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Recreate a Simmervillian
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Recreate a Simmervillian (3 of 5)
July 22, 2004 - by Claire Brybrey

This Summer you are welcome to recreate 5 Simmervillians. Based on interview, private photos and the sim's thoughts about our future, your local Body Shop clinic can now recreate Mrs Angela M. Gobelin!

Here is Angela Gobelin, ready for recreation by your local Body Shop clinic! Please check this project's main page for details, deadlines, rules and links to the other 4 Simmervillians. And read about her before you recreate her image.


3. Angela M. Gobelin (35)
Angela Gobelin is pretty well known as she was Simmerville's Pet Owners' representative last year, and is currently the head of Simmerville's finances. She is also the owner of Mervil's Market.

Skin tone: Light
Size: Fit
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Aspiration: Fortune

Personality: Emotional, compassionate.
Astrology: Pisces

Angela is one of 3 grandchildren of the local hero, Ol' Ed Mervil. But while Angela's father moved out, Angela was his only child and took her husband's name when she married, her Uncle is bringing on the Mervil family name through his two sons (Angela's cousins).

Angela M. Gobelin: My very own parents tought me good manners, they gave me a good education, and I learnt to appreciate good art. I don't think they expected me to move back to the hood that my father left, but well - here I am.

Angela Gobelin is married to Stewart Gobelin, owner of Gobelin Fashion. They live at 62 Simmerville, and recently they had a son, Bart. They do plan to move into the house at 63 Simmerville, that Angela is currenly letting.

Angela M. Gobelin: After our gorgeous son Bart was born I became more family oriented than I ever thought I would be. My dreams are more along the lines of being economically independent than to raise many children, but I guess it might be possible to mix those two.

Angela likes finances, local politics, culinary and trends. She tries to avoid sports, movies and music, but she likes good art. Not so fond of practical and technical subjects, either. She works part time as a Sous Chef, at a downtown fish restaurant. When she takes a day off she trains her 3 cats, or she manages Mervil's Market.

Angela M. Gobelin: I heard there is a local food club. But well, I don't think my food interest is strong enough for both work and pleasure.

The cats are her diamonds. But the fact that they will not breed makes her worry even when she sleeps. To amuse herself she prefer reading a good book.

Angela M. Gobelin: Books are small paradises. Some of them. Books about cats in particular.

Thoughts on the future
Because of her heritage she have been more focused on the past, until now.

Angela M. Gobelin: My very own Mervil's Market, for instance, so full of history. Now, with the prophecy they say will come through this Autumn, I'm forced to turn my view upside down: Will old Mervil's Market be run in the future? Will my gorgeous cats survive? Will our son Bart have children who will run Mervil's Market?

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Mazaloom History Book
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My typical day: Angela Gobelin
February 22, 2003, by Bimbo NL

Finally: A personal note from Angela M. Gobelin