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My Typical Day
Do you know of a local sim who deserves some attention? Someone living a life that other sims might be interested in reading about? Someone who would appreciate personally suited clothes, walls and items from Sim Nation artists?

Use this form to suggest a sim from your neighbourhood for a future My Typical Day article!

Name of suggested sim:
Note: The household must be registered with SUN, and the suggested sim must be an adult.

Suggested sim's e-mail address:
Note: We will send the 10 questions to this address. Local spokes sim's address can be used.

Name of neighbourhood:
Note: Neighbourhood must be registered with SUN.

Your name:
Note: Your household must be registered with SUN.

Your e-mail address [REQUIRED]:
Note: Local spokes sim's address can be used.

Why should this sim be interviewed for the "My typical day" article?
Note: Write a brief comment, max 5 lines.

You will remain anonymous as your neighbour will not get to know who sent in this suggestion. Neither will you be named in the article. We will confirm it when we receive your suggestion, but we can not guarantee that it will result in an article, and if it will we can not say when.

We will send the suggested sim 10 questions, and when the answers and 3-4 photos from their family album are received, the article will be publizised and for 30 days to follow artists all over Sim Nation might send in supplies they think will match with your neighbour's personality, interests and lifestyle! You can of course ask someone to suggest YOU, too :)

We are planning to have a new article bi-monthly, and will accept only one sim per hood.

Can 8 Sims manage in 1 house for 50 days by following their own, free will?
What will their relations be like? SimLOOK project has closed but the journals and albums are still available. SimLOOK2 is planned for Fall 2003!
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All articles linked from this page are related to Sim trends and celebrities. Contact me if you want to write about the celebrities or trends of your SUN hood! If you are looking for furniture, wallpapers or clothing, check out the STUFF section. If you are looking for the MY TYPICAL DAY web form, go here.

Sims are invited to share thoughts and experiences related to this article's subject.