Dec 31 2002:
Get your own SimLOOK house!
Two versions are available, both goes on lot #4. No testSims included. You will probably find a note saying something is missing, but just ignore that. Walls/floors are not the same as in the SimLOOK project, but you can use this web page for referrence if you want to set the house back to it's original standard.

The house comes with no furniture. No neighbourhood expansions needed (TS).

The house is fully equipped, many items have been replaced with Maxis items. Access to Old Town is needed (UL).

Please visit:

Orange and green armchairs (library, white bedroom)
Trash can (library)
SafeCircle end table (various rooms)
Olivia Glass end table (aqua bedroom)
Final End table (aqua & pink bedrooms)
Safari End table (pink bedroom)

Wallpaper (fun room)
Wallpaper (gym)
Wallpaper (white bedroom)

Raveena (at TSR):
Doors (library/kitchen/diningroom)
Art Deco doors (hallway/bedrooms)
Pink towel (gym)
Rest room Towels (bathroom)
Ikea Glass End table (white bedroom)

White garden bench (atrium)
Candles in a glass bowl (dining room, double bedroom)
Weisser Stuhl (pink bedroom)

Sims Secret:
Stove ventilation (kitchen)
Wall shelves (kitchen)

Sims Interior Designs:
Andalucian End Table (dining room)
Dracaenaplant (gym)

YW Gardening Co.: 
Silk Plant and Tall Plant (gym)

Sim Gardening: 
StarzFern Floor plant (pink balcony, terrace)

Desk (fun room)

Red Candle Stick (aqua & pink bedrooms)
Lavender Vase of Flowers (aqua bedroom)
Light Blue Flower Vase (double bedroom)
Efficiency Table (pink balcony)

Moni's Sims:
Tibetan floor (aqua bedroom)
Titanic floor (gym, pink & double bedrooms)
Umbrella (terrace)

Green wallpaper (dining room)
Pink wallpaper (pink bedroom)
Blue wallpaper (double bedroom)

Dincer Hepguler:
Country Armchair (balconies, terrace)

Harmonic Mirror (hallway)

Elevator (atrium/hallway)

Counter book case (kitchen)

SimLOOK house:
How about getting your own copy of the SimLOOK house after the project? Unfortunately, only the standard interior will be included, but it might be fun to redecorate the house after your own simmish taste.

Check back, it will be available for download on the project's Day50!

The SimLOOK house

After 27 Sim days, it's due to take a closer look at the SimLOOK house. Join us for a guided tour of the house, while we credit the creators of the interior.

You have already seen most of it from the report Albums, but those albums mainly focus on the test Sims and the situations. Since the start we have wanted to credit those creating some of the custom furniture, wallpapers and floors that have been used. To the left on this page you will find their links - if we miss someone's link, please contribute. Unfortunately we do not know the origin of all items. If you think you should be credited, please let us know.

Click pictures for a larger view.

1st Floor

We will start this tour on the ground floor, at the entrance. Please click picture to get a better view. The house is built around an atrium which is actually an outdoor area, but because of the tight entrance from the road, it gives a certain room feel to it. The Atrium continues straight up to the 2nd floor, and because there's no roof on top a Sim can see the sky from the hot tub on the Atrium ground.

The Atrium is a busy area, because it connects most of the 1st story rooms, and both the stairway leading to the terrace upstairs and the elevator (delivered by Simorphor) connecting to the hallway upstairs. Here is also the hot tub, which is perhaps the most used facility of the SimLOOK house.

Inventory is pretty much standard with the hot tub, basket ball game, garden lamps and flowers. There is also a white garden bench produced by BriSims.

This is where the 2 chess tables are located, as well as a great deal book cases. If you have followed our project, you will know that this is the favourite room of Rita and Rasputiz. But also the computers (both now repossessed) used to be in the library.

Walls and floor are standard, so are the book cases and lamps, as well as the desk, computers and chess tables.

The 4 chairs at the chess tables are the SimSitCitChairs recoloured by SimSit. They are available in simmerville's STUFF section. The trash can is produced by SimSit too, not yet available. The creator of the blackswan painting is unknown.

The SimLOOK house's tiny kitchen covers only 19 floor tiles, and is located between the library and the dining room. Walls, floor and counter are standard, except the built-in book case which was replaced later on, but credit goes to StuLabs. The stove ventilation as well as the kitchen wall shelves are created by Sims Secret. 

Dining room
The dining room can be entered either from kitchen or Atrium, and also includes a tv section. Most inventory is standard. Wallpaper was made by Katymonk. Door between kitchen and dining room is Art Deco Door 2 created by Raveena. In the corner there is a red SafeCircle end table by SimSit, holding Candles in a glass bowl by BriSims. Opposite corner (doors) there is the Andalucian End Table by Sims Interior Designs.

Gym can be entered only from the Bathroom section. Wallpaper by BB-design (CrossOver), wooden floor is Titanic delivered by Moni's Sims. Pink towel by Raveena. Plants are Dracaena plant by Sims Interior Designs, Silk Plant and Tall Plant by YW Gardening Co.

The downstairs bathroom section includes a main room with a sink and medicine cabinet and Rest room Towels by Raveena, and 4 tiny rooms each only 2 floor tiles, with 2 showers and 2 toilets. With 8 test Sims there has naturally been a heavy traffic in this section of the house, and occasionally they have got stuck.

FUN room
Can be entered from either the Atrium or the Bathroom section. This is the SimLOOK house's main room for fun, with the SimRailRoad table, pinball game, slot machine, 3D glasses, piano, stereo and easel. The piano was repossessed long time ago, and we expect more items to be removed from this room. The only item not being standard, is the desk which was created by Byline Belife (Simgoddesses). Wallpaper DreamAwake Fall series was delivered by BB-design.

2nd Floor

The top story includes the 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. There's also the terrace and two of the bedrooms can access one balcony each. Terrace is facing the backside of the house, while the balconies face the house's entrance.

Aqua bedroom
This bedroom can be accessed either from the hallway or the terrace, and got it's name from the aquarium, where the fish unfortunately died long time ago. Walls are standard, floor is "tibetan floor" by Moni's Sims. The bedside table at the window is the Olivia Glass End Table by SimSit, and the candle is delivered by SimFreaks. Opposite is the Final End Table also by SimSit, and so is the red SafeCircle end table placed in the corner. The Lavender Vase of Flowers were delivered by SimFreaks. Rita, Agnes and Rasputiz have slept most often in the Aqua bedroom.

Pink bedroom
This bedroom can be entered from the hallway only, but it also has access to a balcony. The floor is Titanic from Moni's Sims, the wallpaper by Katymonk. The two beds, a Weisser Stuhl from BriSims, and 4 end tables all from SimSit, where of 2 are the not yet released Safari End table. The candle light is delivered by SimFreaks.

On the balcony you find the Efficiency Table by SimFreaks, the Country Armchair is from Dincer Hepguler, and the StarzFerns Floor plant delivered by sim Gardening Co.

The pink room was the bedroom of Magdalena and Quentin for the first weeks, but nobody slept here between Day14 and Day26.

Double bedroom
Is equipped with mainly standard items, except the Light Blue Flower Vase by SimFreaks, and Candles in a glass bowl by BriSims. The floor is Titanic by Moni's Sims, and the wallpaper is created by Katymonk.

The double bed was one of the first items being repossessed, meaning not many have been sleeping in this room. Rita and Arthur have slept here the most; 5 times each.

On the balcony you find the Country Armchair from Dincer Hepguler and a standard plant.

White bedroom
This room is accessed from Hallway or Terrace. The wallpaper is CrossOver Neutral by BB-design, the floor is by unknown creator. There is a SimSitCitChair delivered by SimSit, and an Ikea Glass end table by Raveena. The "Lamps Bobell" was delivered anonymously. Bed side tables are the red SafeCircle end table from SimSit. Here's also a painting "Brighton Beach Constable" by unknown artist.

This bedroom has been the favourite of John, but also Arthur and Sonia have slept here often.

The room is 3x3 floor tiles large, and include standard toilet, bath tub, sink, and a palm plant. The door can not be locked, so there has been chaos in this room as well, even though this room is larger than the tiny toilet cabins downstairs. Especially on Day22 (the day the picture was taken) the situation was very bad. 

This area is periodically heavily trafficked, with the grill and dining facilities which are standard. On the terrace you will find a set of the Country Armchair by Dincer Hepguler, and the umbrella is delivered by Moni's Sims. Here's also a couple more StarzFern Floor plants by Sim Gardening.

The hallway
Not much here, the Gray Print wallpaper's creator is unknown, and floor is standard. The large Harmonic Mirror is created by SS. The Art Deco doors are produced by Raveena. Elevator is delivered by Simorphor.