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Claire Brybrey: I'm the chair woman of Sims Science, a group of 8 SimCity scientists organizing joint research covering many science fields. We are not available for a direct dialogue, but the webmaster of this site, Ms Loveless, will redirect any comments to us.


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Find out how your favourite is doing by reading the reports! Click on the names to proceed.
A : JohnSPOT
B : QuentinSPOT
C : ArthurSPOT
D : MagdalenaSPOT
E : SoniaSPOT
F : RitaSPOT
G : AgnesSPOT
H : RasputizSPOT
SimLOOK reports:
Day1-5, released Apr18, 2002
Day6-10, released May04
In the spot on Day14: Arthur
Day11-15, released May29
In the spot on Day18: Magdalena
Day16-20, released Jul05
In the spot on Day23: Rita
Day21-25, released Jul23
In the spot on Day28: Sonia
Day26-30, released Sep14
In the spot on Day33: Quentin
Day31-35, released Oct30
In the spot on Day38: Agnes
Day36-40, released Dec12
In the spot on Day43: John
Day41-45, released Jan03, 2003
In the spot on Day48: Rasputiz
Day46-50, released Feb28
In the spot:
Every 5th day (see above), we will follow one of the test-persons closely, reporting everything he or she does, including health and social analyzes. "In the spot" will give you all the details our general reports leave out!

Who should be next?

All IN THE SPOT days have been scheduled. Thank you ato all who helped us by voting.

SimLOOK house:
Please click here to see pictures from the house including credits concerning furniture and wallpapers.

Or - how about getting your own copy of the SimLOOK house? Prepare lot #4! TestSims not included, please ignore items missing note when entering the house for the first time. Use the link above if you like to reset the interior to it's original.

Version1: No furniture, suits any kind of neighbourhood (TS)

Version2: Fully equipped, but not same furniture as in the project. Old Town access required (UL)

The SimLOOK project

8 Sims in 1 house! How will they manage when allowed to follow their own free will for 50 days? "SimLOOK" is a project run by Sim scientists, the goal is to learn about the true Sim's nature. On this page we will put links to all related info and articles. There will be a lot of information and reports on this project. If you ever get lost, just click the project's "SimLOOK" logo for returning to this page.

How will 8 Sims manage in 1 house for 50 days by following their free will? What will their relations be like on Day50?
Click here to see the 21 submitted predictions!
The Sim Science's predictions are included, as well
as their comments on your submitted predictions.
Dec 28: We have added the results so far (Day 40)!
Mar17: Winner has been announced!
March 17, 2003: The winner is announced!
Who had the best prediction one year ago? The winner managed to predict 9 out of 14 questions correctly! That gave 18 points, 4 points more than the 3 runners up. The winner is Bitchy la Beth Hanssen, followed by Cassie Moulino, Tiki and MeganLass. To see the full score board click here. Please note that the photo albums will be deleted April 30th 2003, because they take up to much on the server.

February 28, 2003: Release of final report!
The last and 10th report was released today! Find out who made the best relation and get surprised just like we did. We the scientist would like to thank all of you for supporting this project in various ways. There will be a SimLOOK2 project, rather different from this the original though, but we all need a break. The is a winner, and the SimLOOK T-shirt to be given to 5 best prediction. March 1st the testSims have invited us to join them for a farewell party, which might also turn into a final-final report. So, although this is the last report, there *will* be one more closing up article on the SimLOOK. Check back!

February 16, 2003: Day50 8PM
On the project's final day we are all taken by surprise! A new relation has grown rapidly and is now the strongest! They have got the Meet Marco computer back, as the double bed was repossessed, but as the proect closes in a couple hours they will hardly use any of those items. Full report from Day46-50 to come this week!

February 2, 2003: Day49
We are about to face a huge depression here at the Sims Science, now as the SimLOOK project has only ONE day left! It will surely leave an empty spot in our weekly schedule. The last report will soon be released, after Day50, but we can report that Day49 was extremely exciting, no hot tub, a new friendship, and lots of insults. SUN Family Exchang reports a great interest from neighbourhoods offering the testSims a house to live in after the project. See link below. 

January 25, 2003: Day47
The Repo Man just repossessed the most valuable item in the house; the hot tub! With only the rest of Day47 for you to vote for what item to be reinstated on Day50, there is hardly any chance they will ever see the hot tub again. This might cause a new drama in the last minutes of the project! We reinstated the Modern Mission Bed which was repossessed 9 sim days ago (111 votes).

January 23, 2003: Day46
Project will soon be closed, and the testSims are in need of somewhere to live. Would your neighbourhood be interested in offering a lot for a famous testSim longing for some quiet days with absolutely no IN THE SPOT days? Simmerville will be housing the couple who makes the best relation on Day50, but there are still 5 more testSims, and did anyone see Magdalena? Maybe she will need a home, too? For updates on this, please check the SUN Family Exchange

January 3, 2003: Day45
Get the SimLOOK house as a full size house you can live in, or a smaller version dolls house where you can do your own scientic experiments with the 8 test Sims dolls! The full size house was released a couple days ago (click here), and click here to get the SimLOOK dolls house. And, don't miss the latest Day41-45 report.

Old news

Please visit Sims Science' main page for links to more articles about this project.

Coming events in the SimLOOK house:

Day48: IN THE SPOT DAY - Rasputiz
Today we will follow one of the test Sims closely, with a full day report included in the Day46-50 report.

The project closes, and we will throw in a cake to celebrate that the 50 days in the SimLOOK house has come to an end. 
PS: Some of the test Sims will be needing a place to live, contact SUN Family Exchange if your neighbourhood would like to offer a lot.

See full schedule here

Help us reinstating repossessed items:
Many items have already been repossessed by the repo man, and more will be taken away every 3rd day for the remaing time of the project. We realize this might ruin our project and making the stay very boring for our fantastic Test Sims. Therefore, each time one object is repossessed, we will reinstate one of the already repossessed objects, and you will deside which one!

This part of the project closed after Day47, midnight.

A - John B - Quentin C - Arthur D - Magdalena E - Sonia F - Rita G - Agnes H - Rasputiz
 NOTE: Our project was formerly known as Sim Watch, but after we got to know there is a BBS/Sim Community at Yahoo named SimWatch, we decided to change our name to SimLOOK. We are sorry for the name confusion we might have caused. Our old name is unfortunately still appearing in older news and reports.