Sims Science
SS is a group of SimCity scientists organizing joint research covering many science fields.

You can contact us at

Currently no survey ongoing.

Claire Brybrey
I'm the chair woman of Sims Science, main field is Sims' happiness, but I also work on the SS' press and sponsors. I formerly worked for SC Social Services.

Ursull S. Swims
Main fields are research on baby- and childhood. Works as a Medical Specialist at SimCity Children Hospital. Also se my BABY section for more scientic projects.

"By counting the Llamas, you will know how many they are."
Mr. McStosticks

Mr. McStoticks
Scientist specialized on community surveys and cultural aspects. Formerly working for the SC Social Services. 

Simbille Ballong
Scientist and teacher, devoted to community aspects, founder of SUN.

Bertha Fairweld
Main fields are education, job possibilities and home business. Has many years' experience from SC Social Services.
May: Body Shop - result
Voting has closed! 5 Simmervillians were selected; Johanna Grumblin, Bimbo NL, Mollie MacAstral, Angela M. Gobelin and Ursull S. Swims. Your local Body Shop clinic is invited to recreate them all! Check back June 10th for details on how!
2003 Sep-Oct: Pets
Pet owners! We want to know how you and your cat or dog is doing. Please help us to find out! This time we like to hear from sims that are pet owners only.
The survey is closed Dec30th. Results to be linked from this page later on.
2003 May-June: Kids' interests
Kids! We want to know what are the most common interests among you kids of SimCity! How do you match with your best friend's interests? See results
2003 March: Sex differences
Are the Sims following traditional sex roles in their household? Who stays at home, who is cooking, who brings in the money?
The survey is closed May5th. Results to be linked from this page later on.
2002 August: Career tracks
What are the most popular jobs? Is there a tie to astrology and life situation?
The survey is closed. Results to be linked from this page later on.
2002 May: House standard
What's the typical economical net worth and house facilities? See results
Suggest future surveys
You are welcome to suggest future survey topics. Upcoming surveys will be announced below, and you can even suggest questions to be added, before the survey has opened. Please submit here.

Survey results will be published here the following month.

[The SimLOOK project has closed
but reports are still available]
How will 8 Sims manage in 1 house for 50 days by following their free will? What will their relations be like on Day50?
Click  to find out!


Sims Science:
(July 30, 2004) The 5 independent scientists that forms Sims Science would like to welcome a 6th scientist. Any Sim into science can apply, no matter where you live. Participation on the AstroLOVE project's board will count.
Science and community surveys

We at Sims Science run several projects and researches, and we invite Sims all over Sim Nation to contribute and to learn from the results. All survey results will be published here on the site and commented by us.

This Summer your local Body Shop clinic can recreate 5 of the sims living in Simmerville! Check out the project's main page for details.

June will be the last month for the AstroLOVE project ongoing since November 2003, discuss and contribute in the AstroLOVE forum

Sims are invited to share thoughts and experiences related to this article's subject.

Find relatives. Scroll generations. Check out our new database to read about the Simmervillian families. More information to be added monthly!