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February 2003:
Angela Gobelin
Age: 31
Astrology: Pisces
Address: 62 Old Farm Circle, Simmerville
Spouse: Stewart Gobelin, tailor
Children: 0
Pets: 2 Siamese cats
Profession: Manages Old Mervil Market
Household Net Worth: §26.000
This collection can be downloaded at Gobelin Fashion at STUFF.

The Angela collection includes wear for the active woman who appreciate a certain class but yet not too formal. Because of Angela's interest in animals, I have included elements of leather and fur, but I think her basic is a simple cut and light colours, preferably off-white and brown.
Leopard Jacket
(UL) This is a perfect everyday outfit for Angela, it includes the leopard fur jacket and comes with off-white pants, which I think is her best wear for leisure. Perfect for doing nothing, and nice enough for greeting unexpected guests.
Finer Sportswear
(TS) Suitable for playing with cats, cleaning the cat appliances, or even housekeeping or gardening. This time a fake animal skin print, elegant but which can stand a rough usage.
Llama Skirt
(TS) Midi long skirt of Maxi haired Llama fur, a delicate white top and matching dark jacket. It brings out her maturity and authority which will be fine when inspecting Old Mervil Market, or for any business related hang-outs.
Animal Fur Top
(TS) Dark trousers and another cat animal fur top, this time the real thing, makes a smart outfit for activity or pleasure. Perfect for quiet nights at home.
Snake Tights
(TS) Angela is not the kind of Sim who goes clubbing Downtown, but wearing this ultra tight Cobra skin outfit, she could join the most sophisticated and trendy club of them all. The white jumper is made of Chinese silk with a faded dragon pattern. 
Long Gold Lamée dress
(TS) Gold lamée with Dalmatian spotted applications and red details. Suited for special occasions, but not too formal. I think this elegant dress signalizes a distinct woman who is playful by heart. It also points out her feminine sides very nicely.

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1. I think Mrs Gobelin would be happy with some soft textile walls, with a pattern related to animal fur. So I created a set of 4 different colour tones. The important thing is that each of them include several colours, just as complex as the Sim.

2. My second choice for Mrs Gobelin, is a beautiful, hand painted wallpaper that will add life to her living room. It's playful and sophisticated at the same time, and I think it will match her well.

3. Now, something for the bedroom. I created a - again lively but yet quiet - wall in silk, kind of shiny, but pleasant even in a bedroom. This wall is nice for a living room or dining room, too.

4. Finally, my 4th wall is for Mrs Gobelin's bath room. It is quite dark, blue glass bricks, and it looks very good even in a small room without a window. I wasn't convinced whether she would like a blue or a brown version, but if she like brown elsewhere, I think it's good on her eyes to switch to blue when doing her business *shrug*. It's adding the class I think Mrs Gobelin will appreciate.

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Slemmon Garden
My first motive is from the garden of Angela Gobelin's childhood. This location at Slemmon Heights is next to the Mervils property, a pleasant countryside garden.

Anima Anima
Mrs Gobelin is what I will say a typical Soft Expression Woman. She is a cat woman, so I wanted to mix that interest with the combination of soft and wild. "Anima Anima" it the closest I could get, framed fabric print including real leopard fur.


My typical day: Angela Gobelin
February 22, 2003 - by Bimbo N. Loveless

She is young, she is wealthy, she has got a passion for cats. Meet Angela Gobelin, this month's featured Simmerville resident in our new series where artists are ready to support one sim with personal clothing, art and wallpapers!

In this new series, each month we will find out what is a normal day for one particular Sim. It is a mix of a celebrity interview and a way to get to know the variety of a Sim's life and personality. A couple weeks before each article release, a handful artists will get to read the interview and will create a few personal outfits, wallpapers and eventually other household items to match the featured sim's personality and lifestyle. The first articles will feature Simmerville residents, but later on any Sim living in a SUN participating neighbourhood will be invited to apply to be featured in the "My typical day" series!

Being the first article, the February article is a little more detailed than those to follow. I visited Mrs Gobelin, while in the future these articles will be more based on interviews via mail and phone.

Angela Gobelin - a busy and wealthy cat woman
I must admit, I've always been curious to meet this beautiful woman. Her name alone brings on associations to something pleasant, and many Simmerville residents that I talked with prior to this interview agreed to this description; she is quite nice but a tiny bit shy, and doesn't freak out if she see some flies. Angela Gobelin is the heir to a third of the Mervil family's property, she already owns 2 houses including the right to run the traditional Old Mervil Market in Old Town.

I visited her on a Tuesday, wearing my coolest outfit, but from the second she opened the door I realized I couldn't beat her! She was wearing the coolest Cobra tight pants and a matching top, moving like a superstar and at the same time she managed to seem quite down to earth. In her hand I noticed the first surprise; instead of a glass of champagne she was drinking from a cup of water!

Angela Gobelin seems to manage balancing her wealth with a down to earth attitude - I'm not saying I was disappointed, just that she was different than I expected, more pleasant in fact. Well, this is not the story about my first meeting with Angela Gobelin, but about her typical day, alone. Enjoy!

My past 
Well, before I describe a typical day, I'd like to introduce you to my very own past. I am one of the 3 heirs to the Mervil heirloom. In case you have readers outside Simmerville; the Mervils have resided this area since 300 years, and we are still on top of the community. My father was Blurt Mervil, who died 4 years ago, my gorgeous mother died when I was 19. It's through my father that 63 Mervil Highway is now my property, but due to the 30 years contract that my Grandfather, Edgar Wilfred Mervil [:aka Ol' Ed Mervil], arranged with the Tammers, I must wait another 2 years until moving into that house.

Here, Miss Loveless, would you like some Llama Droodles with your water? Nah ah, please don't take them all, dear... well, too late...

I grew up in Slemmon Heights, in a gorgeous villa with 4 swimming pools and I recall one black and one white piano in the beautiful rose garden. We used to hire our very own musicians who would sit there playing the outdoor pianos more or less permanently during the Summer months. I remember I loved to arrange tea parties for my fifty dolls in our great garden pavilion, while the musicians played. I lived in my very own fantasy world. My father and mother sent me to the best educational institutions, but as I grew older I must admit I was never interested in spending that much time on such things as career climbing. I mean, I already was in a respected family, I had the goods and the income that I would need. I now have my very own husband whom I love, and I even got the two gorgeous Siamese cats. Being born into a certain social status, if you know what I mean, can be a blessing, but it also requires a very strong self discipline. I am somewhat less formal after my father died. I have no brothers or sisters, only my very own Uncle Brion Mervil and his two sons, all living here in Simmerville, but whom I hardly speak with, and there is of course my Aunt Sheeba who resides in the family house at Slemmon Heights.

Hello? Miss Loveless? Ah, there you are in our bedroom! Please do not look around quite yet, I need a rest first after inspecting Old Mervil Market all day. No no! Please don't touch my silver candelabra, I don't mind the greasy finger prints you might leave, dear, the Maid will remove them, but I'd rather get this interview over with, so please come sit down over here, dear. Fine... let's go on...

Here at 62 Old Farm Circle I and my dear husband live in a rather small house while we wait to move into 63 Mervil Highway as soon as the current contract expires, we decided to stay here for 2 more years. Our current house has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen - too small as you just observed -, 1 study and 2 larger rooms where of 1 is our living room, this room, and the other is our combined hall and dining room. Oh, and there is a small room used by the gorgeous cats. In addition we have a nice patio and one single pool, but at this time of year it's too cold to spend much time out there, and there's ice in the pool, too. I don't really like this house, because it's too small for throwing a good party and there is no room for storing my art collection.

Oh my dear, I see you noted that our net worth is only §26.000! That's all right, you don't need to blush, dear, I agree it's a poor net worth. It's even directly misleading, as it is just this one house and do not include the net worth of 63 Mervil Highway and the Old Mervil Market, and not even my art collection that are still stored in Slemmon Heights.

The start of a typical day
Well, most of my days are rather busy, but they can be quite different, so there isn't any such typical day, really dear, but some activities are of course more frequent than others. I get up early, between 5 and 6 AM. We always eat a solid breakfast together, this is free zone hour, to put it that way. We do not eat more than others, but we like to choose from a variety of food. And we like to start the day with a relaxed meal rather than to stress to make it in time for the car pool. I adore the small talk in the mornings. Any day deserves a soft start when we can talk about anything but planning the day. Then we check that the cats have food through out the day, and we leave for work.

We don't have any children, but two cats named Celtina and Celton. Well, Stewart and I have both been too busy for children, and the cats are making a great substitute. But I definitely want children, but first we need either to extend this house, or move into my other house.

Managing Old Mervil Market and breeding cats
We both work 9AM - 3PM, that is I work only every 2nd day as a Sous Chef in a Downtown restaurant. It's nothing I plan to go on with forever, I'm not that interested in food although my favourite is exotic food. 

Days when I'm not working in the restaurant, I spend time on managing the Old Mervil Market or working with the gorgeous cats, Celtina and Celton. Celtina is improving her dancing steps. Celton needs more time. My goal is to stay home breeding cats, but I decided to work occasionally while I wait for them to get better acquainted. They already breeded twice, but their current relation is a problem.

I relay to the management of the Old Mervil Market as my main job, this traditional Old Town location is part of the Mervil family heritage, it comes with the house at 63 Mervil Highway that is mine. My work is to make sure everything runs smoothly, and both Farmer Bob and Tidy Heidi do a great job.

Although it has it's historical charm, I do work on ideas for changing parts of it. After the Family Day was introduced we have got some competition from other local markets that are all trying to attract the more guests. We do still have the oldest tradition though, and most farmers still come to us with their vegetables. They say never change a popular market, but I will just add minor adjustments in order to secure the business, and I will keep a record meaning it will be an easy operation to eventually set it back to the original standard if things turns out less successfully than intended. I find inspiration in thinking that one day my very own children will operate that market.

When we return from work at 3 PM, the gorgeous cats come greeting us, it's a valuable moment, and we often stands at the entrance talking a little and eventually greeting any neighbours passing by, before we go inside. I then check that our very own Maid has cleaned the gorgeous cats' litter box, check their food and play a little with them, while Stewart checks on our parrot. The parrot is a real attraction to all the stray cats. They can sit and watch it for hours, and although I adore most cats, I recently started to shoo those strays. A bad thing to do, but they are blocking our kitchen door.

Most mornings we had a good breakfast, so we normally have a late dinner. I normally prepare it while Stewart gets a nap on the sofa, or he does some house keeping whenever needed. We might invite Stewart's old Aunts Adelheid and Josefine over for dinner, or some other neighbours. I have family here in Simmerville, too, but I don't talk a lot with them, it's a pity but after my very own father Blurt and my Uncle Brion fought over Grandfather's property, we kind of lost contact. Besides, we were all in the Plague Hospital and our memory was erased, so we will need time to rebuild any relation. I hope this will improve as Stewart and I will move into 63 Mervil Highway in 2 years from now, which will make us even closer neighbours.

Evenings are spent on socializing with Stewart and the cats, or I might work on any of my interests. My definitive interests are politics, travels, cats and literature. I must admit I hardly listen to music, or watch television. I am too busy with my gorgeous cats. But classical music, strings in particular, makes a perfect atmosphere while cuddling on the sofa or reading a book. I like reading, especially about animals and Sim history. My favourite book is "My Simfrica" by Kasim Bixsim. Fantastic! Yes, I am a bit romantic, but only for rare moments, it's not my style officially, definitely not!

Subjects that I find rather boring are technology and the outdoors. I'm not against fresh air, dear - thi-hi, I just find it more practical to stay indoor. Especially now during Winter.

We might go to Old Town in the evenings, bringing the cats, and we normally visit Old Mervil Market or any outdoor resort. This mostly takes place on days when I've not already inspected the Mervil Market. If I ever go Downtown I prefer visiting clothing stores or some exclusive restaurant.

We normally go to bed rather early, because we love the mornings so much. On a normal day I will be asleep by 10 PM.

Interior and design 
I like working with interior and to discuss fashion with my husband who happens to be a tailor. I do care a lot about what I wear, although I don't want to base my life on my wardrobe, so to speak. I don't have a particular favourite colour, but in general I adore all colours and patterns that I can relate to animals. I know I shouldn't say this, dear, animal lover that I am, but I simply adore most kinds of animal fur and leather. For clothing, furniture, carpets; it provides me with a good and basic feel. It needs to be kind of laid back though, a bit luxurious wouldn't harm, as I'm definitely not a safari kind of woman, thi-hi. Hunting elephants is not my deal, I'm more after the very own soft animal qualities, than the wild thing.

How do you like my outfit, Ms Loveless? Gorgeous, yes? Thank you. What? If you can have one of these too? No, no offence, but do you really think you have got what it takes to wear a snakes skin? 

Well, my husband created 6 new outfits for me, some of them I've already used for a while. Hh certainly has got me wrapped up with fur and skin! He knows how much I adore that kind of clothes, thi-hi. He is really talented. I hope that other Sims will like these outfits, too. They are really comfortable, but I think they deserve a certain class.

I was very happy with the walls BB-design produced just for us, too. As you can see some of them are already up. This living room used to be rather dark, now it has changed completely! Gorgeous that is, dear! I also love the bedroom silk walls. That artist definitely got a good eye for the customer's taste!

And I love both of the pictures from that art gallery. I am quite interested in art, but most of my collection is stored in Slemmon Heights. It's good to have some valuable art on the wall again! Thank you, dear!

Thank you so much for all this publicity, I really hope I helped with starting your new article.

Photo top: In the Gobelin hall most meals are eaten, on this photo Angela Gobelin and websimtress eat a meal, while Mrs Gobelin's 2 Siamese cats are on the photo, too!
Photo 2: From the living room, Angela Gobelin and websimtress conversing in the sofa.
Photo 3: From the family album, the cats Celtina and Celton have just breeded. This room no longer exists.
Photo 4: The Goblins naturally has a Maid, here working in their bed room where BB-design's wallpaper is already up.