local taxes every 5th simday (50, 55, 60...) as follows:

§500 Household Tax, base tax that covers 5 Sims (incl up to 2 children), 1 car, 1 pet (dog/cat).
§500 Extra Household Tax, if the household counts more than 5 Sims.
§250 Extra Child Tax per child exceeding 2 children (baby-toddler-child-teen)
§250 Extra Car Tax per car exceeding 1 car
§250 Extra Pet Tax per pet (cat/dog) exceeding 1 pet (adult/elder)

The average household will only be charged the base tax of §500.

Owning a business or additional lots do not affect the tax.

§1000 per wedding at the community wedding lot
§500 per funeral on public cemetery
§1000 per child switching from Public to Private School
§2000 if garden is not maintained

Welfare: The hood provide welfare as follows:

General: A household can apply to one-time support of:
§1000 for daily spends like bills and food.

Pension: Paid on the elderly Sim's birthday if the elder is not having a job that will provide pension.
§500 base pension
+§500 if the household's networth is less than §25.000
+§250 for each toddler/child/teen the elder must provide.

Children with less than 2 parents at home:
For each birthday from birth up to teen, each absent parent must pay a child support fee to the child. The fee is calculated as follows:
1% of the parent's total fortune, minimum §200.
+10% of the parent's weekly wage, minimum §50.
All remaining fees must be paid at once unless the adult in charge of the child accepts a delay or reduction.
The adult in charge of the child can spend up to 50% of the fee(s) on the child's needs. The remaining sum will be available to the child on its teenage birthday.
When a parent is dead or unknown the hood will pay a minimum child support of §250 per remaining birthday.

#3 : Immigration/Emigration
[Revised on simday 70]
Immigration: Only Sims with a past of minimum 10 simdays including skills and memories are allowed. We currently welcome new Sims only within the resident limit which is 150 Sims. Applications will be accepted at any time and will be valid for 10 simdays.
Emigration: A household can leave at any time.

#4 : Residential Rights
[Revised on simday 70]
Through rights and taxes Simmerville hood wants to create a dynamic community. Each right is assigned to a certain lot and is not personal.

Land Right: The right to land is worth §5000 per lot. A land right connects to a specific address, and the right can be bought or inherited. A land right does not include a build right, but is required before you buy a bulding right. The hood will sell more land and build rights when we like to expand the hood.

Build right: To make use of a Land Right you will need 5 build rights. Each right costs §1000 and is a fee paid to the hood. When something is built on a new lot the build rights are handed over to the Hood. Until something is built, the rights can be inherited or sold.

Farm right: To grow unlimited amount of ground plots, the lot must have 5 Farm Rights. Each right is worth §1000, and can be sold or inherited like other values can.
0 Farm Rights: up to 10 plots
1 Farm Right: up to 20 plots
2 Farm Rights: up to 30 plots
3 Farm Rights: up to 40 plots
4 Farm Rights: up to 50 plots
5 Farm Rights (=farm status): unlimited plots, but minimum 50% of produce must be one chosen product.

Living: A household can contain 2-8 Sims. 1 Sim households are not allowed, and must be dealth with within 3 simdays.

Community lots: Residents can own community lots.
There is currently a restriction to a total of 15 local community lot businesses owned by residents, but residents can own unlimited downtown community lots.
Each household can only serve one community lot per simday, regardless of location, but can operate multiple lots through managers. Community lot businesses can be open 5 days a week. 
There are no restriction to home businesses.

#5 : Advisors
[Revised on simday 61]
Any adult or elderly Sim who lives in Simmerville and who has a clean past can become an Advisor representing their career track. Only careers with 2 or more employees will have an Advisor. The employee with the highest community score (skills x political interest) is offered to be that career's Advisor. The top 5 Advisors do form the Hood Council (see #1) and the Hood Council member with the highest community score is the Council's leader and the hood's Spokes Sim.

One household can not house more than 2 Community Advisors at the same time. The Hood Council members are paid §2.000 every 5th simday. The Spokes Sim is paid §10.000 every 5th simday.

#6 : Building
[Removed on simday 61]

#7 : Heritage
[Revised on simday 61, approved by SimCity House of Law]
Possessions are offically transferred from Possessor(s) to Heir(s) on the day when the Possessor dies. Any items that is handed out in advance must be registered and will be taken into the final heiritage.

Possessor is the one to pass on values to his or her heirs. When the Posessor is married/joined since more than 10 simdays, they will normally own 50/50.
Possessor's possessions must be reported, but if spouse/partnere is still alive the heirs won't neccesarily receive anything yet. Heirs can require to get their heritage but must then provide the widdowed Sim with a place to live.

The heirloom:
Heirloom is sum of all possessions including house, networth, accounts, investments, rights and businesses. 

10 simdays after the marriage/union took place, spouses will each possess 50% of the household's total heirloom, unless something else is stated in a testament. If heritage is procceeded before the 10th simday, sum of values brought into the household by each Possessor will indicate each Possessor's heirloom.

Heirloom value is equally shared by all Heirs.
"Law of Heritage" handles only the total values, and the possessors (and heirs) is free to decide what item shall be inherited by what heir. If there are no such decissions the oldest heir or the heir who inherites the biggest value will be first in line to choose possessons such as house and business(es).

Heirs rank as follows:
1. CHILDREN: All children of Possessor. Includes children born outside of marriage.
2. SIBLINGS: If no children, all sisters and brothers of Possessor. 
3. OTHERS: If no children nor siblings, the Hood.

A Sim must be alive or have alive heirs in order to be considered a Heir.

A testament can affect a heir's right to specific items, but not the values. If the Possessor wants to benefit a Sim who is no Heir, the transfer must be made while the Sim is alive.

Adopted children (or siblings) counts as real born children only if the adoption was arranged by the Adoption Agency.

Widowed spouse/partner or related household member younger than teen has the right to stay with the main household for 10 simdays or until reaching teenhood without being charged by the household.