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The SimLOOK project - Old news
Old News:

December 30, 2002: Day44
The Repo Man repossessed the VR setand we reinstated the Office Trash Can that was removed from the library 12 Sim days ago (36 votes).

December 28, 2002:
How does it look for your prediction? We have now added the result after 40 days, and on the predictions board any predicted alternatives which can not be the result on Day50 have been faded down. Check who might still have a chance to win the prediction contest!

December 28, 2002: Day41
The Repo Man repossessed the Brahma 2000 computer that was reinstated only 3 days ago. We reinstated the Virtual Reality set which got 38 votes from you Sims out there!

November 22, 2002: Day38
Repo Man visited the house again and repossessed the double bed, and we reinstated one computer (Brahma 2000) which got 30 votes! 

October 30, 2002: Day31-35 Report available
We lost all we had prepared for Day31-32, so the latest report is sort of limited, but still includes lots of details from the SimLOOK house. There's only 3 more reports to go, make sure you are subscribing to the report notifications, we lost the old list, too, if you received a mail today you are already on the rebuilt mailing list. See left side <---

October 26, 2002: Day35 - What a day!
For the first time a burglar broke into the SimLOOK house. What he stole will be told in the upcoming report (Day31-35), and we have reinstated one extra item, the piano which got 32 votes! For the first time there was a fire in the SimLOOK house! And, as if that weren't enough; the repo man came and repossessed one item - the piano! We reinstated the Double Bed which had got 27 votes. What a pity concerning the piano. 

October 6, 2002: 
Our technical supply was seriously demaged by the power outage 3 weeks ago. Most of our records and notes were lost, in fact all we have is what has been included in the many reports. This will of course damage the project, but we decided to go on with it, mainly because of all the respons we get from you out there. The scientic long term aspects will be missing, but we will comment on the events like we used to do.

September 14, 2002: 
The project has received anonymous economical contributions, which made it possiblke for us to complete the 6th report, covering Days26-30. This time it includes a surprise; check out who became close friends!

September 7, 2002: Repossessed items reinstated + Quentin IN THE SPOT Day33
Day32 the Collection Department visited, and 2 popular items were repossessed. Thanks to your votes, we gave them back the Dracaena Plant (12 votes) and the Meet Marco Computer (7 votes).

August 31, 2002: Repossessed items reinstated
Day29 the Collection Department visited, and 2 popular items were repossessed. Day29 is the first time we reinstate previous repossessed items, and today we gave them back the WhirlWizard Hot Tub (37 votes) and the Modern Mission Bed (21 votes). Thanks goes to all you who voted!

August 25, 2002: IN THE SPOT: Sonia
Day28 we will follow Sonia closely, as she got the most votes from SimLOOK fans. And it might be an interesting report, because Sonia was very confused at the end of Day27 as she couldn't sleep due to her need of using a toilet. She will have a bad start of her IN THE SPOT day.

August 18, 2002:
We got to reinstate one object each time an objec is repossessed; you can help us desiding which one! In this way you can even effect the project! Read more.

August 15, 2002:
Due to lack of funds, the project is delayed. We hope to raise enough simoleons to go on with the project soon. In the mean time, you can join a guided tour of the SimLOOK house!

July 23, 2002:
(Day25 at midnight) Our 5th report with album page is available, including details on 5 attacks and the departure of one of the test Sims! You will also find Rita's IN THE SPOT report, which includes a lot more than Rita.

July 17, 2002:
(Day24 at 4PM) The situation is real bad again, Magdalena and Sonia are insulting and scaring each other all the time, and - we've had an attack! Sonia attacked one of the others, but not Magdalena, details in the soon to come Day21-25 report.

July 14, 2002 (updated July 16): EXTRA
The situation is better, but we are still worried for the coming days.
(Day22 at 2PM) This very moment terrible things are taking place in the SimLOOK house! Today we have a serious situation where 4 test Sims, they are Magdalena, John, Sonia and Quentin, have been stuck in the bathroom upstairs for hours. Others have joined and left, so there should be room for them to leave by their free will, one by one. Their all over mood is very very bad! We have observed Sonia wanting to attack Magdalena, and their relation has been lowered after that, as Sonia did not accept Magdalena wanting to apologize twice. Their relation is now -100 and -63, and we feel that a tragic event is coming up, and wanted to inform you.

July 5, 2002:
Check out the Day16-20 report, released today! Includes Magdalena IN THE SPOT on Day18.

June 23, 2002:
It's Day21 in the SimLOOK house, which means that a new 5 days report is in progress. We hope to upload it within a couple days.

June 6, 2002:
It's IN THE SPOT day again! This time it's obvious that many of you want to have a closer look at Magdalena's behavior, she is the next to be followed closely for a full day - Day18! While you wait for the report, let us know who you want IN THE SPOT on Day23.

May 29, 2002:
The Day11-15 report is finally ready, we're sorry that you had to wait longer than announced. The project is simply too time consuming, with some luck we might handle 2 reports each month. These reports are heavy stuff, and maybe you'll need 2 weeks to read your way through each of them:). We also include the Arthur's IN THE SPOT report, enjoy! 

May 26, 2002:
Who shall be IN THE SPOT on Day18? Arthur has been in the spot on Day14, although nothing extraordinary happened, we got to learn him much better! Full report will be included in the Day11-15 report to be released shortly. 

May 10, 2002:
On Day11 in the Sim Watch house the hot tub broke down! A repairman will be called on Day15; the test-persons' mood seem to be falling, and we are about to find out how important a hot tub can be for socializing! 

May 4, 2002:
The 2nd report from the Sim Watch house is available including a huge photo album. Find out everything by clicking here!

May 3, 2002:
In the Sim Watch house it's now midnight on Day10, and the test-persons are throwing a party. All test persons are still with good health. We are now working hard to get the Day6-10 report ready for release, hopefully this weekend. If you want to receive a mail when we upload each of the remaining 9 reports, please sign here. You will not be notified on the minor updates, though.

April 30, 2002:
It was brought to our attention that the tittle "Sim Watch" is not as unique as we thought, because there has existed a SimWatch Yahoo community for years already. We want to state that there are no connections between the SimWatch Yahoo community and the Sim Watch project, and we will rename our science project before we go on with a 2nd round. For now, we apologize for any confusing this may have caused.

April 22, 2002:
We have received 21 predictions from Sims out there! You can now check out the predictions, as well as the scientists own theories.

April 18, 2002:
The 1st report from the Sim Watch house is available including a huge photo album. Find out everything about the 5 first days!

April 15, 2002:
The 8 test persons have now moved into the Sim Watch house. Report from 5 first days will be available on April 18th.

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