Recreation Polls
Now you can help each Simmervillian with choosing their future looks. Which alternative do best resamble their old icon portrait? Try to compare facial construction, only, as hair, eye colour and makeup might be adjusted in CAS.

Note: There are currently 9 Sims included in the poll, reload page to see a random Sim's alternatives.
Poll to be replaced according to schedule below.
Please vote only once per Sim per day!

About the voting
All adult Sims that are to be recreated are listed to the right. Ten of them will be included in this minipoll at the time. This means that there will be a brand new poll on the following dates:

Aug15-Aug22: Group 1 + Group 2
Aug22-Sep03: Group 3
Sep03-Sep10: Group 4
Sep10-Sep17: Group 5

operation Transformation TS2

We'd like to thank:

Body Shop clinic of Simvale for recreating Johanna Grumblin

kellc15 for recreating Ursull S. Swims.
Provided link: Snootysims

The other recreations are done by Mazaloom Body Shop clinic.


Group 1  Aug15-Aug22

These are the 5 Simmervillians that Body Shop clinics nation wide were invited to recreate. Sims in this group has got one extra alternative to choose from.
Johanna Grumblin [INTERVIEW]
Life stage: Elder
Aspiration: Family
Personality: Intellectual (Libra)
Career: Preserving, food specialist
Best skills: Cooking
Likes: Weather Outdoors Food Romance 
Dislikes: Technology 
Married to Steve Grumblin
Angela M. Gobelin [INTERVIEW]
Life stage: Adult
Aspiration: Fortune
Personality: Emotional, compassionate (Pisces).
Career: Sous Chef, Culinary
Best skills: Cooking, Mechanical.
Likes: Money Politics Food Style 
Dislikes: Sports Hollywood Music Technology
Married to Stewart Gobelin, 1 child
Mollie MacAstral [INTERVIEW]
Life stage: Adult
Aspiration: Knowledge
Personality: Emotional, slob, shy, serious (Pisces).
Career: Psychic Phone Friend, Paranormal, clairvoyant
Best skills: Cooking, Charisma, Logical.
Likes: Travel 60´s Weather Outdoors 
Dislikes: Money Style Parties 
Single, no children
Ursull S. Swims [INTERVIEW]
Life stage: Adult
Aspiration: Knowledge
Personality: Energic (Aries)
Career: Specialist, Medicine
Best skills: Logical.
Likes: Money Technology 
Dislikes: Outdoors Travel 
Married to Crawl Gustav Swims, 4 children.
Life stage: Adult
Aspiration: Popularity
Personality: Intellectual (Libra)
Career: Paparazzi, websimtress, Journalism
Pretty well all over skilled.
Likes: Parties Style 60´s Music 
Dislikes: Sports Outdoors Food 
Single, no children

Alternatives will be slightly modified at CAS.
Group 2  Aug15-Aug22

These are the 4 Simmervillians that volunteered as Testsims. In addition Blondie Parrot and Pale Light have 2 children that will be recreated by the CAS clinic, on September 17th.
John (Stello) Gamming
Life stage: Elder
Aspiration: Knowledge
Personality: Emotional (Cancer).
Career: Field Researcher, Science
Best skills: Logical
Likes: Music Parties 
Dislikes: Sports 
Single, no children
Arthur (Ferrelli) Gamming
Life stage: Adult
Aspiration: Popularity
Personality: Energic, slob (Sagittarius).
Career: Starter, Pro Athlete
Best skills: Body, Logical.
Likes: Travel Sports Exercise Politics 
Dislikes: Romance Music Parties 
Single, no children
Pale Light
Life stage: Adult
Aspiration: Romance
Personality: Emotional (Cancer).
Career: Beta Tester, Hacker
Rather poorly skilled.
Likes: Music Food 
Dislikes: Money Exercise Outdoors 
Divorced from Blondie Parrot, 2 children.
Blondie Parrot
Life stage: Adult
Aspiration: Romance
Personality: Emotional (Cancer).
Career: Magician
Rather poorly skilled.
Likes: 60´s Weather Music Food 
Dislikes: Travel Money Outdoors Hollywood 
Divorced from Pale Light, 2 children.
Alternatives will be slightly modified at CAS.