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TS2: Pay §500 and Pay §250
(misc. floors)

TS1: Money Transfer Set

SimCity First Trust Bank, Inc.
Welcome to SimCity's first bank! Founded generations ago when the average home got their first electrical stove and refrigerator. Back when the industrial revolution hit Sim Nation and Simoleon capitalism took off. Sims doing well needed somewhere to place their earnings, as well as Sims not doing so well needed a loan to make ends meet. We have been around since the start. We know your Simoleons by account.

Bank offers
Most of our products for "Old Days" (TS1 Bank loans, SimInvests) are still available at SimSit. They include bank loans, SimIinvests and the Money Transfer set which allows you to transfer 250 Simoleons between households. These products will not work in the Modern world (TS2), but we now provide you with money transfer substitutes.

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Deposits (1% every 5th day) Loans (2% every 5th day)
Each deposit must be of §10.000.
The money is locked for 5 simdays.

We also help with stock market investments.
See Simmerville Stock Exchange

* Loan up to 25% of the household's networth

The loan is locked for 5 simdays period. Costs are added on the 5th day.
The loan can be renewed twice for §500. If the loan is then not paid after a total of 3 periods (15 simdays) the Sim will be forced to pay back even if it means selling belongings or a house to raise money.