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Alert situation in the SimLOOK house
July 14, 2002 - by Claire Brybrey, at SimCity Social Services

(Update July 16, SimLOOK house, Day22 at midnight) UPDATE: The drama was wisely solved by Quentin who served a groupmeal downstairs, and one by one the test Sims involved in the bathroom drama left. Nevertheless, Day22 has been the worst ever concerning their all over mood; and this has made several of them bugging the others, even Arthur and Quentin who are normally quiet Sims have started to tease the others, which we never saw before. 

(SimLOOK house, Day22 at 2PM) This very moment terrible things are taking place in the SimLOOK house! Today we have a serious situation where 4 test Sims, they are Magdalena, John, Sonia and Quentin, have been stuck in the bathroom upstairs for hours. Others have joined and left, so there should be room for them to leave by their free will, one by one.

Their all over mood is very very bad! We find it alarming to have observed already that Sonia wanted to attack Magdalena, but someone standing in between them, stopped it. At the same time, also Quentin and Sonia has been slapping and insulting eachother several times today, which has complicated the situation even more.

Magdalena and Sonia have had a very tensed relation after their cat fight on Day5. In the latest report (Day20) their relation was lower than ever, and today the situation has been a lot worse as Sonia did not accept Magdalena wanting to apologize twice. Their relation is now -100 and -63, and we feel that a tragic event is coming up, as they are still stuck in the bathroom together.

We will keep you updated on any serious development, here.

Our press contact: Ursull S. Swims